Express Yourself With Chrysanthemum Tattoo: 50 Best Designs

Chrysanthemum tattoo
Explore the artistry and symbolism of Chrysanthemum tattoos with our collection of 50 designs, capturing the essence of grace, love, and transformation.

The trend of chrysanthemum tattoos in body art has captured people’s attention with their stunning beauty and symbolic meaning from Japanese culture. Drawing inspiration from the flower’s elegance, these tattoos provide a distinctive means of expressing personal values and aspirations.

In this comprehensive article, we will explore the magical world of chrysanthemum tattoos by providing you with a wealth of information: from fascinating design ideas that suit different styles and preferences to revealing the deep meanings behind this revered flower, we will guide you through each petal. Plus, we’ll share ideas for the perfect placement of your mum flower tattoo. 

Get ready to embark on a floral tattoo journey!

The History of Traditional Chrysanthemum Tattoo in Japanese Culture

Depicting kiku gardens in Japanese culture
Depicting kiku gardens in Japanese culture

The chrysanthemum, known as “kiku” in Japanese, has been revered in Japan for centuries and is considered the national flower. It holds a special place in Japanese culture and is associated with various meanings and symbolism, including longevity, nobility, and the Imperial Family. Chrysanthemum tattoos, also referred to as “kiku tattoos”, are a significant and traditional form of body art in Japanese culture.

The roots of chrysanthemum tattoos can be traced back to the Edo period (1603-1868), a time when tattoos gained immense popularity among the working class and samurai warriors. The art of tattooing was not only a means of identification, but also a form of artistic expression, reflecting the wearer’s personality and beliefs. It was a powerful way of conveying one’s identity to the world.

The chrysanthemum motif gained popularity due to its aesthetic appeal and symbolic significance. It represented the values of loyalty, honor, and resilience, which were highly regarded by the samurai class. Chrysanthemum tattoos were commonly embellished with additional elements such as dragons, waves, or other traditional Japanese motifs to amplify their visual impact and personal significance.

In addition to its association with the samurai, the chrysanthemum also became closely associated with the Japanese Imperial Family and The Imperial Seal of Japan, known as the Chrysanthemum Crest or Chrysanthemum Seal (“Kiku no mon”), which features a stylized chrysanthemum with sixteen petals. Chrysanthemum tattoos, inspired by the Imperial Seal, became a way for individuals to express their admiration for the imperial family and showcase their patriotism.

 In the realm of body art, Japanese chrysanthemum tattoos are a sign of the enduring appeal and significance of this revered flower. From its legendary past to its modern incarnation in the form of a striking tattoo design, the chrysanthemum continues to enchant hearts and inspire awe.

Blooming Meaning of Chrysanthemum Tattoo

Blooming Meaning of Chrysanthemum Tattoo

The blossoming of the chrysanthemum holds great significance within the realm of chrysanthemum tattoos. Its vibrant petals and intricate design make it a popular choice for those seeking a meaningful tattoo. Below are some frequently linked meanings with chrysanthemum tattoos in full bloom:

📈 Transformation and growth. The blooming chrysanthemum symbolizes overcoming challenges, developing inner strength, and flourishing into one’s true self.

💪 Life and vitality. The flower signifies the beauty and energy of living beings and serves as a reminder to embrace life’s opportunities and cherish each moment.

🦋 Beauty and elegance. A chrysanthemum tattoo in full bloom symbolizes beauty, elegance, and sophisticated aesthetics. It can serve as a reminder to appreciate and seek beauty in the world around us.

🍂 Seasons and transience. In Japanese culture, chrysanthemums are often associated with autumn, a season of harvest, reflection, and transience. A tattoo can symbolize the transience of life and reflect a birthday in the fall.

🔄 Rejuvenation and renewal. The blooming chrysanthemum represents rejuvenation and renewal, symbolizing a fresh start or a new chapter in life. Just as the flower blooms after a period of dormancy, the mum flower tattoo can serve as a reminder of resilience and the ability to bounce back from difficult times.

Perfect Pairings for Chrysanthemum Tattoos

When considering perfect pairings for chrysanthemum tattoos, it’s important to think about complementary symbols, elements, or themes that enhance the overall meaning and aesthetic appeal. We got you the best options to complete your chrysanthemum tattoo design!

