63 Unique Lion Tattoos For Men You Should Try In 2024

Unique Lion Tattoos for Men
What does a lion tattoo symbolize? How much does it cost and whether it’s worth getting it? Find all the answers in our article with the 63 best lion tattoos for men!

In today’s world, it becomes increasingly difficult to choose a unique and interesting design for a tattoo. That is why ideas with a special meaning and many possible interpretations have the greatest value. And lion tattoos for men are such kinds of tattoos. Ideas with the image of this animal contain many meanings and you can find thousands of interesting designs, from which we have selected 63 of the best and the most unique ones.

We will also analyze in detail how much such a tattoo costs and what different meanings it can have. This will help you to explore lion tattoos for men more in detail and get to know all the information about implementation.

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What Does a Lion Tattoo Symbolize?

Unique Lion Tattoos for Men

A lion is a mammal that is often called “the king of animals”. In folklore, literature, and art, it is always depicted as a brave and determined animal. Often there, he acts as a defender of his pride and is ready to make reasonable and considered decisions. The image of a lion as a tattoo for men contains the meaning of a leader who is ready to take responsibility not only for his own life but also for the lives of others. In addition, a tattoo with the image of a lion has the following meanings:

  • 🦁 Family loyalty and willingness to protect it;
  • 🦁 Smart and fair decisions;
  • 🦁 Brave nature;
  • 🦁 Readiness for battle;
  • 🦁 Power;
  • 🦁 Royalty;
  • 🦁 Trustworthiness.

How Much Does a Lion Tattoo Cost?

Unique Lion Tattoos for Men

Before getting a tattoo, you should remember one simple rule for its cost: the more complex the design, the higher its price. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the experience of the tattoo artist, because usually, if they work in this field for a long time, they have very good skills and you will get the highest quality tattoo. At the same time, the price will be much higher.

If we talk about a lion tattoo, then most of the designs with it are quite large and detailed. Often these are designed in a realistic style. Therefore, you should understand that this tattoo will be quite expensive. Let’s look at the average price of tattoos depending on their size:

  •  Small – $50-$300;
  •  Medium – $200-$400;
  •  Big $300+.

We want to emphasize that prices vary in different states and tattoo parlors, so if you want to know the exact price, you should contact them directly.

If you want to find out the exact price of the tattoo, use our tattoo price calculator.

Lion Tattoos for Men

The image of a lion is very popular, especially among men, because it emphasizes masculinity and has many positive meanings, which we talked about earlier. Therefore, let’s consider in detail what types of this tattoo exist and which one is better to choose!

Roaring Lion

This design is probably one of the most popular ones and contains pretty aggressive meanings. For example, many people choose it to show their readiness to fight and their desire to protect themselves from enemies and evil forces. Such an image adds confidence and brutality to the person’s appearance.

Lion With a Crown

This lion tattoo for men contains a special meaning, showing the wisdom of a person and his considered decisions. The crown has long been the main symbol of the monarch and his power. In the case of the lion, it also shows him as the leader of the pride, the one it’s worth listening to. Also, this is the image of a leader who is ready to fight for his family and protect it from external threats.

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Full Sleeve

Full sleeve tattoos are special because you can depict a whole picture on them and not just a lion. Often, such images are supplemented by natural motifs such as flowers and leaves. They perfectly complement the image of the lion and add more detail to the design. A full sleeve is ideal for those who are confident in their choice and want to make a whole work of art on their arm.

Half Sleeve

This version of the tattoo is similar to the previous one, only it is smaller and occupies only one part of the arm. Most often, it is made in the upper part and its main elements are the image of a lion and a clock. This combination has a very symbolic and deep meaning, meaning that life is fleeting and should be lived wisely. What is more, it always reminds the person that all decisions should be smart and fair.


Geometric tattoos are very different from previous styles because they are not realistic. Such images are often supplemented with such geometric elements as a circle, triangle, and square. This type of tattoo is very original and allows you to create a completely unique design.

