Princess Mononoke: 55+ Best Tattoo Ideas with Meanings

Princess Mononoke: 55+ Best Tattoo Ideas with Meanings
Anime fans here? We have for you a selection of awesome tattoo ideas with Princess Mononoke and other characters from this cult anime. Get inspired and enjoy.

Today’s topic of our article is really special. Not just because of the focus on anime, but because it is about Princess Mononoke. Not many works become iconic and receive the approval of most critics and viewers. More importantly, not all works leave a mark on history and culture, but Princess Mononoke certainly did.

Everyone knows that Americans are rather devoted to their culture and are reluctant to agree to watch anything foreign. So what is Princess Mononoke: the exception to the rule or the beginning of a love affair with Japanese anime in the broad masses? We’ll talk about that in today’s article and share the best ideas for Princess Mononoke tattoos.

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Princess Mononoke: A Brief History of a Great Story

The whole action takes place in a fantasy world inspired by Japanese legends and myths. There are patron spirits, curses, and always something unknown. The young prince Ashitaka, saving the village and inhabitants, kills a giant boar entangled in an ancient curse.

But here’s the trouble, the latter’s disease spreads to the hero, threatening to gradually take over both his body and mind. Ashitaka decides to leave in search of a cure, and if not a cure, then in search of good deeds. 

In his wanderings, he comes to the lands under the rule of Lady Eboshi. Here people have gunpowder, which means that what was once feared now does not seem so terrible and uncharted. The forest has become the main enemy of Mrs. Eboshi, or rather not the forest itself, but its main keeper, who looks like a big deer.

Princess Mononoke

In addition, a young girl Mononoke, who grew up in the forest and was raised by a wolf, acts on the side of the forest. She lives with the pack and fights against humanity advancing in the forest. It is at this point that Ashitaka arrives and proves to be the decisive weight on the scales of the conflict.

If before only devoted fans and critics were interested in anime, Princess Mononoke proved that Japanese animation can no longer be ignored even by those film buffs who had never watched anything but American movies. Therefore, it is unsurprising that many fans loved the animated film so much that they wanted to get a tattoo related to Princess Mononoke. Let’s talk about what meanings can be carried by such tattoos.

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Meanings Behind the Princess Mononoke Tattoos

Princess Mononoke Tattoo

Fearless Princess Mononoke is the defender of the forest, a wolf girl, and the protagonist of the popular animated film of the same name directed by Hayao Miyazaki.

She has won the hearts of anime fans worldwide with her tenacity, ability to bring justice at any cost, and love of nature. She is a symbol of contempt for death and determination.

The princess in the tattoo is always depicted with a mask of a forest deity in red. Her face is painted in the color of the mask, and a necklace of teeth of predatory animals is on her neck. She is often depicted as a brave warrior with a dagger.

Whatever meaning you put into your tattoo, it will be inextricably linked to the main idea of the cartoon itself. And it is far from being a call to protect the environment. In reality, “Princess” is a profound and tragic realization that there are inevitable wars and intractable conflicts. 

So the tattoo will serve as a visible reminder to you that there are situations in which there is not only black and white β€” everyone can be right in their way.

Tattoo ideas:


Minimalism is always a good idea, the principle “less is more” works here. People often choose one character for small tattoos and depict it quite simply. Often people opt for little white men β€” “keepers of the forest”. 

However, do not limit yourself to anything. You can depict a wolf, a princess mask, or even Mononoke herself in minimalism.

With a Mask

The bright, unusual forest deity mask is an attribute that a true anime fan will always recognize. The meaning of ancient princess mask is a representation of her protective role in her forest home. 

This attribute will be a beautiful part of the composition, but if you wish, you can stuff the mask without the extra elements. In any case, it will be a beautiful symbol of love and respect for Princess Mononoke.

With Knife

Princess Mononoke’s fierce weapon is often used in tattoos. Not everyone would dare to have a dagger as a tattoo, but perhaps this is just what you need.

