30+ Evil Eye Tattoo To Protect You From Bad Luck

Evil Eye Tattoo
Whether you're superstitious or not, an Evil eye tattoo can be a perfect idea if you want to have a simple but meaningful design on your skin. Below check the best Evil eye tattoo ideas.

People always believe in fortune, the materialization of thoughts. That’s why they try to protect themselves from bad luck. They create amulets like the Evil eye, which are still popular today. Additionally, they depicted this famous symbol in drawings, jewelry, and body art. 

This article will tell you about the Evil eye, its meaning, and popular tattoo designs you can apply to the skin. So let’s get started!

Why the Evil Eye?

People used to say that the eyes were the mirror of the soul. They believed in the magical powers of the gaze. Some people have a good glance that can bless you with kindness and love. At the same time, others with a lousy eye could wish you bad luck, unhappiness, and even illness. It was especially true for people with green or blue retinas. It was the reason for creating a kind of amulet in the form of the Evil Eye. It should reflect a harmful gaze and misfortunes in life. People drew them on their skin and made amulets of blue glass or metal to carry them all the time.

The History Behind Evil Eye

Traditionally, the Evil eye is one of the most famous symbols in Turkish culture. Also, they called it Nazar Boncuk, which means “blue bead”. You can hear an incredible legend on the Turkish streets about Fatima, the daughter of the prophet Muhammad. She gave an eye amulet to her fiancé before he went on a long journey. It was supposed to protect him from enemies and bad luck so that he would return quickly, healthy, and alive. But there is evidence that similar symbols were depicted on the walls of the Egyptian pyramids. In addition, during the excavations, archaeologists found several household items and jewelry with images of the Evil Eye on the Greek island of Santorini. We can also find this symbol in many other cultures around the world.

Evil Eye Tattoo

What About the Symbolism?

If you are interested in the design of the Evil eye tattoo, you should have information about the meaning of this beautiful and mysterious symbol. Here are some of the most significant ones:

So if you want a meaningful and powerful tattoo, the Evil eye design is right for you.

  • 🧿 Protection: The Evil eye can protect a person from the jinx, bad thoughts, illness, and enemies. No one can harm you if you have this tattoo.
  • 🧿 Symbol of good luck: Since the Evil eye protects against everything bad in life, it is a talisman of good luck and fortune. Everyone who has this symbol on their skin is destined for success.
  • 🧿 Self-confidence: If you have an evil eye tattoo, you can feel more confident in your actions, desires, and decisions because you are convinced that luck is always on your side.
  • 🧿 Love and care: Fatima tried to protect her fiancé from enemies. We also want to take care of close-to-heart people and defend them from any adversity in life. And the symbol of the evil eye can do this.

Popular Evil Eye Tattoo Designs

It is a quite popular idea when discussing the Evil eye as a tattoo design. The main reason is that it is usually tiny and minimalistic and has a deep sense. In addition, this tattoo design is great because it looks good on any body part. The most relevant areas are:

  • 👉 Wrist;
  • 👉 Fingers;
  • 👉 Hand;
  • 👉 Forearm;
  • 👉 Chest;
  • 👉 Back of the neck;
  • 👉 Ankle.

Besides, it is a unisex drawing, so it looks good both on the man’s and woman’s skin. Below we collected several trendy Evil eye tattoo ideas for your inspiration. 

Evil Eye Fine Lines

A fine line tattoo style is an excellent idea for Evil eye design. An eye’s delicate and clear outline with lashes and other small details can decorate your skin. This style allows for making a tiny and elegant tattoo. But remember that it requires an artist’s skill and talent.

Hamsa Tattoo Design

Hamsa, also known as “Hand of Fatima” or “Hand of God”, is another symbol closely connected to the Evil eye. The image of the palm with an eye in the middle is a protective talisman, especially for women and children. They said it also brings happiness to the owner. This design can be with patterns and colors. Or you can make some unusual futuristic story.

Nazar Boncuk Colorful Tattoo

Traditionally, blue and white are the primary colors of the Evil eye symbol. So, this design will look perfect in color ink. Also, you can add black, light green, and gold colors. Usually, it combines perfectly with a classical Greek white pattern. And one more thing is that colorful ink looks gorgeous on tanned skin.

