Be Unique With A Female Neck Tattoo: 50+ Modern Ideas

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Current trends for throat female neck tattoos in 2022. Choose the best women's throat tattoos from our list with an explanation of the meanings.

Are you tired of the routine and want to add a twist to your life? Psychologists recommend that you start with changes in yourself. A great way to diversify your life with some improvements in yourself: decide on a tattoo.

When one comes to this decision, the first thing that comes to mind is the question, “Where?”. Bold women choose to do it on the neck, as this area is one of the most visible.

Major Neck Tattoo Trends for Women Nowadays

The modern trends for a tattoo on throat are quite different from those of previous years, although they retain some of them. 

  • 📋 Abstract tattoo compositions are free in their ideas and realization for both the client and the tattoo master.
  • 📋 Colored throat tattoo drawings allow you to pick up the color, favorably emphasizing the shade of your skin, remaining on it a bright element.
  • 📋 Many associate the traditional throat tattoo with the butterflies with the trend of the 90s, so we can safely say that fashion is cyclical and this tattoo trend is excellent proof.
  • 📋 The trend for minimalist elements remained from previous years: this is the general tattoo trend for today.

50+ Trendy Women Tattoo Neck Ideas

Minimalistic Tattoos to Accentuate Your Femininity 

Most often women choose minimalist neck tattoo designs as their first tattoo. This is not surprising: these cool neck tattoos’ application does not take much time and is an excellent choice for the first tattooing experience.

Female Neck Tattoos with Inscriptions and Citations

The language of the quote for the throat tattoo ideas is also not important (you can choose the tattoo, in Italian, Japanese, Latin, etc.), but it is easier to pick up the various fonts in English. This is because English is an international language used in a lot of countries, and because of this beautiful fonts are designed just for it by many international services around the world.

Another popular place for a neck tattoo for women is the side of the neck. In this case, most often the tattoo is applied closer to the ear.

Neck Tattoo for Women with Numbers

Unlike neck tattoos for women with text, you can place either one date or several on the back of your neck. It will look neatest with the placement of the dates under each other, as shown in the second photo.

The second most popular place to sketch throat tattoo designs on a woman’s neck with Arabic numbers is the side of the neck. You can also opt for a tattoo with symbolic numbers, as in the first photo above.

Another type of number available for interesting neck tattoos for women is Roman numerals. Usually, this tattoo is done on the back of the neck, as it looks very interesting and delicate.

Minimalistic Women’s Animal Neck Tattoos

Minimalist Neck Tattoo for Women with Butterflies

When applying a butterfly tattoo to the neck, women usually want to draw attention to themselves. The symmetry of this insect means:

  • 🦋 Beauty;
  • 🦋 Tenderness;
  • 🦋 Transformation;
  • 🦋 Lightness;
  • 🦋 Rising above the commonplace.

Usually, the women’s choice of location for butterfly throat neck tattoos falls on the side of the neck, especially near the ear.

Also, the image of a butterfly tattoo on a woman’s neck can be found on the back of it. For the tattoo, you can choose both b/w and color ink.

Women’s Snake Neck Tattoos

A no less popular image for a female neck tattoo is a snake. In most cases, it is depicted on the side of the neck behind the ear.

We can highlight the main meanings of this tattoo in the culture:

  • 🐍 Strength of character and spirit;
  • 🐍 Poise and tranquility;
  • 🐍 Control of one’s life and emotions.

Tattoos on the Neck for Women With Other Animals

In addition to snakes and butterflies, women like to do tattoos with other animals on their necks. The most popular are:

  • → Cat 🐱;
  • → Whale 🐋;
  • → Fox 🦊.

The meaning of a cat neck tattoo for women may have the following characteristics:

  • 🐱 Freedom;
  • 🐱 Gracefulness;
  • 🐱 Independence;
  • 🐱 Enigma;
  • 🐱 Femininity;
  • 🐱 Love of adventure.

Tattoos of a whale have a very interesting meaning:

  • 🐋 Love of family;
  • 🐋 Serenity;
  • 🐋 Care for loved ones and children;
  • 🐋 Greatness;
  • 🐋 Harmony;
  • 🐋 Strength.

The meaning of the fox neck tattoo for women is no less interesting:

  • 🦊 Playfulness;
  • 🦊 Cunning;
  • 🦊 Sexuality;
  • 🦊 Independence;
  • 🦊 Sharp wit;
  • 🦊 Savvy.

Women’s Neck Tattoos with Plant Images 

A female tattoo on the neck with the image of a flower and plants has the following meanings:

  • 🌹 Femininity;
  • 🌹 Freshness;
  • 🌹 Joy;
  • 🌹 Love;
  • 🌹 Vitality;
  • 🌹 Oneness;
  • 🌹 Enchantment.

