50+ Michael Myers Tattoo Designs You Will Never Forget

Michael Myers tattoo
50+ stunning Michael Myers tattoo ideas that will make your blood run cold: meanings, cost estimation, and the best tattoo artists are gathered in our article.

Butterflies, flowers, mandalas, and feathers are examples of classic tattoo designs. People get them because they are beautiful and emphasize their character. But what if you are tired of the usual ideas? What if you want to get a tattoo that will shock everyone?

Think about what you like. Do you enjoy watching horror or slasher movies? Do you like Halloween, games like Dead by Daylight, or films directed by John Carpenter? The choice is clear – you should definitely take a look at Michael Myers’s tattoo ideas.

At first glance, it may seem that there are few tattoo designs for this character, but a closer look reveals the opposite. You can get the idea in different styles, colors, and various additional elements. Therefore, to make your search easier, we have collected 50+ Mike Myers tattoo ideas (including his one on the wrist), explained their meaning, indicated the best tattoo artists, and estimated the cost of the ideas.

“Michael Myers is invincible because he is pure Evil.” — Steve Miner.

What Does a Michael Myers Tattoo Mean?

 Michael Myers tattoo

Michael “Mike” Myers first appeared in the 1978 film Halloween, directed by John Carpenter. He is a maniac who started to murder in childhood by killing his younger sister with a large table knife. Also, Mike Myers is considered the 3rd most popular villain among all horror movie characters.

John Carpenter came up with the idea for this character for a reason. When the director was in college, he took a class trip to a mental hospital and studied the most complex cases. He was most impressed by a 6-year-old boy with schizophrenia. Here is what the director had to say about this patient:

“I met this six-year-old boy with empty eyes and an expressionless face, pure and ordinary … Evil.”

John Carpenter captured that look and sinister feeling and brought it to life through the character of Michael Myers. Here’s what Medical Professor Nicholas Rogers had to say about Mike’s character after watching the film: 

“A mystical, hard-to-understand monster with super strength; who can’t be killed by bullets, stabbed or burned.”

So, we can conclude that the Michael Myers tattoo has the following meaning:

  •  ? Steadfastness;
  •  ? Strength;
  •  ? Power;
  •  ? Purposefulness;
  •  ? Willingness to take any measures to achieve the goal.

Which Tattoo Does Michael Myers Have?

 Michael Myers tattoo

Michael Myers has a tattoo of the cult of Thorn Cult runes on his wrist. It is an ancient cult of the Druids, which has been active for thousands of years. Its members believed that to prevent the mass death of the druids, they needed to sacrifice one child to the demon Thorn.

Michael Myers tattoo

A torn mark was made on the child’s hand. After that, he had to kill his family to fulfill the contract with Thorn. If this condition was met, the demon did not touch the clan members. It is important to note that a cursed child should do it on the eve of All Saints’ Day (Samhain).

Michael Myers was one of those cursed kids who got possessed by the demon Thorn. That’s why he got his tattoo.

The 5 Best Artists Who Can Tattoo Michael Myers

Choosing a Michael Myers tattoo idea is the main step before getting it. However, if your tattoo artist is not qualified enough, you may be disappointed with the result. Therefore, below we have listed the top 5 tattoo artists who will bring to life even the most complex Michael Myers tattoo design.

Examples of work

Jack Hatchet
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American traditionalPhiladelphia

Irina Shapiro
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Dan Kline
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American traditionalEmmaus

Pedro DeLeon
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Black and GreyPalmyra

Ricky Borchert
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Black and Grey
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If there is no tattoo artist nearby at the top, you can check out the full list.

50+ Stunning Michael Myers Tattoo Designs

50+ Stunning Michael Myers Tattoo Designs

At first glance, it may seem that there are few ideas for Michael’s tattoo, but upon closer inspection, you will understand the opposite. Each additional element forms a new composition with a different meaning. Therefore, to make your search easier, we have collected 50+ Michael Myers tattoo designs you will never forget.


The lore of the movie Halloween says that a constellation associated with the demon Thorn could appear on All Saint’s Day. Therefore, All Saints’ Day is necessary for Michael Myers. He must kill to fulfill his obligation to the thorn.

To make the design fit for Halloween, you can add a ? pumpkin symbol. In Christian mythology, it means rebirth and resurrection. According to legend, this plant gave shade to Jonah, saving him from the deadly heat. The pumpkin symbol was used as the opposite of the sinful apple – the fruit of purity and innocence.


