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swallow tattoo
Learn the swallow tattoo meaning, its belonging to different cultures, and to whom such a design will suit the most. Bonus: the best unique designs inside.

A swallow tattoos is a profound historical symbol that brings light, purity, and the arrival of something new. This bird is very unusual and mysterious. Many users continue to stuff the bird, but what is swallow tattoo meaning, what does it carry in itself? 

Today we will tell you about all these points, reveal the hidden meaning of this bird, and of course, show the most unusual and beautiful designs. So keep reading to stay up to date with everything new in tattoos. 

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We would like to remind you that it is vital to find a good and reliable tattoo artist who you will trust to give you a tattoo for life.

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We have more ideas in the gallery with the best swallow tattoos. Take a look and get inspired!

What Does a Swallow Tattoo Mean?

What Does a Swallow Tattoo Mean?

The swallow tattoo is a very deep and filled design with a lot of meanings. We suggest you explore them in more detail.

πŸ†“ Freedom and lightness. It is the most common meaning of the swallow. Every spring and fall, these birds easily travel great distances, and they do it gracefully and effortlessly. 

πŸ€ Good luck and prosperity. It is often said that seeing a swallow in the sky means happiness and reasonable changes in life. 

πŸ•Š Endurance. Swallows easily cover distances during migration, which symbolizes persistence and perseverance. 

🧿 Protect from the evil eye. In ancient times, people believed that the swallow is a kind of amulet of protection for your home, especially if these birds made a nest in the house. 

β˜€οΈ A return to life. Since swallows always arrive in spring, it signifies awakening and renewal after a long winter. 

Swallow bird tattoo has a lot of meanings, but each person gives his meaning based on life experience and the meaning that he wants to put in this sketch

The Significance of Swallows in Different Cultures and Their Connection to Tattoos

Swallow tattoo

The swallow is very common in many cultures, but has different meanings and associations. 

  • European culture. Swallows are associated with returning home, family, and domesticity. Some people consider these birds to be a symbol of good luck and happiness. Accordingly, a tattoo with this symbol will be a reminder of family and the value of home. 

swallow tattoo meaning
  • Chinese culture. The swallow is often associated specifically with the arrival of happiness and good fortune. In ancient times, these birds were depicted on porcelain, paintings, and dishes. A gift with this image always brought family prosperity. 

swallow tattoo meaning
  • Egyptian culture. Swallows were considered a symbol of motherhood and love. The image of these birds can be seen on amulets worn by pregnant women to protect their children. 

swallow tattoo meaning

What Symbols Can Be Used in a Swallow Tattoo?

You can use different symbols to give the swallow tattoo extra meaning and make it more unusual. Let’s take a closer look at the options and their deciphering:

🌱 Branches and leaves: Symbolize development, growth, and the beginning of a new positive stage. Usually, clover leaves, grapes, and tree branches are chosen. 

swallow tattoo meaning

🌷 Flowers: They symbolize beauty, purity, and innocence. Girls usually add them to colored tattoos, and it looks very delicate. 

If you like delicate designs, then we suggest you pay attention to tattoos with flowers, which will perfectly emphasize your fragility and sophistication.

swallow tattoo meaning

✨ Stars: Most often, these elements symbolize the realization of the most cherished dreams and desires. This magical element is perfectly combined with a fragile swallow. 

swallow tattoo

☁️ Clouds: In combination with a swallow, this can mean freedom and lightness. Also, a bright future and a homecoming.

☁️ Clouds: In combination with a swallow, this can mean freedom and lightness. Also, a bright future and a homecoming.

πŸŽ€ Bow or ribbon: These symbols signify a connection with loved ones and family. Thanks to them, you will always be able to find your way home and to the heart of the family.

? Bow or ribbon: These symbols signify a connection with loved ones and family. Thanks to them, you will always be able to find your way home and to the heart of the family.

Swallows in the Ancient World

Swallows have a very ancient and rich history in the world. They were often mentioned in mythology and various legends, so let’s learn in more detail the first mentions of these birds. 

Sailors were the first to have these birds tattooed on their bodies. They served as a talisman and brought good luck. Sailors sincerely believed that a swallow would help them find their way home and in the darkest times point to the bright path.

In Greek mythology, the swallow was associated with the goddess Athena. It was believed that if a person has a tattoo with the image of this bird, they will certainly have love and happiness in his life. 

In Roman mythology, swallows were associated with Vesta, the goddess of the hearth. Sometimes brides were drawn this symbol before the wedding, and it was believed that only in this case the marriage will be happy. 

According to legends, if a swallow made a nest in your house, then it will bring good luck and protect all the residents from misfortune. Some people specially baited these birds with food, because they believed that if there are problems in life, swallows will help to solve all the problems.

swallow tattoo meaning

Swallow Tattoo Ideas

Swallow tattoos can be varied and unusual. It all depends on the style in which you will make a new tattoo. Let’s take a look at the possible options: 

  1. Minimalism. In this style, swallows are depicted with graphic outlines and minimal, small details. This style will maximize the grace and sophistication of these birds. 
  2. Traditional style. Such tattoos are inspired by the classics. This style is characterized by bright colors and bold lines. Most often, sailors make a tattoo of swallows in this style. 
  3. Realism. Realistic tattoos require special skills, so if you decide to nab a tattoo in this style, it is important to find a proven tattoo master. This style is characterized by clarity and detail. So you can convey all the subtleties of feathers and clear features of swallows. 
  4. Geometric style. It uses shapes and lines to create more abstract images of swallows. It can create a more modern and original look to the tattoo. 

