30 Deep Meaningful Tattoo Ideas For You And Your Best Friend

30 Deep Meaningful Tattoo Ideas For You And Your Best Friend
Do you want a meaningful deep best friend tattoo but don’t know where to start? We will help you. This article has everything you need to know about best friend tattoo design, trendy ideas, and meanings.

The best friend is the person who never betrays you and someone whom you trust the most. You have similar views on some aspects of life, especially on entertainment. Spending time together is always fun and engaging. We propose you have an exciting experience and honor your friendship by getting the best friend tattoo. 

This article will discuss all aspects of this type of tattoo and provide you with inspiring and meaningful designs. 

Why Put on a Best Friend Tattoo?

Friendship is an essential part of our lives. Without friends, it can be dull and empty. It also fills our lives with meaning and helps us prove ourselves as human beings. In ancient times, a blood oath was almost the only method to affirm a friendship. These days, a more humane way is to get a best friend tattoo. There are some reasons to do this:

  • First, it’s an opportunity to show respect to your friend;

  • Second, it is the way to value your relationships;

  • It is a way to get new experiences together;

  • A chance to check the strength of your friendship.

Significant Points To Consider Before You Get Ink Friend Tattoos

As making a tattoo is still a serious decision, there are a few things to keep in mind before getting it. Check these points to ensure you do everything right. 

Choose the Style of Tattoo

The main thing to consider when you choose tattoos with your best friend is the style of body art. Do you want colored, black&white, or gray ink? Do you like old-school and traditional designs or futuristic biomechanical tattoos? Surf the net, do the research and discuss this with your friend to make a joint solution.

30 Deep Meaningful Tattoo Ideas For You And Your Best Friend

The Placement and Size of the Friend Tattoo

The next step is to choose the location. Traditionally arms and wrists are the most popular areas. But you can select any part of your body. Here are some suitable options:

  • Fingers;

  • Clavicle and scapula;

  • The side part of the chest;

  • Ankles;

  • Toes.

The size depends on the chosen area, design, and desire to hide or loud out the tattoo. Besides, you can find formats suitable for different placements and sizes if you have opposite preferences.

Tattoos Don’t Have To Be Identical

Best friend tattoo provides the idea of similar tattoos on the skin of two or more persons. It is logical, and there are many designs for this kind. But you can have a best friend tattoos that have different images but has a deep meaning or expresses the plot or some history.

How It Will Look Separately

Perhaps one of the most critical aspects you should think about is how your tattoos will look apart. It is because you are not spending all the time with your friends. Therefore, the image should be self-contained and have a finished look. Small, minimalistic drawings will work for this.

Enjoy the Experience

And last but not least is that you should enjoy the process. It is some kind of adventure for you. These emotions of expecting the result can strengthen your friendship and add some spice to your life.

Enjoy the experience

Best Friend Tattoo Designs

Regarding tattoo design, it can be challenging to desire which one is perfect. We mainly want a beautiful drawing with a deep sense and flawless performance. 

You should choose a talented tattoo artist who will grant your requirements and represent any idea.

And that’s even more important when discussing best friend tattoos because they should blend perfectly and look great individually. So here, we collected the best ideas for best friend designs and described their meanings.

Pinky Promise Tattoo

The pinky promise is not only a child’s game but also a gesture with an ancient history. Crossed pinkies mean loyalty and indissolubility. It also means a guarantee of friendship. A person must cut off their finger if they break the promise. This drawing is appropriate for best friends and can symbolize your deep relationship. 

Infinity Friend Tattoo

Infinity has neither a beginning nor an end. This continuous line symbolizes a long friendship that lasts for years. Additionally, you can combine it with names, dates, and quotes. The most popular place is the wrist.

Artful Figure Tattoo

These designs are trendy. They are delicate and look elegant. Often figures combine with flowers for a gentle effect. This design of the best friend tattoo is suitable for girls.

Animal Best Friend Tattoo

No one knows that the dolphin is the friendliest animal in the fauna, so we can consider it a symbol of friendship. But we should not forget about dogs, people’s best friends. You can choose any animal or different animals to get ink together with your friends. The main thing is that they fit harmoniously with the idea.

