What Tattoo Should I Get: Step-by-Step Guide To Choosing One

Do you ask yourself what tattoo should you get? In this article, you will find some style ideas and advice on how to be sure of your decision.

The time has come when you realized that you are ready to get a tattoo. The next question is which one to choose: small or a bigger one, minimalistic or full of colors. We are sure that you have some favorite sketches but in this article, we can help you dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

Basic Tattoo Rules to Follow

It is not only about the design which you want to apply to your skin. Of course, it is necessary as a tattoo is a picture that will be with you all your life. But there are some things that are also very important.

Be sure that all equipment is sterilized. The tattoo studio or the master must follow universal precautions when they are working with blood or other body fluids. These precautions prevent the spread of HIV, hepatitis B, and other infections.

Be sure that your master or tattoo studio has all licenses. Each state has different regulations therefore it is better to search in Google or call your local Alberta Health Services (AHS) Environmental Public Health office. You should understand that licensed masters are more reliable.

Smart Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting a Tattoo

Reasons to Get Tattoo: Why Should I Get a Tattoo? 

You may have a lot of reasons to get a tattoo. Maybe something important has happened and you want to leave a piece of it with you. Or it can be done for attention, self-expression, riot, and even because of drunken impulsiveness. There are a lot of reasons to get a tattoo but you should feel certain that this is your desire. You want a tattoo, not your mother, boy- girlfriend, or best friend. Only you can answer the questions whether you want a tattoo and why you want one.

What Style of Tattoo I Will Get

There are a lot of different tattoo styles but let us look at some of them.

American traditional tattoo

American traditional tattoo style that consists of daggers, skulls, and roses

Traditional Japanese tattoo

Irezumi or traditional Japanese tattoo style that shows creatures from Japanese folklore

Realism tattoo

Realism tattoo style tries to convey objects as they look in real life

Black and gray tattoo

The black and gray tattoo style shows shades and color contrasts

Illustrative tattoo

The illustrative tattoo style is a combination of traditional styles and realism

New school tattoo

New school tattoo style shows mainly caricatured characters

Do I Really Want a Tattoo?

Once more, a tattoo is only your decision. And you should understand that this decision is made once for the whole life. If you are not 100% sure that you want a tattoo, we recommend waiting a little bit (at least a week). During this time you can choose another sketch or look for a better master.

Pros and Cons of Getting a Tattoo

Here is a list of the pros and cons of getting a tattoo.


  • Tattoos can cover your scars
  • They help to keep in mind an important moment
  • You can put it almost on any part of your skin thereby showing your imagination
  • Modern technologies allow removing of a tattoo that you do not like
  • You may become a more interesting person to start a conversation with as people like discussing tattoos.


  • The bigger the tattoo, the more expensive it is
  • If you decide to remove it, it can be expensive and will not guarantee the 100% result
  • Tattoos can fade out over time and fixing it (by touch up, re-color, or tattoo cover-up) will take money
  • Getting a tattoo on some part of the body is painful (for example, chest, and head).


Getting a tattoo is a very important decision that can change your life. Therefore, it is essential to accept it yourself, by answering the questions above and weighing all the pros and cons.


😧 Where Is the Least Painful Place To Get a Tattoo?

The least painful places to get a tattoo are the inner wrist, lower back, bicep, and forearm.

🀰 Can I Get a Tattoo While Pregnant?

It is not advisable to get a tattoo while you are pregnant because of the infections that can be obtained.

βš™οΈ What Equipment Is Needed for Tattooing?

The starting kit includes needles, tubes, tips, and grips, ink, a machine, stencil products, and a power supply.

πŸ–€ Do Black Ink Tattoos Turn Green?

Yes, in years some colors can fade out, that is why black ink can turn a slight green or blue color.


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