60 Best Ideas Of Throat Tattoos That Will Blow Your Mind [Men & Women]

Ideas Of Throat Tattoos
A throat tattoo is a fantastic way to stand out and express yourself. Find inspiration from the most trending ideas for males and females.

A throat tattoo adds a lot to your personality and identity. It is a huge commitment because the throat is one of the most visible places on your body and you cannot hide it. It is a sign of your confidence, and bravery to express yourself in the way you like. It also emphasizes who you are without any hidings.

Usually, people decide to ink something personal and meaningful that reflects their feelings, and beliefs. These tattoos are common among both men and females. 

In this article, we present unique and trendy ideas for men and women. We also add an explanation of the meaning of every design. Get inspired and find the best tattoo you will never regret about.

What You Should Know Before Getting a Throat Tattoo

The throat tattoo is not “beginner-friendly” at all. The below list discusses some vital moments you need to consider before deciding on the design. 

✅ Pain from throat tattoos is mostly intolerable

The neck, especially the zone above the trachea and coronary artery, is thin and has many nerve endings. Most people who get the throat tattoos admit that the pain was awful and the session was like torture. 

✅ The healing process is as painful as inking itself

The neck is a highly mobile area. With every movement of the head, you will retraumatize the tattoo. Some people even say that they could not sleep well at night because of the pain that comes with every move.

✅ The neck is one of the first places that show off your age

Aging is inevitable. Sure, some oldies look cool with tattoos. Still, your throat tattoo will get lines, waves, or even a double chin, which can spoil the overall look.

✅ Additional aftercare

As a throat tattoo cannot be hidden, you should permanently use SPF cream to protect it from the sun. Sometimes fading is also an issue, so you may need to have more frequent touch-ups.

✅ It can affect your employment opportunities

People with throat tattoos can have issues with employment in highly professional and conservative industry fields such as law, banking, or business. Many people are still suspicious of people with visible tattoos. Artists recommend thinking thoughtfully about your career goals before getting a throat tattoo.

✅ Too much attention to the tattoo

As a throat tattoo is eye-catching, many people will pay attention to it. You will be asked a lot about the meaning, reasons, process, and other questions about tattoos. You also can meet judgment in society, so be mentally ready for it.

✅ Finding a good artist

When selecting a tattoo artist, you should pay attention not only to the style and price but also to his/her experience with neck tattoos. This zone is tough to work with and has many nuances. Even the smallest mistake can spoil the overall look of the tattoo.

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Eye-Catching Throat Tattoos for Man


Depicting birds on the neck is a trend. They are common symbols of freedom and liberty. The most popular choice for a throat tattoo is an owl. It has symmetry and pronounced eyes, which look fabulous on the neck.

🦉 Owl represents wisdom, knowledge, intuition, and mystery;

🦅 Eagle symbolizes power, courage, dominance, and American patriotism;

🕊 Dove means peace, love, a new start, and hope. It is also associated with Christianity and God.

Wild Animals

Wild animals are popular symbols to represent your inner state. These tattoos are usually quite aggressive and depict attacking animals.

🐯 Tiger symbolizes force, power, bravery, and danger;

🐻 Bear represents strength, courage, confidence, perseverance, and good health;

🐺 Wolf is interpreted as a symbol of strength, loyalty, leadership, and strong family connections;

🐍 Snake is associated with rebirth, fertility, power.


Insects are an interesting option for tattoos. They evoke different feelings in people. It can be either enthusiasm or confusion or even disguise. Depending on the insect the tattoo has different meanings:

🦋 Butterfly symbolizes transformation, freedom, beauty, and lightness;

🕷 Spider illustrates accuracy, thoroughness, patience, and creativity;

🦋 Moth is associated with either frivolity or purposefulness. It is also a symbol of transformation and protection;

💀 Dead moth reminds us that everything tends to fade and disappear.

Geometric and Patterns

Geometric patterns look excellent for throat tattoos. Usually, geometric tattoos are complex and detailed with many fade effects. They can create both visual illusions and express your message to the world. The most popular option is a mandala-style tattoo.

🔆 Mandala represents harmony, balance, and eternity.

🧬 Tribal tattoos change the meaning depending on the culture. For centuries triable tattoo was used to protect the owner and to depict his heritage and achievements. You need to dive deeper into the symbolism before getting one.

Mysterious & Religious

Many people choose creatures from legends, myths, and religious texts for tattoos. They can depict their beliefs or favorite plot or be a protection symbol. Some popular ideas are:

😇 Angel is associated with God, peace, faith, and protection;

😈 Devil represents sins, the dark side of the people, power, and evil. It is also a classical design, so people can get it just for style;

💀 Skull means that the owner does not fear death and wants to live every day on full. It also can be a talisman from death;

🐲 Dragon symbolizes wisdom, protection, power;

🐍 Medusa has become a symbol of power and overcoming pain and trauma after being raped and victim-blaming. It can also act as a protection from evil;

👹 Hannya is a mask of a demonized woman filled with jealousy and hate. The tattoo indicates the owner’s dark side, previous unrequited love, or betrayal. It is also used as a talisman to scare evil spirits.


The floral design has stopped being “only for females”, men tend to select flowers to ink too. All floral tattoos are both attractive and have powerful meanings behind them. You can also use some more elements to enhance masculinity, for example, a sword, skull, or cross. Some popular designs include:

🌼 Lotos for man symbolizes personal and physical growth and development;

🌹 Rose means strength, power, and courage. It is also a sign of love and passion.


