65+ Awesome Feather Tattoo Ideas & Meanings [You’ll Love Them]

Feather tattoos never die, and we do not stop looking for the best ideas for every taste. 65+ of them and their meanings are already waiting for you in our article, check it out.

A tattoo is an individual way of self-expression. People get them for different reasons, and the symbolism behind them has a different meaning for everyone. The feather tattoo is one of the most popular subjects in the art of tattooing. A feather itself has different meanings in many cultures. So, the sense of such a tattoo depends both on the characteristics of the subject and what bird’s feather will be used in the drawing.

In this article, we will break down the general meaning of tattoos, what they mean for men and women, and most importantly, we will share unique ideas for the best feather tattoos.

The Meaning of the Feather Tattoo


This pattern is admired in Native American motifs. The indigenous tribes of North America considered the feather a symbol of rebirth, immortality, and protection of higher powers. Not all Indians could afford feather ornaments. Only respected members of the tribe — spiritual leaders and warriors — wore them. Later, there was a tradition of decorating the body with pictures in the form of feathers. 

Feathers are an essential attribute of the dream catcher tattoo. Eagle feathers are often used to represent freedom, pride, and courage.

The symbol of the feather meant in ancient cultures:

  1. Power, might. That is why ancient Indian tribes wore eagle feathers as chiefs.
  2. Valor, courage. Only warriors who distinguished themselves in battle were allowed to wear an eagle feather tattoo.
  3. A sign of beauty, and nobility. The ancient Greeks applied the feathers of the peacock in this sense.
  4. Courage, dignity. The Chinese of the ancient world associated feathers with these meanings.
  5. Divinity. The feather represented the connection with the world of gods, heaven in ancient Egypt. They made feather tattoos on their bodies to talk to the gods and better understand them.
  6. A symbol of the rebirth of life. For example, the peacock feathers were considered a symbol by Christians. This is because this bird has the most beautiful plumage, which it can change. The feather has come to mean renewal, the beginning, and rebirth because of this feature.
  7. Compassion, alertness, vigilance. This is the sense in which feathers were imagined by Buddhists.
  8. Wealth, love, sunshine, joy, happiness. In some views of the peoples of the ancient world, feathers were associated with these meanings.

Feather Tattoos for Ladies


Most women choose a feather tattoo precisely because of its special meaning. It is mostly positive but may vary depending on the place of application, the chosen palette, and other factors. For example, a picture with a feather and birds is a constant symbol of hope and faith.

If girls have a tattoo in the form of a cut feather, it indicates that they are experiencing pain, heartache, and loss. A feather that falls designates sadness. A broken shaft at the feather specifies that the girl has broken up with the person she loves, and her dreams have been shattered.

Ladies often choose the neckline area for a tattoo. A bright feather decorated with dewdrops looks beautiful. Sometimes women have a tattoo on the ankle, wrist, and shoulder to emphasize the beauty of the legs and arms. The meaning of the feather is also interpreted depending on the bird to which it belongs.

Feather Tattoos for Men


There is a stereotype that women mostly wear tattoos with feathers. That is false. Men prefer to apply tattoos with feathers to the body no less often than girls. Most often, the bird’s feathers are part of the composition. It is worth understanding that a feather tattoo for men means freedom, courage, confidence, and willpower. Guys apply the feathers of both local birds (crows, nightingales, swallows) and eastern birds (parrots or Japanese storks) on their bodies.

Creative men more often choose a tattoo with feathers. This symbol looks beautiful on the back, arms, thigh, along spine. The massive image on the back speaks of the inner core, the desire to be the head, as well as the willingness to take responsibility for their actions.

Simple Feather Tattoo Ideas

When choosing a drawing, remember that the feather tattoo means lightness and purity. It is worth choosing subtle and small sketches to emphasize these qualities. It is not a law, but most often the feather tattoo is a tiny drawing that conveys simplicity and freedom.

Tattoo Designs With Two Feathers

Two feathers are usually those worn by the Indians in ancient times. A tattoo can have divine power, linking its owner with the other world. Of course, if a person has magical abilities, then such a tattoo will not be simple but will have a certain meaning.

Tattoo Ideas of Various Birds’ Feathers

There are a great many birds, and to be completely honest, some have very similar feathers. But there are differences, especially in the meaning they carry. Peacocks, eagles, doves, and sometimes phoenixes are among the most popular. We will briefly talk about them along with tattoo ideas.


Peacocks were considered birds of paradise because of their beauty and bright coloring. They were companions of the gods in the mythology of various countries. For example, the Hindu peacock was considered the bird of the goddess of wisdom Saraswati.

A tattoo of a peacock feather belongs to the category of female tattoos. This is since it is not a symbol of strength or courage. The main designation of the feather tattoo in this case is beauty, sophistication, and majesty.

The peacock feather tattoo is also considered a symbol of greatness, royalty, uniqueness, and rarity. These days, such a tattoo is sometimes perceived as a sign of narcissism and exaggerated self-esteem.


The dove is closely associated with Christian traditions and is a symbol of peace all over the world. The dove feather tattoo is one of the most common and represents peace, love, and gentleness.


