70+ Meaningful Finger Tattoo Designs To Emphasize Your Style

Finger tattoos
70+ unique and striking finger tattoo designs: symbols, hennas, roses, snakes, dots, lettering, hearts, and wedding rings for couples. Bonus: tattoo meanings.

Many people who want their first tattoo choose small designs. They are easier to remove, cover-up, or complement with new elements. In addition to the design size, placement is also an important factor. Many may choose forearms, chests, or thighs, but finger tattoos are also worth considering because they have a lot of unique designs.

It is far from the most obvious choice because the fingers are an exposed body part, and you might think that it could hurt and cause problems with care or even choosing the right idea. To dispel your doubts, we collected 70+ finger tattoo designs in this article, indicated how painful it is to get them, calculated the cost, and provided 3 must-known care tips.

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We have more ideas in the gallery with the best finger tattoos. Take a look and get inspired!

Is It a Good Idea to Get Finger Tattoos?

Finger tattoos

Finger tattoos are often chosen as the first one. This is because these ideas are mostly small, so if someone doesn’t like the design, they can easily remove it. Indeed, finger tattoos will look very elegant. In addition, they have the following advantages:

However, tattoo artists do not recommend getting a finger tattoo as the first design. They are quite painful and can be challenging to care for compared to other designs.

Finger tattoos are a good idea. However, you need to be prepared for the pain and possible care difficulties. If it doesn’t scare you, make a design, and don’t hesitate ?.

Pain Chart: The Least Painful Finger For A Tattoo

Pain Chart: The Least Painful Finger For A Tattoo

Finger tattoos are painful. First, in these places, the skin is close to the bones. Secondly, a lot of nerve endings are concentrated on the fingers.

However, the tattoos in this place are small. Therefore, the pain area will be small and you will not experience severe discomfort.

Most of the nerve endings are concentrated at the fingers’ endings, especially the thumb, index, and middle. Therefore, if you make a tattoo not in these places, the pain will be moderate.

Therefore, the pain of a small finger tattoo will not cause you more discomfort than a medium or large tattoo on a less painful place, such as the forearm.

💡 Note:
It hurts equally to get a tattoo on all fingers, but you can consider the design on the membranes between them. In this place, there is residual skin, on which there are few nerve endings. Therefore, the tattoo here will be less painful.

70+ Gorgeous Finger Tattoo Designs

70+ Gorgeous Finger Tattoo Designs

The most popular finger tattoo ideas are small designs. These can be symbols, paired drawings for lovers, or full-fledged compositions.

However, there are several thousand such designs, so further we have collected 70+ finger tattoo ideas and divided them into the 12 most popular groups so you don’t need to do additional research.


Symbols are the most popular finger tattoo idea. It is because you can choose absolutely everything. For example, you may find different designs with diamonds, the sun & moon, heptagons, crooked lines, or fire.

Below we list the meanings of the most popular symbols.

💎 Diamond

  • Strength;
  • Perseverance;
  • Striving to achieve goals.

🌞🌙 Sun & moon

  • Harmony and balance;
  • Good;
  • Vital energy;
  • Mysteriousness;
  • Appeasement.

︔ Semicolon

  • Stress resistance;
  • Full of strength and determination.

︴Curved lines

  • The cycle of life;
  • Change;
  • Protection from misfortune.

🔥 Fire

  • Emotionality;
  • Strong character.


Mehendi is a unique style of henna painting, the designs of which can also be embodied in the form of a regular tattoo. It is not known which country is the birthplace of Mehendi. Among the options are Egypt and India. However, these designs have completely retained their original appearance.

Mehendi tattoos on the fingers have the following meanings:

  • 🌞 Integrity;
  • 🌞 Harmony of spirit and body;
  • 🌞 The fusion of man and nature;
  • 🌞 Knowing yourself.

Infinity Sign

The infinity sign is most often made by couples to show the depth and strength of their feelings. Such symbols are often complemented with names, initials, and dates that are associated with loved ones.

Infinity sign finger tattoos are sometimes made to convey someone’s aspirations for constant self-improvement.

The infinity sign also has the following meanings:

  • Wisdom;
  • Wealth;
  • Inner freedom;
  • Eternal love.

Inner Finger

Tattoos on the inner fingers are less painful and easier to get. In these places, the skin is thicker than on the fingertips and the surface area is also bigger.

Paired tattoos can often be seen on the inner fingers. One of the most popular designs is anchors. Below we list the meanings of this symbol.

  • Permanence;
  • Loyalty;
  • Relationship stability.


Flowers have always been one of the most important tattoo ideas, including the ones on the fingers. The long, narrow surface allows you to make a delicate and beautiful plant tattoo.

The branches of flowers that wrap around the fingers are also very popular. It looks stylish, elegant, and visually lengthens fingers.

Below we list the main meanings of flower tattoos:

  • 🌺 Joy;
  • 🌺 Vitality;
  • 🌺 Youth;
  • 🌺 Tenderness.