Simple Swallow Tattoo

A simple swallow tattoo is a traditional one and looks as concise and neat as possible. Usually, it is made minimalistic and small.

This tattoo is applied by people who want a small and unobtrusive design, and by those who want to get a tattoo with deep meaning, but in a small size.

πŸ“Œ It is very important to find a master who can accurately and precisely apply the image of the swallow on your body and, of course, keep everything sterile. 

On the Arm

The swallow is often associated with hope. Many users put such tattoos on their hands to always remember that after a dark streak in life comes a bright one.

Swallow tattoo on arm or hand can be made in any style and with the addition of different elements. 

We looked through a lot of sketches and chose the best 10 to take a look at. 

On the Chest

Birds on chest as a tattoo can signify travel and adventure. As we have said before that, swallows are famous for traveling extremely long distances every year. They do it with ease and pleasure. That is why many travelers get such tattoos.

Sometimes such tattoos are done in the style of realism, to achieve maximum accuracy and approximation to the real image of birds. But we tried to find tattoo designs in different styles.

On the Leg

A swallow tattoo on the leg most often signifies protection. A person who made such a design on this place can count on protection not only for himself, but also for his loved ones. 

A swallow on the leg will look great in the new-school style. It is the large size of the sketch that will give a creative and unusual look. 

On the Back

The swallow tattoo on the back acts as a symbol of transition through difficulties and the beginning of a new stage in life. Most often such a tattoo is put on people who have gone through a difficult stage in life and did not give up, but on the contrary, found the strength to move on. 

A simple black-and-grey style will give the tattoo a realistic and delicate look, especially if you complement the sketch with clear details. 

Bird Tattoo Ideas With Inscriptions 

Inscriptions can add a special meaning to your tattoo. Many users inscribe the names of their loved ones or parents, for example. 

Such tattoos look best in a minimalist style with the addition of fine lines.

We have looked through a lot of designs and are ready to show you the most interesting ones. 

Two Swallows Tattoo Ideas

In many cultures, the swallow is a symbol of family and fidelity. These birds are very popular for their attachment to partners, nests, and families. 

Most often, two swallows are tattooed as a pair of tattoo lovers or, for example, with friends. 

We have chosen the real diamonds in sketches and are ready to present them to you.

You can find more unique ideas in our new gallery! Explore the best swallow tattoos from 2000+ tattoo artists featured on InkMatch. Moreover, if you like one of these designs, you can book a session with its author just on our website.

How to Properly Care for a Tattoo?

Many people are afraid of getting a tattoo because they are not sure how it will last over time. But the design can look as good as new if you take proper care of the tattoo. We have gathered all the most effective tips in one place so that you follow them and your tattoos stay in the best shape. 

πŸ“Œ Proper Tattoo Care:
  1. Follow the tattoo artist’s instructions. Immediately after the session, the master will give you his recommendations on how to care for your tattoo. You need to follow them very carefully, and if you have any questions, be sure to contact your tattoo artist.
  2. Don’t touch the tattoo. For the first few days, do not touch the tattoo or remove the protective film because infection or bacteria can easily get into the wound.
  3. Use a special ointment. There is a cream that helps speed up the healing process of the wound and relieve inflammation. 
  4. Protection from the sun’s rays. Use a cream with SPF 50+ every time you go out in the sun. It will help your tattoo to be more colorful and not blur over time. 
  5. Moisturize regularly. Use moisturizer 1–2 times a day. It will help the skin not to stretch and look fresher. Due to this, your tattoo will last much better. 



The swallow is a symbol of freedom, love, and coming home. A tattoo with this image will be a wonderful reminder of the importance of family and home. Every time your gaze will fall on the swallow of your body, it will be like a kind of beacon, which will indicate never to give up and go towards your goals.

In this article, we have looked at not only the swallow tattoo meaning, but also the best tattoo ideas, from traditional to more unique and creative ones. You can get this tattoo on your chest, arms, legs, back and any other body part you can think of β€” it will look fabulous in any case.

πŸ“Œ Important:
However, for the design to look beautiful and not lose its appeal over time, it is very important to find a good tattoo artist who will be able to realize all your ideas and do it as accurately as possible.


πŸ•Š Who Gets Swallow Tattoos?

In the past, swallow tattoos most often made sailors. For them, it was a kind of symbol of returning home. Now, such a tattoo can be chosen by any person for whom it makes sense.

πŸ“Œ What Does the Swallow Symbolize?

For each person, a tattoo will have its meaning. But most often the swallow is associated with freedom, faith, and family.

❓ What Does the Swallow Symbolize in Japan?

In Japan, these birds are associated with bravery and loyalty. Since swallows travel great distances every spring and fall, they do so easily and quickly.

πŸ–‡ What Is the History of the Swallow Tattoo?

The history of the swallow tattoos goes deep into the past. In ancient times, swallow tattoos were made to attract prosperity, happiness, and wealth.


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