A minimalist unique throat tattoo designs for women with plants can be even combined with abstract objects, lines, and shapes.

Neck Tattoo Ideas for Women With Space Theme

A very original idea for a tattoo on the neck for women is the theme of space. Such tattoos very often draw attention to a non-standard element on a woman’s neck.

The Sun tattoo on a woman’s neck carries the following message:

  • 🌞 Light;
  • 🌞 Source of warmth;
  • 🌞 Infinite energy;
  • 🌞 Vitality;
  • 🌞 Life;
  • 🌞 Power;
  • 🌞 Happiness;
  • 🌞 Fertility;
  • 🌞 Wisdom.

A tattoo on a woman’s neck with the image of the planets carries the following meaning:

  • 💫 Wisdom;
  • 💫 Brevity;
  • 💫 Tranquility;
  • 💫 Inner harmony;
  • 💫 Harmony with the world.

Star designed small throat tattoos have such meanings:

  • ✨ Luck;
  • ✨ Wish fulfillment;
  • ✨ Mystery;
  • ✨ Romantic nature;
  • ✨ Power;
  • ✨ Strong-willed character.

Female Neck Tattoos With Wings

Since ancient times, wings and their images have been associated with heavenly creatures, angels, who rise above people. Now they are popular among women who want to put unusual and light throat tattoo designs on the neck.

The essence of these meaningful throat tattoos with wings on the neck for women is as follows:

  • 👼 Lightness;
  • 👼 Protection;
  • 👼 Freedom;
  • 👼 Chastity;
  • 👼 Soul;
  • 👼 Power.

Complete Neck Tattoo Compositions for a Bright Image

In addition to the widespread trend among women to do minimalist tattoos (especially for the first tattoo), throat full neck tattoos are now becoming more and more popular.

Women’s Neck Tattoo Ideas With Flowers and Nature Compositions

A flowering branch with buds as a tattoo on the neck for women has the following meanings:

  • 🌿 Solar energy;
  • 🌿 Life;
  • 🌿 Faith in the future;
  • 🌿 Positive thinking;
  • 🌿 Readiness for something new.

No less often tattooing a woman’s neck with a large composition large flowers are chosen. Mostly they are peonies, as they are very beautiful, feminine, and huge. 

The meaning of such middle neck tattoos with peonies is as follows:

  • 🌸 Wealth;
  • 🌸 Love;
  • 🌸 Luck;
  • 🌸 Inner harmony.

Female Neck Tattoos With Stars

The theme of space is very popular among tattoo ideas for women in recent times. In this theme, it is impossible to miss images of stars.

Cool throat tattoos with big stars on a woman’s neck mean:

  • 🌟 Greatness;
  • 🌟 Pursuit of fame;
  • 🌟 A clear focus on success;
  • 🌟 Achieving goals;
  • 🌟 Luck.

Butterflies Female Neck Tattoo Ideas

We have already considered minimalistic women’s tattoos on the neck with butterflies, but with the help of images of these insects can make various huge compositions.

Despite the enormity and grandeur of such a front neck tattoo for a woman, it still holds its own:

  • 🦋 Fragility;
  • 🦋 Beauty;
  • 🦋 Tenderness.

Complete Abstract Neck Tattoo Compositions 

The favorite among creative and artistic women are abstract tattoo compositions on the neck. Their main fascination is that there are no frames or rules for creating such tattoos.

Women choose this type of tattoo to decorate their bodies with a tattoo whose meaning is clear only to them without being bound to general standards.

In addition to light and subtle abstract figures, you can tattoo thick and painted figures in the same composition on the neck. Most often such throat tattoos are done in black ink.

Be Like a Star: Female Celebrity Neck Tattoos to Be Inspired

Next, we suggest you get inspired by women’s neck tattoos among celebrities. Tattoos are gaining particular popularity among celebrities because thanks to them they draw more attention to themselves and create their image.


For the neck tattoo, Rihanna chose the French inscription “Rebelle Fleur” in a beautiful capital lettering. In English, it means “Rebel flower”. The celebrity explains her choice of this tattoo on the neck by the fact that this is how she describes her character. 

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne’s neck is painted with a magical tattoo “Sak Yant”, which she made in Thailand. This tattoo on the neck of the celebrity has a sacred meaning: based on the beliefs of people in Asia, it can protect and change life for the better.


Adele’s neck is adorned with a tattoo with a neat image of the letter “A” on the side. Many people mistakenly think that the tattoo is about her name and stage name at the same time. However, she got this tattoo in honor of her son Angelo James Conecchi, born in 2012.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez impressed her fan audience with a neat tattoo on the side of her neck that reads “Rare”. This tattoo is related to her album of the same name, released in January 2021, where the main single is also titled “Rare”.