The eagle is one of the most majestic birds in the world, and it is also rich in symbolism. It has special meaning in Native American culture because its feathers are often used for more than just decorative purposes. They are worn with pride and can be given to someone as a sign of respect or honor. The plumage is believed to represent courage and strength, so it is not surprising that a person who appreciates these qualities would want to put such a pattern on his skin.


The phoenix is one of the favorite images for tattoos because it symbolizes birth, death, and rebirth. The mythical creature cyclically regenerates and is reborn from the ashes after a fire. Thus, it is associated with renewal and the triumph of ideas. 

A person who decides to ink a drawing with its feather will be attracted by the symbolism of the bird. Perhaps he or she has overcome a struggle in the past or is on a personal journey. When you decide to get a tattoo with this bird, a colored version is best. It is often done in bright orange and red to indicate a fire.

Feather Tattoo Designs With Flying Birds

The plot where the feather turns into flying birds is quite common. Tattoos of a feather with birds can be made in different versions and carry different semantic meanings. It depends on the overall mood of the picture, the type of birds, and the color scheme. 

For example, the value of the feather tattoo with birds which is done in gloomy tones, and the birds are crows, has a negative connotation and can denote pessimism, fragility, and transience of life. If the birds in the same image are swallows, the tattoo acquires a different meaning — the dawn, awakening, the beginning of a new stage in life.

Feather Tattoo Ideas With Inscriptions

Another popular option is a tattoo of a feather with an inscription. It can be an aphorism, a quote with deep meaning, or just important words for a person. The right inscription not only makes the tattooed individual and personalized but also gives it the properties of a talisman.

Tattoo Ideas of a Dreamcatcher With Feathers

“Dreamcatchers” are stunningly detailed objects that have great significance in Native American culture. It’s easy to see why someone would be attracted to a dreamcatcher and feather tattoo. It is rich in symbolism, representing freedom, protection, and wisdom. 

The creation created by human hands is almost always complimented with feathers to encourage good dreams and positive thoughts. There are many birds to choose from, and each will have a different meaning. For example, using the feathers of an owl can bring wisdom.

Feather and Arrow Tattoo Ideas

A person wants to accentuate qualities such as intelligence and sangfroid when doing an arrow tattoo that passes into a feather. People who are fond of history will be interested in the sketch of an arrow that is enveloped in a feather. This tattoo execution denotes a love of new knowledge and a desire for development. The meaning of the arrow tattoo has many variations in execution. Therefore, you ought to spend a lot of time choosing a suitable design.

Feather and Infinity Tattoo Ideas

Both the feather and the infinity mark are powerful and popular symbols all over the world. When the image of the feather and the infinity symbol are intertwined, the meaning of such a tattoo has a strong influence on the life of the wearer. It is a symbol of continuous rebirth and the constant search for perfection and new heights. Such a tattoo is suitable for almost all people, especially those who chase to reach great heights in life.

The Meaning of the Color Scheme of the Tattoo

Each feather tattoo has its meaning depending on the color:

  • A feather purple shade emphasizes the principled character of its wearer.
  • The green or blue color gives out a calm and balanced person who seeks harmony of soul or has already achieved it.
  • Shades of red are considered a symbol of victory or a symbol of temperamental nature, showing passion and explosive nature.
  • Yellow and orange colors indicate that women seek peace of mind and comfort, but they are inherently ambitious. It also means unique, outstanding mental ability. For others, these colors might mean sunshine. People who choose them are sociable, have an easy character, and positive attitude.
  • A black feather tattoo does not always indicate negativity or depression. The main meaning is style and austerity.

A white feather tattoo means purity of thought, weightlessness, and high moral guidelines. 



As with any tattoo, we advise you to think through all aspects of your design in advance and spend plenty of time on it. Even if it is a tiny sketch of a feather. A tattoo is something you will not be able to give up easily, so it must exactly match your wishes and inner state. 

A feather is a perfect object with room for imagination. Look through a lot of ideas on the internet, consult with your master and then create your brilliant tattoo design. I hope you are encouraged by the tattoo ideas in the article and are ready to get creating!


🍀 Is a Feather Tattoo Lucky?

Luck is not the most common symbol for the feather, but it does exist. The ancient Celts gave feathers as a sign of good luck. Now if you see a feather of a dove, you should pick it up and keep it — it also brings good luck. This meaning can also be put into a feather tattoo.

🦚 Is a Feather Tattoo Feminine?

Women and men get pen tattoos with about the same frequency. The only distinction is that they choose different motifs and put various meanings into their tattoos.

😤 Is It Disrespectful To Get a Feather Tattoo?

Feather and dreamcatcher tattoos are considered traditional Native American tattoos. If you live among such a population but are not Native American and want to get such a tattoo, then yes, it would be considered disrespectful. However, there is hardly anyone who would consider a feather tattoo irreverent in other cases.

💘 What Does a Red Feather Tattoo Mean?

Shades of red are considered a symbol of victory or a symbol of temperamental nature, showing passion and explosive nature.

💎 What Does a Blue Feather Tattoo Mean?

The blue color gives out a calm and balanced person who seeks harmony of soul or has already achieved it.


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