Chrysanthemum and Koi Fish

In Japanese culture, koi fish are often associated with determination, perseverance, and good fortune. Combining a chrysanthemum tattoo with a koi fish can represent the journey of personal growth and overcoming obstacles. The vibrant colors and flowing movement of the koi fish can complement the delicate beauty of the chrysanthemum.

Bundle of Flowers

There are various flowers that can complement a chrysanthemum tattoo, either by adding visual interest or conveying additional symbolic meanings:

🌷 Peony. Peonies are often associated with beauty, prosperity, and honor in Japanese culture.

🌷 Lotus. The lotus flower holds deep symbolism in many cultures, representing purity, enlightenment, and spiritual growth.

🌷 Iris. Irises symbolize wisdom, hope, and faith. Combining chrysanthemums with irises can create a design that represents inner strength, resilience, and the pursuit of knowledge.

🌷 Orchid. Orchids are associated with elegance, refinement, and exotic beauty.

When adding flowers to a chrysanthemum tattoo, it’s crucial to choose professional tattoo artists who have experience in floral designs. They can help create a balanced composition, and ensure that the flowers blend seamlessly with the chrysanthemum.

Cherry Blossoms

Combining chrysanthemums with cherry blossoms, another iconic flower in Japanese culture, can create a beautiful fusion of two meaningful symbols. Cherry blossoms represent the transient nature of life, beauty, and the appreciation of the present moment.

Do you like the flowering design but lack inspiration? Check out all the ideas for cherry blossom tattoo designs from the best!

Japanese Wave

Japanese waves, often depicted in traditional “ukiyo-e art”, symbolize strength, resilience, and the ever-changing nature of life. Pairing a chrysanthemum tattoo with Japanese waves can convey a sense of overcoming challenges and adapting to the ebb and flow of life’s experiences.

Mystical Dragons

Dragons hold deep significance in Japanese folklore and are associated with wisdom, power, and protection. Adding to your chrysanthemum a dragon in a tattoo design represents the captivating fusion of delicate beauty and powerful mythical symbolism.

Tiger Chrysanthemum Tattoo

The pairing of a chrysanthemum, with its elegance and cultural significance, along with a tiger, a powerful and majestic animal, can create a captivating and symbolic design.

Adding Delicate and Simple Elements to Complement Chrysanthemum Tattoos

Adding delicate and simple elements to a chrysanthemum tattoo can bring additional symbolic meanings, provide visual balance by adding contrasting shapes, textures, or lines, and make the tattoo more unique and meaningful to you. There is no limit to the fanatical elements that can be added to your tattoo, but we have collected the most popular and best suited for chrysanthemum tattoo designs:

🐦 Birds. You can consider adding a small bird perched on a branch near the chrysanthemum flowers or flying above them. 

🦋 Butterflies. You can have a butterfly positioned near the chrysanthemum flowers as if it’s landing on them or fluttering around. 

🕷 Spiders. Spiders can represent creativity, patience, and connection to the natural world. You can consider a small spiderweb with a delicate spider in the corner of your chrysanthemum tattoo.

🐝 Bees. Bees symbolize hard work, community, and productivity. You can have a bee hovering near the flowers or even perched on one of the petals.

Looking for floral designs? The choice of flowers should reflect your personal preferences, the symbolism that resonates with you, and the overall aesthetic you desire for your tattoo. Take a look at our selection of blooming flowers that perfectly complement chrysanthemum tattoos.

Choosing the Perfect Spot for Your Flower Tattoo

Choosing the proper placement for your chrysanthemum tattoo depends on several factors, including the size of the tattoo, your personal preferences, and the overall design. Let’s explore the most fascinating and in-demand locations for chrysanthemum tattoo designs, whether big or small.

Remember to factor in your pain tolerance and the level of visibility you desire for your chrysanthemum tattoo when selecting a placement, and consider different areas on the body that are known to be less painful places for tattooing.

Placements for Delicate Chrysanthemum Tattoo

Delicate tattoos are characterized by their intricate details, fine lines, and subtle designs. These tattoos often feature smaller, more intricate elements that require precise and meticulous tattooing techniques. A simple chrysanthemum tattoo has the flexibility to be positioned in different areas of the body, depending on your desired level of visibility and the size of the tattoo.