Evil Eye Design on the Chest

You can put an Evil eye tattoo on your chest because it’s a meaningful body part. This area is perfect for the protection of your soul from the evil influence of others. You can ink big and small-size tattoos because the chest has enough space. The evil eye on the sternum looks gorgeous and intriguing.

Bad Luck Realistic Tattoo

The realistic gaze from the tattoo is an unexpected solution in design. It makes the “Monna Liza” effect (the feeling that someone is watching you). The forearm looks like the ideal area for a realistic Evil eye tattoo.

Artsy Evil Eye

Recently, artsy tattoos have become a trend. And there is a reason: they seem to be temporary and exquisite. If you think about such a design, we find that the evil eye looks excellent with the hands, sun, and moon. They are usually in black ink or in combination with several colors.

Matching Tattoo Ideas

The “evil eye” design can be an excellent option for a matching tattoo for friends or couples. It can carry a sense of protection for your relationship. The size, placement, and even design can differ for each person.

Mandala With Evil Eye

The mandala is a meaningful work of art for both men and women, primarily if they practice mindfulness and meditation. The evil eye symbol can be the central accent of this drawing. You can apply it to the back, leg, or shoulder.

Small Finger Evil Eye Tattoo

The finger is one of the most popular locations for the evil eye tattoo because it can be as small as possible. You can choose the eye in colored or black ink. Also, the spot on the ring can look elegant and have a jeweled accent.

Eye of Horus Tattoo

The Eye of Horus is the Egyptian interpretation of the evil eye. It belongs to the goddess Wadjet and is also called the Eye of RA. It symbolizes protection, good health, and royal power. You can combine it with eagle wings, geometric shapes, or ink as a minimalist drawing.

Jewelry Nazar Eye Tattoo

Usually, a talisman against the evil eye is used as a strip of blue and white glass on the hand. Recently, bracelets, pendants, and rings have become popular jewelry for protection. The idea of a jewelry imitation of the Evil eye tattoo is ideal for women. The wrist and ankle are the best places for this design.

The Classic Nazar Symbol Tattoo

The classic symbol of the Evil eye is a blue circle of glass with smaller white and blue circles inside. It is trendy to make it a 3D image. Also, this design is easy to recognize if you have several tattoos or a sleeve. 

Old School Tattoo Designs

Old school tattoo style is always in vogue. Usually, it characterizes by bright colors, bold lines, and unexpected plot decisions. The eye can combine several details that are typical for this style. In addition, popular locations are the shoulders, forearms, and legs.

Geometric Evil Eye

The geometric tattoo has become very popular because of the clear lines and shapes that create complex patterns. The main accent of this type of tattoo will be the Evil eye. And it looks great in combination with triangles and rhombuses.


The Evil Eye tattoo has a deep meaning and recognizable shape. It is an excellent talisman for protection and good luck. And even if you don’t believe in such magic, this tattoo is a great option because it looks perfect on any part of your body, is easy to conceal, and it’s suitable for both men and women. We hope our best Evil eye tattoo ideas have inspired you to get new ink with this simple yet sophisticated design. So go ahead and apply it!


👁 What Is the Difference Between the Evil Eye and the All-Seeing Eye?

The All-seeing eye means the eye of God watching over humanity, while the Evil eye protects us from jinxes and bad luck.

🧐 What Is the Primary Meaning of the Evil Eye Tattoo?

An evil eye tattoo mainly means protection from the lousy gaze. But people often interpret it as good luck, remembrance, love, and care.

🌚 Can I Get the Evil Eye in Black Ink?

While the primary colors of the evil eye are blue and white, the black&white tattoo is possible. Besides, there are very artsy and cool black ink designs.

🤞 How To Take Care of a New Evil Eye Tattoo?

Aftercare is an important moment in the entire tattooing process. There are three basic steps for caring for new paint: cleaning with fragrance-free soap, moisturizing, and protecting with sunscreen. Also, do not scratch or touch the Evil eye tattoo with dirty hands during the healing process.


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