The princess looks inextricably linked to her dagger as she battles enemies who pose a threat to the forest she calls home. If this scene is close to you, you could depict it on your arm, shoulder, or even thigh.


A tattoo sleeve is always a whole work of art. Here you can give your imagination maximum freedom and get a result that will delight not only you but also everyone you will meet in your life (provided you turn to a master of his craft).

However, the sleeve is a pretty serious decision, do not make it in the heat of the moment. Think carefully not only about the idea but also about the possible impact of such a large tattoo on your life. If you are confident about getting a sleeve, go for it!

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Black and Gray

Black and gray tattoos are classics that never get old. They are the most versatile, but they always look stylish. That is why they are chosen by so many tattoo fans both for complex compositions and for simple drawings. 

Fancy black and gray tattoos? We have many more ideas you can use, check them out!


Usually, colored tattoos are not in too much demand, but not in the case of Princess Mononoke. Perhaps this is related to the colorfulness of the anime itself β€” some shots are so beautiful that people keep everything down to the colors when they get tattoos.

How To Come Up With Unique Tattoo Ideas?

No qualified tattoo artist will advise you to just copy your favorite tattoo and make yourself the same one (even if it will be in a different place). But not all people easily come up with their ideas, even if they want to. What to do in such a case?

There are many different techniques for developing creativity, but it’s unlikely you’ll want to try out every one of them. I’m going to tell you about a few fairly simple but effective ones that I use myself. 

So, you want a Princess Mononoke-related tattoo, but you don’t know what kind. What to do next?

πŸ“ Option #1.Β 

Sit down and write out your favorite moments from the cartoon. Even if you have only one such moment, that’s okay. Picture it in detail and write down everything that is particularly vivid in your memory. Who was the main character in that scene? Were there any special details (like the mask or the dagger, for example)? 

Now you have something to work with. You can look at the list of what you wrote out and give each item or character a rating on a ten-point scale β€” how important it is to you, how much you like it, and whether you want to see it on your body. When you’ve decided on one or two favorites, you can discuss the final version with a tattoo artist β€” he/she can help you create a sketch that you’ll fall in love with.


πŸ–‹ Option #2.

This option is good for both single tattoos and compositions. Here you write down all the characters and vivid cartoon symbols. That is, Princess Mononoke, Ashitaka, Yakul, Moro, dagger, mask, and so on. Next, you cross out the ones you don’t like.

So, you are left with a list of characters and things you like. Now it all depends on your goals. If you want one central tattoo object, you can also rate them on a ten-point scale. Another option is to think about whose values suit you best, or who you want to be like. 

If you want a tattoo composition, then start building connections between the characters that are left. Perhaps there was a scene where they were all together? Or did any of the characters have a special relationship that meant a lot to you? Use all the ideas that come to your mind, and you can consult with a tattoo artist later if it’s hard to make a final choice.



Some things hold such a special place in our hearts that we want to leave a memory of them on the body as well. If you have such a thing as Princess Mononoke, we totally feel for you.  

Regardless of what kind of drawing you want to put on, it’s your intentions that matter. Well, okay, just as crucial is choosing a cool master, so if you haven’t found yours yet, don’t miss our catalog with 1000+ talented and experienced tattoo artists who won’t ruin your tattoo. Enjoy awesome tattoos and equally badass anime movies.


πŸ‘οΈβ€πŸ—¨οΈ What Does Princess Mononoke Symbolize?

Princess Mononoke has won the hearts of anime fans worldwide with her tenacity, ability to bring justice at any cost, and love of nature. She is a symbol of contempt for death and determination.

πŸ§‘ Is Princess Mononoke a Boy?

No, Princess Mononoke is a girl.

🀩 Why Is Princess Mononoke So Famous?

This anime is not only qualitatively made but also touches on important deep themes that interest all of humanity.

πŸ‘€ What Is Princess Mononoke Message?

There are many messages in Princess Mononoke, but the main ones are: every choice affects everything around us, love conquers evil, but we do not always stay with those we love.


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