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Black Rose
Do you want to know the unexpected meaning of the black rose tattoo? Then read our article, where, in addition, you will find many examples for inspiration.

The black rose tattoo is a remarkable design because there is no such flower in nature. On the one hand, such tattoos can be a symbol of loss, sorrow, and grief — a person, an opportunity, or love. On the other hand, it is a powerful sign that the person wearing the black rose tattoo has lived through the trials of life and is beginning to recover.

The black rose can be performed in any technique and on any body part. In our article, you will find many ideas for tattoos with different meanings and combinations, such as ribbons, inscriptions, knives, etc. 

In our catalog on the site, you can choose a suitable artist who will make you the perfect black rose tattoo, depending on the style in which you want to perform it.

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Black Rose Tattoo Meaning

Black Rose Tattoo Meaning

One of the most popular tattoos around the world is the image of the rose flower. Such a tattoo can be interpreted in different ways, and the rose symbol is one of the most diverse and has a deep philosophical meaning. 

The black rose tattoo can be associated with romance and sadness. The most common meaning of this tattoo is also somewhat negative, representing grief and death.

The rose itself is a symbol of love. It is often depicted with the name of the loved one and other appropriate inscriptions. Tattoos, made in the form of a black rose, very often symbolize hope and devotion. It is worth saying that dedication can refer not only to a person but also to a certain idea, goal, or desire. Quite often, a tattoo of this type is characterized as an unfulfilled hope — the person believed in a favorable outcome of events for him to the very end, but it was not destined to happen.

A few centuries ago, an image such as the black rose could symbolize independence and confrontation. It was often placed on the flags and coats of arms of states that were asserting their independence and seeking to fight back militarily against their adversary.

A soldier’s decision to put such an image on his body signaled that his path of service was over and the hope that there was no need to return to war.

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Black Rose Tattoo

Of course, the rose is the flower queen, chosen for the tattoo just for its beauty. Black roses are often done in styles such as Traditional, Dotwork, Black & Gray, and Blackwork. Such tattoos look very effective. Especially if the tattoo artist to whom you come manages to perform a realistic image.

For Men

Black rose tattoo for men

Men prefer black rose tattoos, which are usually centered on places like the arms, knees, legs, and wrists. In addition, they are adorned with several roses and also areas obscured with black ink. In this case, geometric-stylish tattoos and realistic raindrops on the petals look great.

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For Women

Black rose tattoo for women

Girls have an easier attitude toward the image of a rose on their bodies. A rose tattoo with a stem is the choice of a woman with a strong inner core. Sometimes the long stem has thorns, which hints at the owner’s “prickly” nature, her pride, and impregnability.

Minimalistic Black Rose Tattoo

A minimal black rose tattoo design will mean that you believe that love is not one-dimensional, and it has ups and downs too.

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Traditional Black Rose Tattoo

Traditional black rose tattoo on the arm

The black rose in the traditional style is almost as popular among men as it is among women. Among all the floral designs, the rose tattoo is still the most popular and in demand.

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Black Rose Tattoo Ideas

A tattoo with a black rose is versatile and looks great on any part of the body, but it is worth considering the size of your future tattoo and the number of details to successfully choose the area of application. 

On Wrist

The tattoo of black roses on the wrists will suit brave and extraordinary personalities. Regardless of the meaning, such an image will definitely attract attention because it is a prominent place and hard to hide.

The wrist is the part of the body on which they most often prefer to place small, delicate, and beautiful drawings. It is not advisable to place bulky roses on it — otherwise, it will look unaesthetic.

On wrist

However, you should keep in mind that the wrist is not the easiest place, and the procedure can be painful.

On Thigh

The black rose tattoo on the hip looks spectacular and bold. Women and men choose this part of the body to apply both neat small and bulk drawings, which favorably emphasize the advantages of the body and hide flaws.

On thigh

Tender tattoos on the thigh with roses are chosen by women to emphasize elegance. Floral motifs do not go out of fashion, so the masters offer a variety of options: from tiny flowers to luxurious bouquets.

Black rose tattoo on a woman's thigh

Rose tattoos on the hip are often used by girls because the lush flowers favorably emphasize the feminine figure. You can not limit yourself to the thigh and continue your tattoo lower on the leg.

Big black rose tattoo on a thigh

Unlike women, men do not seek to emphasize the figure or decorate it with a tattoo on the hip. They choose the area to place a full-fledged work of art.

On Shoulder

Black rose tattoo on a wonam's shoulder

The shoulder tattoo is the most popular option that will never go out of style. The correct rounded shape of this area allows you to give the black rose realism and volume. Due to the ample space, you can choose a complex, unusual, not insignificant sketch.

Women’s tattoos of a black rose on the shoulder will emphasize fragility and femininity. The figure will be an excellent addition to the overall image, and, at any time, it can be hidden under clothing.


The rose is the queen in the world of flowers. Its depiction on the body is one of the most popular. The black rose tattoo has several opposite meanings. On the one hand, it represents sorrow and sadness, and on the other, a new beginning and rebirth after a difficult life period. And as we have already mentioned, that rose has worldwide popularity — the black rose is also tattooed simply for its beauty and uniqueness, as there is no such flower in nature.

The black rose tattoo will look spectacular on any part of the body: wrists, thighs, and shoulders. It can be done in traditional style, dotwork, black and gray, or any other style. 


⚫ What Does a Black Rose Tattoo Symbolize?

A few centuries ago, an image such as the black rose could symbolize independence and confrontation. But now, the black rose tattoo can be associated with romance and sadness. The most common meaning of this tattoo is also somewhat negative, representing grief and death. Also, the rose itself is a symbol of love. It is often depicted with the name of the loved one and other appropriate inscriptions.

🥀 What Does a Black Rose Tattoo Mean on a Guy?

A rose tattoo in a man is considered a symbol of loyalty and honesty, as well as strong love and affection for one partner. But if the flower is depicted with sharp thorns — the man has already been badly burned in a relationship. Most people choose a tattoo in the form of a black rose to perpetuate the memory of a loved one who left this world on their skin. On the other hand, some believe that the tattoo of a black rose may, on the contrary, symbolize hope because black roses do not actually exist in nature.

🖤 What Does a Black Rose Mean in a Relationship?

The first thing that comes to mind at the sight of a black rose is that it means the end of a romantic relationship. But that is not always true; such roses can mean a new beginning and rebirth. They can be a gift for someone going through a major life change or a challenge that requires some courage.

🌹 What Is the Meaning of a Rose Tattoo?

Since ancient times, the rose has symbolized eternal youth, inspiration, pure beauty, and passionate love. But, depending on the color of the rose, the tattoo’s meaning also changes. For example, a red rose means passion and love; a tattoo of a white rose — innocence and fidelity; and a black rose means separation and sadness.


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