50+ Mandala Tattoo Designs: Secret Meanings & Cost

Mandala Tattoo
Are you tired of the same tattoos and looking for something unique? Read our article and find 50+ unusual mandala tattoo designs with their meanings.

A mandala tattoo is not just an aesthetic geometric body design but a whole Hindu and Buddhist concept of Universe harmony. Also, the word mandala means center. Since ancient times, it is believed that the presence of a mandala tattoo gives its owner concentration, wisdom, calmness, and even an understanding of the various processes of the Universe.

The main principles for creating such a design are:

  • The symmetry of any kind around a certain element/axis of the tattoo;
  • Use of points;
  • Preferably drawing thin contour lines;
  • The predominant use of black ink, but you can add colored elements to the tattoo.

It is also believed that the mandala design refers to tribal tattoos but originates in the cultures of Hindus and Buddhists. It is a very broad tattoo style, so to get a better idea of ​​which design suits you best, we want to introduce you to the 3 existing types of mandala tattoos and the possible colors of their implementation.

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What do Mandala Tattoo Designs Mean?

Many people choose mandala tattoos because of their attractive appearance which will look great on any body part. However, it is worth familiarizing yourself with their meanings before getting them to understand whether it suits you completely. It is also believed that a tattoo has a special ability to influence the fate of its owner.

Mandala tattoo designs are interpreted as follows:

👉 The desire to find harmony both within oneself and with the outside world;
👉 Love for self-study and analysis of one’s soul and psychology;
👉 Passion for yoga and Buddhism or Hinduism;
👉 Passion for martial arts;
👉 Desire to gain wisdom;
👉 Faith in God;
👉 The desire to find a talisman in life that brings good luck;
👉 Faith in the infinity of life.

The mandala tattoo is by its nature very philosophical and filled with deep meanings. For Buddhists, such a design contains the text of a tantra, encrypted with certain graphic elements and symbols (lines, dots, circles, etc.). In this case, people get them to attract success, love, health, good luck, and other blessings into their life.

For Hindus, the mandala represents more mundane things: being and the human spirit. They believe that such a drawing represents the principles of the Universe and can protect from evil influences and even bring themselves strength of mind. In this case, people get mandala tattoos to protect themselves and their destinies.

3 Basic Mandalas Types

Basic mandalas types

There are several types of mandala designs for different purposes and even cultures. Each has a number of its characteristics. Traditionally, there are 3 types of mandala:

  • Sand mandala

The sand mandala is full of a Buddhist philosophy about the integrity of the world. Usually, a palace is depicted in the center of such a mandala. Here the image and meaning of the Buddha are preserved. Further from it, 4 directions are deployed, personifying: loving-kindness, sympathy, steadfastness, and altruistic joy. Therefore, the interpretation of the sand mandala can be replenished with meanings: wisdom, enlightened mind, mercy, impermanence, the path of a person to the essence of the Buddha, and others.

  • Healing mandala

The main message of such a mandala is healing, meditation, and even the spiritual development of a person. To get rid of stress, it is recommended to either paint an existing mandala design or create a new one yourself. You can also meditate while looking at the healing mandala: you need to choose the design you like, focus on its center and start a mental journey through its patterns, starting from the center.

  • Teaching mandala

These designs are more symbolic, as each element (shape, dot, line, etc.) and color represents certain aspects of Buddhism. Everyone who wants to know this philosophy and religion creates his mandala based on the knowledge gained through the principles and elements that correspond to certain Buddhist foundations.

Which Mandala Tattoos Colors Do Exist?

Most mandala tattoo ideas are created using black ink, however designs with other colors can also be found. With which? What do they mean? Let’s take it in order.

Mandala colors meaning

When creating a mandala tattoo design, you can use the following colors:

❤️ Red;
💗 Pink;
🍊 Orange;
💛 Yellow;
💚 Green;
💙 Blue;
💜 Violet;
🖤 Black.

Black and yellow can be very beautifully combined, as well as black and blue. You can see examples of such unusual color combinations in a mandala design among the lion tattoo ideas we have collected.

50+ Mandala Tattoo Designs

A mandala is a complex composition in which even the smallest element can significantly change its meaning. In modern times, there are many non-standard tattoo designs, but the circular mandala remains the most canonical option.

We have collected 50+ unique mandala designs for you with their real meanings to find the perfect idea. Fortunately, top tattoo artists of this style in Miami, San Diego, Charlotte, Waterloo, and Phoenix will help you to implement it in the best possible way.


In Eastern culture, the lotus is considered a sacred plant, so the mandala tattoo with this flower has a stronger symbolism and protection for its owner. Mandala tattoo design with a lotus has the following interpretations:

🌺 The unity of man with the universe;
🌺 Wisdom;
🌺 The pursuit of excellence;
🌺 Serenity;
🌺 Inner peace.

This tattoo design looks very sophisticated and neat, which is why it is more often seen on the female body than on the male one. In this case, its values are replenished as follows:

👩 The beauty;
👩 Tenderness;
👩 Feminine;
👩 Purity.


