Tips & Tricks on Choosing the Best Tattoo Placement

In this article, we give theoretical and practical advice on how to choose the best tattoo placement. Bonus: what this placement can say about your personality.

The hardest thing, when you want to get a tattoo, is to choose the best design and placement for it. Usually, we are looking for an aesthetics design and do not want to feel a lot of pain. Colorful tattoos should be covered with clothes on a sunny day and in addition, there are professions where people should also cover their tattoos. It reduces but does not make the choice easier. Today we want to give you some advice on how to choose the best tattoo placement.

4 Questions To Ask Yourself To Choose the Right Place for a Tattoo

What Is the Size of My Future Tattoo?

It is understandable that the bigger the tattoo the bigger area it needs. Some people also put small tattoos on big areas like the back. It is not a mistake but it can be more painful than putting the same tattoo on your arms. The shape also plays an important role. A long and thin tattoo is the best choice for your spine. For more rounded designs, choose biceps or calves. Remember that a tattoo draws an eye to the area of its placement. Tattooing is a good way to attract people to your most beautiful body parts. Do not place the tattoo in places where you have complexes unless it is your decision.

Do I Need To Cover It?

As we said earlier, on sunny days colored tattoos should be covered with clothes from fading. That is why you should consider what clothes you usually wear when it is hot and whether they can protect your tattoo.

Moreover, some professions require that all tattoos must be hidden. Think about it, if you work as a teacher, airline pilot, police officer, military, healthcare professional, lawyer, receptionist, or bank worker. In other cases, please check this information with your boss.

How Much Pain Can I Endure?

The fattest parts of the body or parts with thick skin and few nerve endings are among the least painful places to get a tattoo. You can read in our previous article the full list of such places for men and women. If you are an experienced tattoo client, then you can consider other places for a tattoo. Pay attention that the most painful places to get a tattoo are the head, ribcage, armpit, inside arm, fingers, inside thigh, and foot. However, you can ask your artist to use a numbing cream in these areas.

How Will My Tattoo Look in Years?

When we are young we are slim and our skin is firm. But in years we can get fatter and with more wrinkles. How will your tattoo look when you are 60 and more? Even weight changes can affect your design. That is the reason why it is not recommended for women to get a stomach tattoo before pregnancy. Among the best areas to keep your tattoo ideal during the years are:

  • Back of the shoulders
  • Wrists
  • Feet

Tips & Tricks: Choosing the Best Tattoo Placement

The questions above will help you choose theoretically the best place for a tattoo. However, getting a tattoo is not only about thought, it is about the real design on your skin. Therefore we will give you some tips on how to choose the best placement for your tattoo.

  1. Look at other people. Do not copy their design, just look at how tattoo lines create with the body a complete picture. You can use Instagram or Pinterest for inspiration. 
  2. You can buy special body stickers as in childhood. Find the design and size that is the closest to the desired one and stick it on the body. So you can see whether your tattoo looks as you want or it is better to change something.
  3. If you have already a finished design, just print it. Then try to move it around on your body. Use tape to stick the paper to your body.
  4. Install a special app. Today there is a wide range of applications for smartphones that will help you to choose the best tattoo placement virtually.
  5. Ask the tattoo artist for advice. Over the years, they already know how a certain design looks on the body.

What Tattoo Placement Can Say About Your Personality

If you are a superstitious person, you can choose the tattoo placement based on its meaning. Here are some examples.

Tattoo placementMeaning
EarsYou feel free to show what you like but do not necessarily want to show off.
NeckYou are a brave person and not afraid to make tough choices.
ArmsThe bigger the arm tattoo the more creative and independent from the other person’s opinion you are.
ForearmYou are a tough person or try to look so on the outside.
WristYou are trying to hide scars from the past.
FingersYou are a concise, unique, and futuristic person.
ChestYou are a romantic but self-confident person.
RibcageYou are also a self-confident and brave person.
BackYou are a mysterious person who is proud of yourself. 
ThighYou like fashion and prefer to follow trends.
CalvesYou are a sports person.
Feet and anklesYou are a shy person, maybe even an introvert.


Choosing the ideal tattoo placement can be the same as hard as choosing the design. It is better to ask yourself 4 questions to understand whether you will need to hide your tattoo, what size it will be, how much pain you are ready to endure, and whether you will like it in years. There are also tips & tricks on how to choose the best placement. For example, you can print your design and then move it around on your body looking for the best area.

Some people choose tattoo placement based on its meaning. They want to show people their character from the first look. The most creative people usually choose arms for their tattoos while shy people prefer feet or ankles.


🌎 Where Should I Place My First Tattoo?

There is no specific rule where to place the first tattoo. The bigger and more detailed the tattoo, the bigger area it needs. If you have a prepared design, you can print it and move it around on your body looking for the best area.

💡 How Do You Decide on a Tattoo Placement?

You should ask yourself 4 questions. How big is my tattoo? Do I need to cover it? How much pain can I endure? How will my tattoo look in years? You can read in our article the meaning of each answer.

🔮 Does a Tattoo Placement Mean Anything?

You can get more information about the person by paying attention to the placement of their tattoo. For example, a neck tattoo means that the person is brave and not afraid to make tough choices. People with chest tattoos are the most romantic. The full list of meanings you can read in our article.

📱 Is There Any App Where You Can Put Tattoos on Yourself?

Yes, there are such applications for smartphones. If you cannot install them on your device, you can read other tips in our article.


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