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Finding a tattoo artist is a topical issue for those who are thinking about a tattoo. The quality of the drawing depends on the skill of the tattoo artist, and therefore it is important to carefully consider the choice of the salon.

What is Ink-Match?

Our team decided to take on an overwhelming task – to collect an online database of the best tattoo artists in America in one place. The reason was many factors:

  1. We ourselves have repeatedly encountered how difficult it is to choose a worthy specialist.
  2. Our friends constantly face the same problem.
  3. And after the creation of this site, the readers themselves began to ask us about where and how to find a tattoo artist.

    Therefore, we have created Ink-Match – a service so that those who wish can easily find a tattoo artist in their city.

    In addition, Ink-Match is also an informational site with a large number of articles on the topic of tattoos. People come to us in search of unique and high-quality information in the field of tattoos.

    Ink-Match is the best way to find tattoo artists in any state of the United States.

    We have a portfolio of experienced artists who work in current techniques, have an established client base, and are popular. By contacting them, you are guaranteed to get an excellent result, as evidenced by real reviews and comments.

    Our service offers convenient conditions not only for potential clients of tattoo artists but also for the masters themselves. Here you can declare yourself, showcase your work, and expand your client base.

    How Ink-Match works?

    If you do not know which tattoo studio to contact, then our service will help you find a tattoo artist who works in the style you need at an affordable price. Here you will find a portfolio of the best artists from tattoo studios in your city, and you can read reviews, comments, and also see their profiles on social networks. Since tattoo artists rarely advertise, our site will be an excellent way for them to promote, and for you, it will be a good option to find a master who works in the right technique.

    After opening your city’s tattoo catalog you are presented with a list of local artists. Going into the profile of each of them, you can get acquainted with the information about the person. It indicates experience, preferred styles, where he receives clients (in the studio or at home), where he studied, his contacts, portfolio. Some masters also indicate approximate prices. To contact the artist, you can go to his website/social page/mail and write to him.

    As you can see, finding a great tattoo artist is a matter of minutes if you use the Ink-Match service.

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