50+ Strength Symbol Tattoos: Show Your Courageous Character

Strength Symbol Tattoos
If you want to find reliance that will give you strength in the most difficult life challenges then a strength symbol tattoo is perfect for you.

Each of us has difficulties in life, for overcoming which we do not have enough willpower and character at the first glance. In such particularly difficult moments, we try to find additional strength in various symbols, stories, and affirmations. Unfortunately, this is all very illusory support, which acts as a kind of painkiller, the effect of which disappears immediately after use.

However, strength symbol tattoos have proven their effectiveness in practice. It is a peculiar sign, at first sight for which, you remember your inner potential and recharge your batteries. Therefore, if you want to get such a source of courage and wisdom, read our article, in which we have a collection of strength tattoos.

Why Are Strength Tattoos So Popular?

The strength symbol tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos in the world:

  1. At a time when the art of tattooing was just beginning to emerge, each drawing had an important meaning for its owner. Unfortunately, nowadays, many artists get tattoos devoid of any mental attachment, which is not really serious art, but ordinary fun. However, the strength symbol tattoo has a very deep meaning, which testifies to the courage, intelligence, and endurance of man. It seems to express your individual character traits and greatly reinforce them;
  2. There are a huge number of strength symbol tattoo styles, so the format of your tattoo is limited only by your imagination. You can choose from hundreds of images. From abstract drawings made with a classic black and gray palette to intricate color compositions of animals and wild birds;
  3. Artists mostly specialize in very narrow themes of drawings, so in small towns, it is difficult to find a tattoo shop where you can make the tattoo you want. However, due to the popularity of strength tattoos, a very large number of tattoo artists are engaged in drawing such tattoos. Therefore, you will not have any problems finding artists.
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Strength symbol tattoos have become for many people an opportunity to show others their resilient and fearless character. This is why these drawings are so popular.

5 Styles of Strength Symbol Tattoos

Abstract Tattoos

In ancient times, our ancestors believed that in order to increase strength, it is necessary to find certain symbols that release the inner potential of man. It is based on this statement and there were abstract tattoos:

  • The symbol of infinity demonstrates a person’s resilience to all challenges. At first glance at this tattoo, a person remembers the trials he has already endured and thus does not fall from other blows of fate;

  • The lightning symbol is associated with supernatural power and demonstrates the ability to defeat any opponent. Also, some masters interpret lightning as a symbol of extraordinary human passion, both in love and professional relationships;

  • The symbol of the lunar surface demonstrates the influence and endurance. Because the lunar surface is so powerful that it makes our oceans move, a person who has a tattoo like exerts its influence on everyone around.

There are also many other symbols with which you can express the strength of your character and at the same time emphasize your individuality.

Beast Tattoos

In nature, to adapt to wild conditions and survive, every animal must become stronger every day. Therefore, if you want to show your fearlessness and courage, we recommend considering beast tattoos:

  • As the king of the jungle, the lion is a symbol of courage, leadership, and fearlessness. These animals are ready to sacrifice their lives to fight everything that happens to them along the way. A lion tattoo demonstrates your intelligence and courage;

  • In some parts of the world, wolves are symbols of courage, fearlessness, and loyalty. In other cultures, they symbolize spirituality and rebirth. So, the meaning of wolf tattoos varies by region. Regardless of interpretation, we can all agree that a person who has a wolf tattoo is certainly brave and responsible;

  • Leopard tattoos demonstrate the natural strength and cunning of man. The owner of such a tattoo seems to say that he can solve all problems with the mind, and only as a last resort to brute force.

Therefore, if you want to openly demonstrate these aspects of your strength of character, beast tattoos are the best option for you.