Behind the Ear

The area behind the ear is a discreet location for a small chrysanthemum tattoo. It can be a symbolic spot representing your connection to nature or your personal growth and deep meaning.

Finger Band Tattoo

If you prefer a tiny chrysanthemum tattoo, the finger can be a charming placement. You can opt for a minimalist design on the side or top of the finger for a delicate and understated look.


The wrist is a popular choice for delicate tattoos due to its visibility and small surface area. Opting for a small chrysanthemum tattoo on either the inner or outer wrist can create a subtle and chic look.


Selecting the knee as the placement for a delicate chrysanthemum tattoo can make for a distinctive and visually captivating choice. While it’s not as commonly seen as other placements, the knee offers an interesting spot for a delicate design.

Striking Locations for Large Chrysanthemum Tattoo

Large tattoos offer plenty of room to include multiple elements and symbols, providing a more comprehensive representation of one’s personal story, values, or cultural background. With more space to work with, tattoo artists can create highly detailed and realistic artwork. If you’re planning to get a large chrysanthemum tattoo, it’s important to choose a location on your body that has enough space to accommodate the design.

It’s crucial to work with skilled and experienced tattoo artists who specialize in large-scale tattoos and intricate details. They can help you design a custom chrysanthemum tattoo that reflects your vision, ensures proper placement, and executes intricate details with precision.


Opting for a sleeve design is an excellent choice if you want an expansive and bold chrysanthemum tattoo. Whether it’s a full sleeve or a half sleeve, the arm allows for a comprehensive display of the chrysanthemum’s beauty.

Thigh Wrap

The thigh provides a spacious and versatile area for a large chrysanthemum tattoo. You can choose to place it on the outer or inner thigh, allowing for a visually impactful and dynamic design.

Chest Plate

Having a big chrysanthemum tattoo on your chest is not only striking, but also carries significant symbolism. There is enough space on the chest to create an intricate design that can be visible or hidden, depending on your preference.

Looking for more tattoo designs for the chest? Feel free to express yourself with our top 50+ chest tattoo ideas!

Back Tattoo

The back provides a generous space for large chrysanthemum tattoos. You can choose a design that is centered in the middle of the back or expand it to cover a larger area, such as getting a full back or half back tattoo.

Getting lost in the number of options and can’t decide how and where to place your tattoo? We’ve collected tips & tricks on choosing the best placement for all kinds of tattoo designs.


In the depths of Japanese culture lies a captivating symbol of mystery and beauty — the chrysanthemum tattoo.

Our article explored the deep symbolism of these exquisite floral designs and provided inspiration for combining a minimalist chrysanthemum tattoo with other elements to create a truly personalized masterpiece. Whether it’s a small and delicate one or a bigger one that holds greater significance tattoo, we’ve got you covered with placement options that will let your chrysanthemum ink shine.

Let chrysanthemum tattoos’ beauty and cultural significance inspire your next inked masterpiece!


💐 What Do Chrysanthemum and Peony Tattoos Mean?

In traditional Asian cultures, the chrysanthemum represents autumn, longevity, and rejuvenation, while the peony represents wealth, honor, and femininity. Together, these flower tattoos represent a harmonious balance of elegance, sophistication, and abundance in a person’s life.

🎎 What Does a Chrysanthemum Tattoo Mean in Japanese?

The chrysanthemum has an important symbolic meaning and is one of the most popular designs for tattoos in Japanese culture. The chrysanthemum, known as “kiku” in Japanese, represents various positive qualities such as longevity, nobility, perfection, and rejuvenation. It is closely associated with the Imperial Family, and its intricate and delicate petals are often seen as a symbol of beauty and the changing seasons.

😞 Is the Chrysanthemum a Symbol of Sadness?

No, the chrysanthemum is not commonly associated with sadness. The chrysanthemum holds positive symbolism in many cultures such as longevity, joy, and perfection. However, in some European countries, such as Austria, Belgium, France, and Italy, it can be associated with mourning or used as a funerary symbol.

👤 Can Men Have Chrysanthemum Tattoos?

Chrysanthemum tattoos are not limited to any specific gender and can be enjoyed and appreciated by both men and women. Chrysanthemum tattoo designs have gained immense popularity in recent years, with their timeless beauty and rich symbolism.


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