Tender and Minimalistic: 68 Birth Flower Tattoos [2023]

Flower Tattoos
Rose? Daisy? Violet? No matter what your birth flower is, we have gathered 68 trendy tattoo designs for each of them and explained all the meanings!

Many people say that the month the person was born affects their whole life. We’re sure that you’ve heard at least once that Scorpios are very brave, loyal, and sometimes difficult to communicate with. Libra are very calm people who always take a long time to make decisions and so on. Somebody thinks that all these traits are false and exaggerated but we wouldn’t be so sure about it.

As you know, each month also contains a symbol of one or more flowers and it also affects the person’s character. In many cases, people forever associate their lives with this same flower by getting a tattoo. We know how popular this idea is and that’s why we decided to analyze in detail the meaning of all 68 birth flower tattoos and find for you other interesting ideas!

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What Do Flowers Symbolize in Tattoos?

Birth flower tattoo on a shoulder

Flowers are plants that have attracted people for many centuries with their beauty and pleasant smell. Therefore, it is not surprising that they so often become the main ideas for various tattoos. If we are not talking specifically about birth flowers, people often make a tattoo of just their favorite herb or those with which they associate themselves.

Below we will list a few meanings of the most popular flower tattoo themes:

  • Rose — love, sympathy, enthusiasm, grace;
  • Daisy — innocence, youthfulness, naivety, intelligence;
  • Sunflower — faith, spirituality, joy, success, optimism;
  • Lily — purity, happiness, devotion, sensuality;
  • Peony — elegance, royalty, love, affluence;
  • Tulip — confidence, cheerfulness, forgiveness;
  • Dandelion — rebirth, youthfulness, the transience of life.

Birth Flower Tattoos for Every Month

As we’ve mentioned before, each month has a symbol flower. The meaning of this flower often characterizes a person’s character or lifestyle. Therefore, this image is often chosen for various tattoos. Below you can find 68 unique designs that will amaze you with their unusualness and beauty!


This month’s birth flower is a snowdrop. Despite the fact that this flower begins to bloom closer to spring, it is a symbol of January itself. This is explained by its meaning, which symbolizes rebirth, purity, and the desire to lead a peaceful life. All snowdrop flower tattoos look very delicate and elegant.


February has two flower symbols – violet and iris. These types are mainly colored in cold colors – blue or purple. In many countries, February is considered to be almost the coldest month, so this color of flowers is characteristic of people born at this time. Often, such tattoos are done in a watercolor style, blurring the edges of the image and making the design as delicate as possible.

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March is a wonderful time of the year, characterized by the awakening of nature and the first blooming flowers. That is why a symbol of this month is the daffodil, a bright yellow flower that means optimism, hope, and cheerfulness. This is the perfect option for those who are searching for a vivid and trendy design.


Everyone knows this flower and everyone loves it — it’s a daisy. For many centuries, it has impressed people with its beauty and at the same time inconspicuousness. People born in this month are considered to be very gentle and attentive to others. They have a very open heart and are always ready to help. Most tattoos with this flower are very minimalistic and cute, which will only emphasize the modest character of the person who decided to get such a design.

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The first thing that comes to mind when you think of lilies of the valley is their delicate smell and pleasant color. This flower is a symbol of true purity and the embodiment of beauty. There’s an interesting tradition that says that you need to give someone you love a bunch of lilies of the valley on the 1st of May. It will show how much you appreciate this person.


This flower is a favorite of many people. Its beauty, bright colors, and the unforgettable smell always attract. And that is why this flower often becomes the main component of expensive and elegant bouquets. Of course, we are talking about the rose. As we mentioned earlier, analyzing the meaning of flowers in a tattoo, this plant is a symbol of royalty and elegance. Therefore, people born in this month are very self-confident and always achieve all their goals.

This birth flower tattoo idea is often complemented with other details, such as butterflies, which make the composition more bright and vivid.

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Water lily, which is the July birth flower, is a symbol of balance and harmony. Those people who were born this month always try to improve themselves in many ways and at the same time keep their inner peace. In most cases, these tattoos are done in a very minimalistic style, so if you are looking for neat designs, then this flower is the perfect choice for you.


August is the last month of summer, which is known for its colorfulness. At this time, the brightest flowers bloom, including poppy and gladiolus. If poppies have only a few shades, gladioli have many types, differing in their structure, appearance, and color. These flowers symbolize the versatility of a person and their desire to believe in the best. Their main meanings are optimism and endless love for life.


Morning glory is not a well-known flower, but this name is a collective name for as many as 1000 different species of this plant. It is very common in the wild nature, so if you see bright flowers in the forest, it is most likely morning glory. It is a symbol of life and love, the desire to learn something new, and constant self-improvement.


October is the season when autumn is especially felt. In many parts of the world, leaves on trees turn yellow and orange. That is why the symbol of this month is marigolds (which have the same bright color) and less bright, but very delicate flowers called cosmos

This time of year is the season of rebirth. Therefore, people born in October are always open to new opportunities and lead an active social life. For them, the meaning of life is always searching for something new and trying to fully reveal their potential.


Chrysanthemum is a lush, bright, and very beautiful flower, which is a symbol of November. In Japan, this flower is often used for medicinal purposes and is a symbol of immortality. Most of the designs are very bright and look great on any part of the body. So wherever you get this tattoo done, it will look great.


People born in December have as many as two birth flowers — holly and narcissus. Most of the designs with them are completely different and at the same time perfectly describe people born this month. Most tattoos are made in a rather minimalist style and you can find a lot of beautiful black and white and a color ideas.

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Other Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas Worth Your Attention

As we have already understood, there are many ideas for birth flower tattoos, but often it can seem too banal and uninteresting for others. That is why below you can find cool tattoo designs that will definitely look even more unique and attract the attention of others.

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With Names

This idea is very interesting because you can easily make a unique tattoo with both your name and the name of a person important to you. It can be harmoniously combined with the image of each flower, so the design will look great regardless of your choice.

For Family

If a tattoo is made by several family members, it acquires a special meaning, because it becomes not just a beautiful accessory, but also an important factor that unites these people and makes them even closer. There are thousands of great flower family tattoos out there right now, so don’t doubt that you will be able to find a unique and eye-catching design.


This type of tattoo is a wonderful combination of floral motifs with a space theme. Most often, such tattoos contain an image of your birth flower and the constellation that corresponds to your zodiac sign. Most of these tattoos are made in an illustrative style, so they will always look very harmonious and gentle on any part of the body.


Birth flower tattoos become more and more popular every year. Some people believe that this image can bring them luck, inspiration and directly influence their lives. Each flower has its own unique meaning, so you will definitely be able to find the one which definition is closest to you.

In order to make it easier for you to choose, we have chosen for you 68 unique tattoo designs for each month. We also explained in detail the meaning of flowers in tattoos and found even more original ideas!


? What Does a Birth Flower Tattoo Mean?

Every birth flower has its own unique meaning. For example, the symbol of June, the rose, symbolizes love and sympathy. The symbol of April, the daisy, means innocence, youthfulness, and naivety.

? What Is the July Birth Flower Tattoo?

The July birth flower tattoo is a water lily, a symbol of balance and harmony.

? What Is the Most Popular Flower Tattoo?

The most popular designs are rose, daisy, peony, and poppy.

❓ What Does a Water Lily Tattoo Mean?

The water lily, which is the July birth flower, is a symbol of balance and harmony. Those people who were born this month always try to improve themselves in many ways and at the same time keep their inner peace.


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