Top 45 Boob Tattoo Ideas To Feel Like the Sexiest Hotties in 2024

Boob Tattoo Ideas
Are boob tattoos a safe pleasure or a dangerous experience? Juicy truth awaits you with a collection of 45 gorgeous women's breast tattoo ideas.

How often do you want something new and unusual in life? The gray of everyday life is dull, and bright events do not happen as often as we would like. What exactly can diversify life is a tattoo. And if you want something extraordinary, then your thoughts can touch even the tattoos on the boobs.

Society generally has a negative attitude toward tattoos on women’s breasts. People believe that brightly colored personal images denigrate the pure image of the mother and harm the child’s psyche during breastfeeding.

At the same time, tattoos on the chest with names, and dates of birth of children are discussed much less. What a double standard. A name or even a realistic portrait of a baby placed near the heart, according to “experts” is a demonstration of love, and tattoos on the chest with skulls or octopuses, Celtic ornaments, French lace β€” nonsense, blasphemy, and even satanism. But who cares about that? The time when everyone thought only about “what people would say” is over. 

Why Do Women Choose Boob Tattoos?


Of course, the sense of the tattoo on the chest depends primarily on the subject of the tattoo. Flowers and inscriptions will have different meanings. But what about the place itself?

Tattoo masters say that the most frequent reason for tattoos on women’s breasts is the desire to become more attractive and sexy to men. They do not always welcome it. In addition, some girls seek to overcome the public opinion that tattoos on female breasts are unacceptable. After all, men do them and nobody cares!

Other reasons may be the desire to preserve the memory of dearest people (for example, children) or to hide scars. These can be scars after treatment for grave illnesses such as breast cancer. There is even a hashtag on social media (#mastectomytattoo), under which this kind of work is posted. This emphasizes something we should all remember when it comes to tattoos: a “right” tattoo or a “good” tattoo means something different for everyone.

Unfortunately, society likes to condemn anyone who is somehow different from them, whether it’s coloured hair or a tattoo on a girl’s chest. But it’s worth remembering that everyone has the right to their own opinion and choice. If a boob tattoo makes a girl more confident in herself and her sexuality, can she be judged in any way? No, and no again.

Delicate Lotus Tattoo

If you are still hesitating about whether to get a permanent tattoo, you can try a temporary tattoo

Discreet Boob Tattoos Ideas

What’s good about discreet tattoos is that they’re invisible (which of course is obvious, haha). A small tattoo on your chest can become your intimate secret, which you disclose only at your will. If you wish, you can hide it even in the summer, although, of course, it depends on what kind of bra you prefer. 

Tattoos of small size attract attention, despite the point of the chest where they are applied. Young girls often choose the space under one of the mammary glands, placing there a miniature image of a jewel, a heart, or an insect. But other designs are also quite popular.

Above Boob Tattoos Ideas

Women’s tattoos above the breasts are most often inscribed with flowers, wings, or ornaments. A simple color palette is preferred, monochrome or using a few understated shades.

The pain threshold in this area is quite high if the clavicle area is touched because a large number of nerve endings are concentrated there.

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Side Boob Tattoos Ideas

Tattoos on the side of the chest are usually small. For example, inscriptions, small birds, or flowers. Although if you want you can come up with an incredible design to your liking. The advantage of this tattoo is that it is easy to hide from prying eyes, but the disadvantage is that this place is quite painful, because it affects the area of the ribs.

Underboob (Sternum) Tattoos Ideas

A separate type of female tattoo on the chest is the drawing on the area under the breast or sternum tattoo. Mainly girls choose ornaments, mandalas, or floral patterns for this location. Such a tattoo looks very flirty and sexy.

Women often prefer symmetrical or almost symmetrical tattoos, which perfectly emphasize the shape of the breasts, accentuating femininity. When it comes to choosing a color palette, most women unexpectedly choose black and gray designs over colored ones, although you can also find amazing tattoos in color. One of the main advantages of a tattoo under your breasts is that you can control its visibility. If you like it to be more personal, it’s easy to hide it under clothing. But, if you want others to enjoy your tattoo, you can show it off with a dress with a deep V-neckline.