Minimalistic and small tattoos have become a trend in recent years. Depending on the location it can be easily hidden under the scarf, the collar, or shawl compared to the large tattoos. These tattoos are usually memorable and are associated with the owner’s personality or life. Some ideas for minimalistic tattoos include:

  • ⦁ Text;
  • ⦁ A small image of any object, animal, or plant;
  • ⦁ Numbers;
  • ⦁ Small ornaments.

Lettering and Numeric

Lettering and numeric tattoos have never lost their relevance. Usually, people choose to ink something meaningful and personal for the tattoo. It can be:

  • ⦁ A name;
  • ⦁ A memorial date or number;
  • ⦁ A quote from a favorite book or song that appeals to your personality;
  • ⦁ A life motto.

Badass Ideas of Throat Tattoos for Female

The female throat tattoos are less aggressive and have more free space. However, sometimes heavily tattooed women choose more massive art. If you are the latest person, we recommend you check throat tattoo ideas for a man. It includes many examples of large arts. 

Besides selecting the design based on your inner feelings, you should also think about its match to your clothing and makeup. The throat tattoo a visible to everyone, thus it should act as an addition to your overall style.


🌹 Rose symbolizes honor, grace, love, and passion; 

🌸 Peony emphasizes the owner’s nobility, beauty, love, and honor;

🌼 Lotus is associated with growth, enlightenment, peace, and balance;

🌺 Hibiscus is a common symbol of happiness, royalty, respect, love, and feminine.

Geometric and Patterns

For patterns, females select both light ornaments with more free space and ones that are heavy and bold. Before getting any ornaments or tribal tattoos you need to learn more about the symbolism behind them.

🔅 Mandala symbolizes balance, eternity, and perfection.


The most popular animalistic tattoos among females are flying insects, including butterflies, moths, bees or bee queens, Glowworms, etc. A wild animal or avian on the throat says a lot about the owner. Only those who associate themselves with a specific animal decide to ink it in such a visible place.

🦋 Butterfly is associated with transformation, changes, light, and freedom;

🦋 Moth represents transformation, attraction, and determination in following the light;

🐝 Bee is a symbol of loyalty, teamwork, life passion, and consistency;

👑 Bee Queen shows strong feminine leadership;

💡 Glowworms symbolize positivity, vision, good luck, and attraction;

🪲 Hercules beetle is considered a sign of strength and power;

☀️ Scarab beetle is a known symbol of connection with the sun, productivity, wisdom, and hope.


Heart throat tattoos are popular among both sexes. It can be either a fine line or anatomical, black and white or colored. You can also use additional elements in the design to emphasize meaning. Some popular choices are:

❤️ Heart symbolizes love, strong friendship, and unity;

💔 Broken heart represents lost love;

💓 Heart with wings is associated with liberty and free spirit;

🔒 Locked heart is a sign of strong love;

🗡️ Heart with swords represent lost love and betrayal.


The throat tattoo sends a strong message to society. This should be something that fully reflects your personality. You should think about the motto, word, or quote with that you a ready to go throughout your whole life without changing it. Some popular words and quotes are:

◾Through Every Dark Night, There is a Brighter Day;

◽I am not afraid to walk this world alone;

◾Never regret anything that made you smile;

◽Every moment is a fresh beginning;

◾Just do it;

◽Happiness depends upon ourselves;

◾Be happy / Free / Balanced / Patient / Creative;

◽Angel / Love / Relax / Smile / Believe / Hope / Dream / Adventure / Courage.


Small tattoos are dainty and attractive. Even on the throat, they do not look flashy and aggressive. It has simple shapes, lines, and less coloring. We do not recommend getting many different small tattoos on the throat because it looks disturbing. Otherwise, you should think about combining them into a connected art. Some ideas for minimalistic tattoos include:

🔹 Lettering;

🔹 Any objects, animal or plant you associates with your personality or you like;

🔹 Ornaments.


You need to think thoughtfully before getting a throat tattoo. It can even become a life-changing decision if you do not have any highly visible tattoos yet. While the design can be almost anything you want it is usually something connected to your personality. The throat tattoo shows your statement more than any other places do. It also helps to stand out from the crowd and build your confidence.

If you wonder what it looks like to get and have a throat tattoo, read our special section about things to know before getting a throat tattoo. We recommend you to read it as it may help to make a final decision.


😢 How Painful Is a Throat Tattoo?

The throat tattoo is extremely painful, especially in zones above the trachea and near the carotid artery. The skin in front of the neck is thin and has many nerve endings, making this area very sensitive.

💸 How Much Does It Cost To Have a Throat Tattoo?

The final price depends on the size and the color of the tattoo. The price starts from 200$ for small and plane designs and raise to 1000$ for a whole neck art with many elements. The final bill you will only know after discussing the design with the artist, as famous and experienced professionals tend to have higher hourly rates.

⌛ How Long Does a Neck Tattoo Take?

It can be anything from one hour to eight hours depending on the size, design, and used colors. Usually, it takes about 4 hours to get a medium-sized neck tattoo.

🌟 Which Celebrities Have Throat Tattoos?

Post Malone, a famous rapper, has a cow skull. Ederson is a Brazilian football player, who has a skull and a rose on his neck. Justin Bieber, a famous singer, has a rose on the right side of his throat. Kehlani is an American singer, who has many tattoos on her neck which form a cohesive piece.

🎯 Does a Throat Tattoo Influence Future Employment or Education?

Despite tattoos have become more acceptable in society recently, many people and companies are still critical about hiring employees with visible tattoos. It is especially true for conservative industries such as law, banking, or business. You should think about your plans and career goals to be sure that a visible throat tattoo is not a problem in the selected industry sector.

💡 What Are the Most Popular Ideas for Throat Tattoos?

The most popular designs for man are patterns, insects, birds, and wild animals. While females tend to choose ornamental or floral designs.


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