Rose mandala tattoos look very feminine and sophisticated, but they hold a stronger meaning than their beauty. These designs mean:

🌹 Sensuality;
🌹 Passion;
🌹 Intrigue;
🌹 Equilibrium;
🌹 Honor;
🌹 Faith;
🌹 Wisdom.

Also, when certain colors of ink are added, its interpretations are replenished with the following meanings, described below.

Tattoo design photoMeanings
Pink rose tattoo

Pink rose
- Innocence;
- Healing;
- First love.
Yellow rose tattoo

Yellow rose
- Mature love;
- Joy;
- Protection from a jealous soulmate.
Red rose tattoo

Red rose
- Eternal love;
- Health;
- Memory;
- Sacrifice;
- Passion.
White rose tattoo

White rose
- Holiness;
- Purity;
- Mysticism;
- The presence of a secret admirer.


Since the elephant is a popular and sacred Buddhist and Hindu symbol, this is why mandala tattoo designs with this animal are so popular. You can easily find a lot of different elephant mandala ideas, but you don’t need to, because we have collected the best and most aesthetic designs for you above.

A mandala tattoo with an elephant means:

  • 🐘 Wisdom;
  • 🐘 Calm;
  • 🐘 Greatness;
  • 🐘 Strength;
  • 🐘 Prudence.

Sun & Moon

Since ancient times, people have admired natural forces and celestial bodies. This had no exceptions in any world culture, so it is not at all surprising to find many interesting sun and moon mandala tattoos.

Sun and moon mandala designs have the following meanings:

🌞 Balance;
🌛 Harmony;
🌞 Complementing the feminine and masculine;
🌛 The pursuit of excellence;
🌞 The desire for self-development.


The lion is a very strong and intimidating animal that will perfectly complement the symbolism of the mandala. The mandala tattoo with a lion personifies the circle of life of this animal with its greatness and power. Also, these designs are interpreted as follows:

🦁 The desire to gain wisdom;
🦁 The desire for power;
🦁 Strong character;
🦁 Justice;
🦁 Fortitude;
🦁 Perseverance.


The most iconic mandala designs are symbols and geometric shapes enclosed in a circle. If you want to get a traditional mandala tattoo, then you should choose its circular look. Such a tattoo is not only very aesthetic but also has a strong energy of symbolism:

⚪ Equilibrium;
⚪ Perfection;
⚪ Human soul;
⚪ Eternity;
⚪ Uniqueness.


A butterfly is a very symbolic addition to a mandala tattoo. This insect has two main stages of development – a caterpillar and a butterfly. In the same way, a person can be in a state of “sleep”, not do what they want, or be out of his element. And later, find themselves in life, spread their wings and turn into a beautiful butterfly.

The butterfly symbol in the mandala can convey other meanings:

🦋 Independence;
🦋 The beauty;
🦋 Potential;
🦋 Determination;
🦋 Ambition.


The mandala reflects the beauty of our universe and the sunflower design perfectly complements its main meaning. It is because this flower means admiration for the beauty and harmony of nature.

In addition, the sunflower means a good mood and happiness. Therefore, if you want to capture wonderful emotions, you can choose this design.

Also, a mandala tattoo with a sunflower has the following meanings:

🌻 Romanticism;
🌻 Youth;
🌻 The beauty.


The owl mandala tattoo is a symbol of wisdom and intelligence. People who choose this design show their desire to learn new aspects of life, science, and the spiritual world.

In addition, a mandala tattoo with an owl has the following meanings:

🦉 Prudence;
🦉 Savvy;
🦉 Vitality;
🦉 Erudition.

Mandala Tattoo Designs’ Current Cost

One of the criteria for choosing a the best mandala tattoo design for you may be its cost. Only a tattoo artist can make accurate calculations for you. However, we have evaluated the approximate cost of mandala ideas, depending on their size and the artist’s experience.

Tattoo size | Tattoo artist experience1 year5 years10 years
Small (<5 cm/2”)$74$170$290
Medium (up to 10 cm/4”)$524$620$790
Large (>30cm/12″)$774$870$990
💡 Note:
If you want to know the exact price of the design you like, contact one of the tattoo artists near you.


The mandala differs from other tattoo designs in its deep multifaceted meaning. It is not just a beautiful idea, it is a reflection of your life position and aspirations. Such a tattoo is chosen by those who feel the harmony between their inner world and the environment, want to develop, become wiser, and want to get a happy symbol that will protect them.

Due to the versatility of the listed above designs, it can be difficult for you to choose one, as each has its meaning. Therefore, we collected 50+ mandala tattoo ideas, explained their meanings, identified 3 main types, indicated design colors, and calculated an approximate cost.


🎯 What Is the Mandala Tattoo Designs’ Purpose?

The main goal of the mandala tattoo is to convey the harmony of the body and soul, the inner and surrounding world, and show a person’s desire for development.

🎨 Are Mandala Tattoo Designs Cultural?

The mandala comes from the cultures of Hindus and Buddhists and is a symbol of the universe, which is important in these cultures.

✈️ What Is the Mandala Tattoo Designs’ Country of Origin?

The birthplace of the mandala is part of India, which is located in Tibet.


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