Between Boob Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos between boobs are fairly one of the most popular among breast tattoos. Sensual, mesmerizing, mysterious, but also easily concealed, are the mid-chest tattoos! If you like, this is the new trend in terms of tattooing, which is fashionable on social media and among celebrities.

Such tattoos women often place with the image of roses and hearts. This choice is since the heart looks very symbolic, and with it, you can express your feelings for a certain person or show your sensuality and romanticism.

There are many delightful designs of such tattoos, some of which we have shared with you below. 

Boob Tattoos: Precautions and Side Effects

Girls who are planning to have children, still should not do a tattoo on the chest. A picture in the course of pregnancy, breastfeeding can float, stretch. A similar problem befalls the ladies who forget about maintaining the elasticity and strength of the pectoral muscles. Therefore, if sports are not your passion, get tattoos over your breasts, so you reduce the risk that the image will lose clarity with age. 

A woman who gets a tattoo on her chest may be greatly disappointed if the goal of the tattoo was to charm a man. It turns out that most men are not enamored with tattooed breasts. Some say that breasts are a shrine that the tattoo simply desecrates. Also, we advise developing an original tattoo sketch on the chest together with the master. After all, women, as we know, can become enemies even because of the same dress, and an identical tattoo is even worse. 

We also want to remind you that the chest is usually a very sensitive area for ladies. If you know you have a low pain threshold, think about whether you can handle the pain and whether it’s worth it. The highest pain threshold is near the nipples and clavicles because there is a large concentration of nerve endings. On a pain scale, a tattoo on the chest gets an 8/10.

After applying the tattoo, it is necessary to wear loose clothing and not to sleep on the stomach for some time to reduce the pain sensations.

If you are confident in your decision, make sure the tattoo artist is an expert. It is best to find reviews of his work where he has tattooed women’s breasts. This way, you will be sure of his professionalism and you will have peace of mind that you won’t have to redo the tattoo. 

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Eye tattoo


Tattoos on the breast are not as popular as on the arms or legs, nevertheless, the chest is quite a practical place for the application of body art. A boob tattoo looks very aesthetic and attractive in women and is almost always hidden from prying eyes. The main point here is to choose the perfect sketch for you, and then the risk of regretting the tattoo will be minimal.

Nevertheless, there are also disadvantages to boob tattoos. It will not always be possible to hide them if you like open clothing and large tattoos at the same time. If you plan to have children, there is a great chance that the tattoo will deform, unless it is over your breasts. Also, it is really painful because of the sensitive skin. So before taking such a step, weigh well all the pros and cons of a boob tattoo and only then make a decision. 


πŸ’­ Do Women Tattoo Their Boobs?

In recent years, tattoos on the chest are becoming increasingly popular among women. This is due to the reduction of prejudice in society and the desire of women to feel more self-confident and sexual in this way.

πŸ™Œ What Is the Tattoo Between the Boobs Called?

Tattoos between the boobs don’t have a specific name, but there are also sternum tattoos that usually start between the tits and end under the boobs.

πŸ™Š Do Tattoos Hurt Your Boobs?

Yes, tattoos on the boobs are among the most painful ones. The highest pain threshold is near the nipples and clavicles because there is a large concentration of nerve endings. On a pain scale, a tattoo on the chest gets an 8/10.

πŸ‘™ How Long Can You Not Wear a Bra After a Tattoo?

Tattoo masters advise avoiding a bra during the next two weeks after getting a boob tattoo. Let your breast breathe and cure your tattoo most naturally.

❓Why Do Women Have Boob Tattoos?

Women usually do boob tattoos to feel more confident and sexy, or to become more attractive to their men. Hiding scars and reaching gender equality are among other less popular reasons.


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