Weapon Tattoos

Weapons tattoos are associated with such concepts as conflict, danger, and risk. That is, with situations that can only be withstood by a very strong person. There are many types of weapons, each of which symbolizes certain aspects of strength:

  • Daggers symbolize courage and fearlessness in the fight against enemies who wish you harm. You seem to say that you are not afraid of close combat, and are ready to destroy your enemy immediately;

  • Bows and arrows demonstrate the impact you have on others. It is as if you keep enemies at a distance from which they cannot reach you;

  • Firearms, such as submachine guns or cannons, symbolize the energy and zeal of a person who has the potential to prevail over any opponent.

That is, weapon tattoos are best for people who want to show their enemies that they are not afraid of them.

Wildflower Tattoos

For most of us, the word “flower” is associated mainly with something calm and nice. However, in reality, the flower is a real symbol of strength, which in the form of a strong stem illustrates a stable character, and in the form of petals — the variety of human emotions. That is why wildflower tattoos are one of the most common types of tattoos:

  • Petals of a Rose symbolize an attractive appearance, and thorns hard character. It immediately becomes clear that it is better not to go into conflict with a person who has such a tattoo;

  • Lotus symbolizes renewal and the ability to become the best version of yourself. This is due to the fact that the lotus flower grows in muddy swamps, but rises above the mud and blooms as a very beautiful plant;

  • Borago symbolizes courage and fearlessness, because even before the battles Roman soldiers ate the leaves of this flower, believing that it would give them strength.

If you want to show your strength, but at the same time emphasize fragility, we recommend you pay attention to the wildflower tattoo.

Motivational Phrases Tattoos

Often the drawing can not convey a certain idea that causes you the greatest influx of energy. That is why motivational phrases tattoos are quite popular.

When you look at such quotes, you do not even have to remind yourself of the analogy, you will immediately see a key idea that will charge you with energy and lead you forward to your goals.

The big advantage of such tattoos is that the process of applying them does not cause much pain, so if you are new to tattoos, this is a great option for you to test the art of tattooing, but also not get a shock by the pain.

Best Place for a Strength Tattoo

When you selected a drawing, do not think that you can already go to a tattoo shop. It is equally important to choose a place for a tattoo.

  • If you selected a large color composition, such as beast tattoos, it will be best to place it in areas with more space, such as the biceps, upper back, and forearms;

  • If you selected a small and elegant tattoo, such as a motivational phrase tattoo, it will be best on small areas such as the arms, wrists, and ankles.

The symbol of strength should show your fearlessness and courage, so you should place it on the most exposed part of your body. Then not only you, but all others will immediately understand that you are a strong person who is able to withstand any challenges.


In general, the strength symbol tattoos have a very deep meaning. They demonstrate to others your inner potential and energize you. As a result, you are getting stronger and stronger every day.

There are many variations of such tattoos, from small and minimalist motivational tattoo phrases to large color compositions of animals. Therefore, if you have long dreamed of getting a tattoo of strength, choose a drawing you like, the place where you would like to place a tattoo, and go to the tattoo shop to make your dream come true.


💪 What Is a Tattoo That Symbolizes Strength?

A strength symbol tattoo is a drawing that in a particular culture demonstrates endurance, courage, and steadfastness. This includes a huge number of tattoos, from drawing of beasts to motivational phrases.

🛡️ How To Use a Tattoo To Show My Valor?

In order to demonstrate your valor, you can get a strength symbol tattoo. We have a large collection of such tattoos for you.

💰 How Much Does a Strength Symbol Tattoo Cost?

Prices for strength symbol tattoos vary ranged on the complexity of the drawing and the level of the master. If a motivational phrase tattoo can cost 200$, then a colored beast tattoo can cost more than 2000$.

🌷 Which Flower Symbolizes Strength?

Rose, lotus, and borago are the most popular flowers that symbolize strength and fragility. Their strong stem means a stable character. At the same time petals means external beauty.

🦁 What Does a Lion Tattoo Symbolize?

The lion as the king of beasts symbolizes strength, leadership, and confidence. Therefore, a person who has a lion tattoo greatly enhances these character traits.


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