Most of the Michael Myers tattoo designs are large or medium. If you don’t want an idea in that size, you should consider small ones.

Most often, it is a blackwork portrait of Mike Myers. This style uses negative space to create the silhouette of the drawing. However, you can also choose a mini-composition with a knife or a house.

? Note:
If you liked Michael Myers’s blackwork tattoo design, you can find a tattoo artist who works in this style nearby.


The large kitchen knife is Michael Myers’ villainous weapon. In all films and games, he only uses it. Therefore, you can often find designs with this element.

The most interesting tattoo idea is the face of Mike Myers, which is drawn on the blade of a knife. This design shows that the knife and Michael are integral parts of each other. They are literally both tools for murder.

In a broader sense, knife tattoos have the following meanings:

  • ? The firmness of character;
  • ? Persistence;
  • ? Directness;
  • ? Sharpness.

On the Forearm

Often, Michael Myers’s tattoos on the forearm are three-dimensional designs from the wrist to the elbow. Ideas in this place on the body have several advantages over others:

  • Almost painless. Tattoos on the forearm are the least painful because the skin in this area is rougher. Also, there is a layer of muscles and few nerve endings;
  • Convenience. You can look at your tattoo without a mirror;
  • Versatility. If necessary, you can cover the design with a sleeve or, on the contrary, expose it. At the same time, it will not go unnoticed due to its size.

On the Leg

When choosing a Michael Myers leg tattoo, it is necessary to consider the pain of getting the design. If you want a big idea, consider the calf and outer thigh.

As for knee and bone marrow tattoos, they are the most painful. In these places between the bone and the skin, there is no layer of muscles.

For a small idea, you can also consider the ankle.


The Michael Myers sleeve tattoo is a one-piece design that you can get on the entire arm. However, there are also some designs on the entire leg. The size of the idea will allow the tattoo artist to use his full potential and make your design unique.

The designs with the detailed mask of Michael Myers look the most impressive. From one look at such an idea, the blood runs cold ?.

Black & Grey

Black and gray tattoos are a unique style that uses a special gray wash technique. These are monochrome images that use black in different concentrations. Due to this, shades of gray of various color depths are obtained. Such tattoos most often resemble pencil drawings.

The black and gray style highlights the bleakness of Michael Myers’ tattoo and makes the design even more intimidating.


American traditional style is more than 150 years old but has not lost its popularity. Initially, traditional ideas were inspired only by the marine theme, but after the 30s of the 20th century, tattoo artists began to bring their ideas.

The muted tones and limited color palette of the traditional style perfectly emphasize the brutality and earthiness of Michael Myers’s design. Therefore, if you have decided on an idea but do not know what style to implement it, American traditional will be a great solution.


Designs in the style of realism are the pinnacle of tattoo artists’ skill. Such ideas require working out the smallest details and several sessions in the salon. If you choose this style, you will get a vibrant photorealistic tattoo that will adorn your body.

The realistic tattoo is the only style that allows you to embody the scenes from the films with Michael Myers to the smallest detail on your body.

Michael Myers Tattoo Cost Evaluation

The exact cost of a tattoo depends on many factors, and only a tattoo artist can tell you. However, we calculated the approximate cost of designs in traditional, blackwork, and realistic styles, depending on the tattoo size.

Tattoo size/Tattoo styleAmerican traditionalBlackworkRealism
Small (2”)$232.50$192.00$432.50
Mid (4”)$1,245.00$840.00$3,245.00
Large (12””)$1,807.50$1,200.00$4,807.50


Michael Myers is one of the most popular movie characters and one of the top three slasher villains. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people are looking for the designs of this character, wanting to know their meaning and the approximate cost.

We took into account all these factors, collected answers to all questions in our article, and provided you with 50+ Michael Myers tattoo designs that will intimidate their atmosphere.


? How Much Does a Michael Myers Tattoo Cost?

Depending on the style and size, a Michael Myers tattoo will cost you approximately $232–$4,807.

❓ What Does the Tattoo on Michael Myers Mean?

There is a tattoo of the sign of Thorn on Michael Myers’ wrist. It is the cult in which he was involved.

? How Did Michael Myers Get the Curse?

Michael Myers received the mark of the thorn from the druids. He belonged to this cult and was chosen as a sacrifice to save the lives of other members of the sect.

☝️ Which Tattoo Does Michael Myers Have?

Michael Myers has the Thorn Cult rune tattoo on his wrist, which is related to the ancient cult of the Druids active for thousands of years.


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