Rose tattoos are chosen not only by girls but also by guys. Such a pattern looks appropriate on any body part, including fingers. You can find it in American traditional, fineline, or realistic tattoo styles.

The rose on the finger has the following meanings:

  • 🌹 Love;
  • 🌹 Passion;
  • 🌹 Sensitivity;
  • 🌹 Hope.


The heart design is also very popular among finger tattoo ideas. It is not surprising, because many people in love get couple tattoos with these symbols that reflect the depth of their feelings.

If you do not have a date but want to reflect your emotions and feelings, get a heart tattoo on your middle finger. This sign means that its bearer is in love with someone.

Also, the heart tattoo has other meanings:

  • 💞 Love;
  • 💞 Friendship;
  • 💞 Bravery;
  • 💞 Devotion.


The snake finger tattoo looks very elegant. This reptile is often depicted wrapping the fingers, and such designs are preferred by both men and women. It is related to the meanings of this symbol, which we will list below.

  • 🐍 Resilience to unpleasant moments in life;
  • 🐍 The ability to be prudent;
  • 🐍 Wisdom;
  • 🐍 Strength.


The inscriptions on the fingers are made in different places. You can get them on the inside, outside, or the knuckles. Below we list 5 interesting quotes and inscriptions to use for finger tattoos:

  • 💬 Live free;
  • 💬 Fear nothing;
  • 💬 Make it count;
  • 💬 Life’s too short;
  • 💬 Live, laugh, love.

Paired tattoos for lovers with names, vows, and dates are also popular. In this case, the idea’s choice depends only on you and your loved one.


The finger dot tattoo is one of the simplest and most interesting designs. Each dot symbolizes a dream or goal that the person wants to achieve. The more there are, the more purposeful the bearer is.

For Couples

There are innumerable ideas for couple finger tattoos. These can be both identical drawings and complimentary. For example, you can get a tattoo of a lock and a key that will symbolize mutual understanding. Also, you can consider crowns’ designs, which mean fidelity.

Wedding Rings For Couples

The finger tattoo of wedding rings represents the union between a couple. Some people make such designs instead of real rings. It can be explained by the fact that they can bring any design to life. For example, it can be a wedding date or a symbol that is important for you and your loved one. And, of course, you’ll never lose such a ring!

Let’s Count: How Much Does It Cost To Get Finger Tattoos?

Let's Count: How Much Does It Cost To Get Finger Tattoos?

The finger tattoos will cost you 5-8 times less than drawings on other body parts. The reason for this is very simple – the size. It is 2-6 times smaller than other drawings.

However, the finger tattoo cost is also affected by the tattoo artist’s experience and the style in which the drawing is made. Therefore, below we listed the approximate price calculation.

Style/ExperienceAmerican TraditionalBlackworkFinelineRealism
3 years$184$144$122$384
5 years$232$192$170$432
10 years$352$312$290$552

💡 Note:
For the exact price, you can contact the tattoo artist near you.

3 Tips on How To Take Care of Finger Tattoos

3 Tips on How to Take Care of Finger Tattoos

A finger tattoo requires careful care. It will extend its life and prevent rapid fading. Below we have compiled 3 important tips to follow.

  1. Wash the wound regularly. You need to wash the tattoo wound at least 3 times a day to avoid infection. Using unscented liquid soap as solids can clog the wound. Additional chemicals can lead to an allergic reaction or chemical burn.
  2. Don’t scratch the wound. 2 weeks after you get the tattoo, the place of the drawing will begin to itch. In no case do not scratch because you can introduce infection, create an open wound, and ruin the tattoo. Use anti-itch ointments or antihistamines.
  3. Avoid sunlight. The sun’s rays cause the tattoo pigment to fade. Therefore, try to avoid sunlight or use sunscreen.

Does Finger Tattoo Fade Away?

Does Finger Tattoo Fade Away?

The skin on the fingers is much thinner than on other body parts and is renewed much more often. Also, this area is subject to external damage due to friction and bending. Therefore, finger tattoos can fade.

After 2–3 months, you may notice that the drawing on the fingers will lose up to 30% of clarity and detail. However, proper care will extend the life of your tattoo.



Finger tattoos are an opportunity to express your emotions and show them to others. In addition, such drawings are easier to get and care for. However, you may have heard that it is difficult to choose a design, it is painful to make such a tattoo, and it can quickly fade. 

Therefore, we have answered all the above-listed questions, collected 70+ finger tattoo designs, explained their meanings, indicated the best finger for implementing your idea, and shared 3 useful care tips.


⏰ How Long Do Finger Tattoos Last?

With improper care, the tattoo on the fingers begins to fade 2–3 months after it heals.

🤕 Are Finger Tattoos Painful?

Yes, finger tattoos are painful, but you will not experience very much discomfort.

💸 How Much Do Finger Tattoos Cost?

The average cost of a finger tattoo in any style from a master with 3+ years of experience will cost $170-$430.


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