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No newsfeed: tattoos are timeless. No videos: tattoos look better on photos. Easy search by location: get inquiries from New Zealand no more. And ve-e-e-ry detailed booking forms, so that you get only those clients who know what they want and how they want it.

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Structure all your professional information in one place. Leave your location, style of work, contacts, and social media. Describe your experience in the industry and showcase your best works. A page on InkMatch will become your personal art gallery.

Local search, local audience

All artists & their portfolios are organized by city and style, which makes tattoo search experience more pleasant for the clients. Unlike Instagram or Facebook, on InkMatch, specific style fans from every city can easily find & book matching artists for their future tattoos.

Additional source of clients

Stay on top of Google searches with InkMatch. Become the most popular tattoo artist in your city and get new clients. You won’t have to stay online 24/7 competing for clients’ attention on social media. No need to use dozens of hashtags or pay for useless advertising.

Clients that match ♡

We’ll take care of the chore of communicating with clients to find out all the important information for a future tattoo session: size, location, budget, work style, colors, and other parameters. Just filter out and work with matching clients.

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Is it free?

InkMatch is free to use for both the artists and the clients, and is monetized via ads and premium features.

Will I be able to change my portfolio and profile?

Yes, just contact us at [email protected], and we will update your info.

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