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Neck Tattoo

This type of tattoo is ideal for those who are confident in their choice and want it to be visible at all times because the neck is the place that is most often exposed. A tattoo on the neck means the courage of a person and their brave nature. Often such designs contain the image of a roaring lion, meaning that the person is ready to protect their rights and ready for battle for their interests.


The design of the lioness is less popular among men but contains a special meaning that does not have the image of a lion. As you know, in wild nature the lionesses take care of the offspring and provide the whole pride with food. Therefore, they are a symbol of devotion to the family, and willingness to take care of it and protect it. Most often, the lioness is depicted as calm and thoughtful, which symbolizes her wisdom and considerateness.

Hand Tattoo

Only the bravest people make a tattoo on their hands because this part of the body, like the neck, is one of the most exposed and this means that your tattoo will always be visible. There are many designs and variations of the lion image in this type of tattoo. He is often depicted as both roaring and very calm and thoughtful. The designs are mostly black and white and may contain a few bright elements. This allows you to make the tattoo more expressive and unique.

Full-Back Tattoo

The back is the largest body part where you can get a really big tattoo with many unique elements. They can be combined both with geometric details and include natural elements such as leaves and flowers. The back is an ideal place to implement your ideas, so we recommend choosing one of the top tattoo artists, contacting them, and discussing the future tattoo design with them.


Watercolor tattoos have always been popular because of their brightness and originality. They always contain bright colors and elements, highlighting the image and making it more expressive. In this case, this style is almost the only one where the image of the lion is colored. Such a tattoo means the peculiarity and uniqueness of life, the presence of bright moments in it, and a call to appreciate every day.

Find even more trendy and unique watercolor tattoo designs in this article.


Mandala is a special image that is often present in many styles. It means balance in life, ideality, and harmony. Together with the image of a lion, this tattoo means the balance of decisions in life and their considered making. A big plus is that you can create your own completely unique mandala pattern, thereby creating a special and personal meaning for the tattoo.

Should I Get a Lion Tattoo?

Should I get a lion tattoo?

To begin with, it is worth noting that a lion tattoo for men is a fairly universal image that everyone interprets in their own way. Usually, it never has negative meanings ​​and carries only positive ones. Therefore, a big plus is that you definitely won’t offend anyone with this tattoo and everyone will have only good associations with this image.

At the same time, you should focus primarily on your feelings and desires. We have already described the meanings of lion tattoos for men above. And if you feel that all this is about you and you can relate to these words, then you can get such a tattoo. However, if you are in doubt and are not sure about the choice of design, style, or the image of the lion itself, you should consult a professional tattoo artist. It will help you figure out which style suits you best and how to implement your idea in the best way.

However, in short, we recommend this idea for a tattoo. Therefore, we advise you to look at the lion tattoo designs for men again and maybe you will find the perfect one for you!


Lion tattoos for men always have a wonderful design that contains only positive meanings: wise and fair decisions, willingness to protect the family, power, honesty, etc. Therefore, the image of a lion is often the choice for the tattoo of many people.

In this article, we analyzed in detail what this image symbolizes, how much such a tattoo will cost depending on the size, and introduced you 63 of the best and trendiest lion tattoos.

We hope this article was useful for you and you are ready to get your own beautiful tattoo with the image of this wonderful animal!


🦁 Why Do Guys Get Lion Tattoos?

Often guys get such a tattoo to emphasize their masculinity. What is more, in most cases, such a design contains only positive meanings, so you can be sure that everybody interprets this image in a good way.

👑 What Does a Lion With a Crown Tattoo Mean?

First of all, such a tattoo means royalty and thoughtfulness. It means that the person always makes fair decisions, is brave and wise.

💸 How Much Does a Lion Tattoo Cost?

There’s no clear cost for each tattoo, but the average price for a small tattoo is $50-$300, for a medium – $200-$400 and a big – $300+.


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