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens’ tattoo is perfectly in line with the modern trends, even though it was done earlier. On the lower part of the neck of the celebrity, there is a neat symmetrical butterfly, made in both black and colored tones. This tattoo gives a special lightness and charm to her image.

Stages of Preparation Before Neck Tattooing

Preparations before the tattoo should be taken particularly seriously because it directly affects the procedure itself in the future.

  • 📌 Get a good sleep and rest before tattooing. A tired body is more difficult to endure stress, especially when there is a lot of excitement in addition.
  • 📌 Prepare your body and the immediate area of skin on the neck where you want to tattoo. To do this you will need to take a shower before going out and shave the hair on the body (if it is there), where you will apply the tattoo.
  • 📌 Pay special attention to the selection of the clothes on the day of tattooing. We recommend that you choose shoulderless clothing. It is also better to wear something that you do not regret getting rid of later in case the ink accidentally gets on your clothes, as it is impossible to wash it off.
  • 📌 It is strictly forbidden to take alcohol and painkillers (e.g. aspirin) at least 24 hours before tattooing. This is because they thin the blood, which can lead to increased bleeding.
  • 📌 It is better to have a snack before going to the tattoo artist. This is especially true if the work may take a long time. It is also recommended to eat something sweet: sugar reduces pain.
  • 📌 Experts recommend giving up coffee and energy drinks on the day of tattooing. This is because caffeine excites the nervous system, and it is better not to provoke it during tattooing if you do not want to increase the pain sensations.
  • 📌 Take a bottle of water with you to the tattoo parlor. It will help you feel better if you drink water during tattooing. It will also keep the blood from clotting.
  • 📌 Before your tattoo session, start moisturizing your skin with creams. This will make the tattoo machine glide more smoothly and will not cause unnecessary discomfort and pain during the procedure.

Must-Know Features and Contraindications Before Tattooing 

Before deciding to get a tattoo on your neck, familiarize yourself with the contraindications. If you have at least one of the points listed below, you should not get a tattoo.

Types of contraindications Contraindications
Permanent ! Disorders of poor blood clotting (thrombocytopenia, hemophilia, etc.);
! Severe viral diseases (hepatitis, HIV, AIDS);
! Cancer and acute inflammatory diseasesImmune disorders;
! Mental disorders and epilepsy;
! Type 1 diabetes mellitus (insulin-dependent) or severe type 2 diabetes;
! Diseases associated with a significant decrease in immunity.
Temporary ! Susceptibility to acute blood pressure disorders, in particular, hypertension;
! Inflammatory and allergic skin diseases;
! Colds and fever;
! Pregnancy, breast-feeding and menstruation periods;
! Alcohol and drug intoxication.

Once you are familiar with the contraindications for tattoos and do not fit any of the criteria above, you can think about implementing your idea of a tattoo on the neck in a tattoo salon. Before that, you should decide on the desired area of your neck for tattooing.

Neck part
throat tattoo

throat tattoo

throat tattoo

Level of pain during tattooing (1 – 3)



The reason for this level of pain in this areaThin skin, a lot of muscles, and many nerve endings, especially below the collarboneThin skin, spine, and cranial nervesNot as many nerves as on the front of the neck, the skin is slightly thicker and rougher
Other additional features of this neck partThe most sensitive part is from below near the collarbones. During tattooing in this area, it becomes uncomfortable to breathe.The least painful area is the lowest part of the neck at the back near the shoulders. There's more fat and thicker skin.Very close location of blood vessels.


The choice of a throat tattoo is a very responsible stage because it determines how you will show yourself to the world. Above you can read about the main types of women’s neck tattoos (including front neck tattoos) and corresponding throat neck tattoo designs.

Before you make your final decision on tattooing, be sure to familiarize yourself with the contraindications of tattoos for women. We also recommend that you take a very responsible approach to preparation before going to the tattoo parlor.


🩺 Are All Women Allowed To Have a Tattoo on Their Neck?

Unfortunately, no. Before deciding to get a tattoo, read the permanent and temporary contraindications for women for tattooing.

💡 Why Choose a Neck Tattoo for Women?

This place is perfect if you want to attract the attention of others. Also, if you get a tattoo on the neck, it will not bore you after a while and you will not want to remove it.

📈 What Are the Latest Trends in Women’s Neck Tattoos?

There are 4 main trends for women’s neck tattoos nowadays: abstract patterns, colored tattoos, butterfly tattoos, and minimalist tattoos.


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