Cartoony Friend Tattoos

Love and friendship is the significant motif of all cartoons. You can use any pair of characters as a symbol of your friendship. It will be a good idea to do a cartoony best friend design with color ink to make it more fun.

Matching Best Friend Tattoos

When you think of a best friend tattoo, this design often pops into your mind. One part of the tattoo is on your body, and the other is on your friend. Together you can create a complete image. Like in life, separately, you are just two people, but together you are a force.

Best Friend Tattoo With Deep Meaningful Inscriptions

Any quote from a movie, song, or book can be a motto for your friendship. Some inscriptions or words can be related to special moments that evoke emotions you experienced together. You can choose any font and any location. Also, the inscription on the collarbone looks very feminine and intriguing.

f.r.i.e.n.d.s Logo Tattoos

Almost everyone in the world has seen this famous TV series. The friendship established in the film has passed into life. That’s why the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. logo is a symbol of true best friends. You can use this design for two or more people.

Funny Best Friend Tattoos

Joy and fun are inherent in friendship. You always have something to do together. Best friend tattoos will remind you how nice it is to spend time with your besties.

Minimalistic Deep Meaningful Friend Tattoos

Minimalism is always a good idea, especially when you want to get a best friend tattoo. Small sizes are prevalent lately. The advantage of this type is that you can choose any drawing that will look elegant and appropriate.

Power of Flower

Giving flowers to your friends is a pleasure. So why not depict them in the form of a tattoo. It is known that the yellow rose, sunflower, and daisy are the flowers of friendship. But you can choose anyone you like and make it in color or black and white ink. 

Puzzle Pieces

Everyone, at least once in their life, collects puzzles. And you notice that there are only some combinations, and not all puzzles fit together. It is a good design for a tattoo because your best friend fits you like puzzle pieces. You can put this design on your feet or ankles. Also, it is a good idea for matching best friend tattoos.

Congruence Symbol

Congruence is harmony between yourself, your actions, and the people surrounding you. If your friendship is at the same level of consistency, you can embody it in the best friend tattoo. The image will be minimalistic but with deep meaning.

Sistersoul Tattoos

Often best friends become as akin as we can consider them as family members. Sistersoul tattoo is the best option in this case. You can compose it with arrows or an infinity sign. Also, it’s a perfect option for the tattoo on the finger.

Lotus Deep Meaningful Design for Best Friend Tattoo

The lotus flower symbolizes goodness, purity, wisdom, prudence, and generosity. If you wish all the best in this world to your friends, you can put it on the skin together. It can be a part of some pattern or in the form of a mandala.

Hearty Best Friend Tattoos

Love is an essential attribute of friendship, and a heart tattoo can be a good idea to show this feeling to your best friend. The variety of heart designs is impressive. You can choose some with fingerprints or anatomical ones. Or it could just be a little red heart on your wrist.

Space-Inspired Best Friend Tattoos

Space as a symbol of the deep and infinite world can be a good idea for a best friend tattoo design. You can choose whatever you like: the moon and the sun, different star shapes, or even a spaceship.

Best Friend Tattoos for Three and More

One best friend is good, but two or more are better. You should know that there are many options for tattoos. It can be some inscriptions, names, cartoon characters, or veggies.

Meaningful Numbers

Numbers and dates play an essential role in our lives. We always have some kind of deadlines, memorable dates, or just our favorite numbers. So you can put them on a tattoo, especially if you have some dates related to your best friend. You can combine them with names, images, or stripes. Usually, black and white shaded numbers are popular.

To Infinity and Beyond Best Friend Tattoo

This phrase with deep meaning is an undeniable symbol of love and loyalty to your best friend. You can put it on any body part, combine it with hearts or space signs or make an elegant inscription on the side of the chest. The choice is yours. 


You can test your friendship in hardship and joy, as well as by choosing your best friend tattoo. We have gathered many exciting and meaningful designs with friends to choose from. Check them out for inspiration. And don’t forget that the quality of the tattoo depends not only on the type but also on the tattoo artist’s skill.


🤔 Which Size of Best Friend Tattoo Is More Suitable?

The size of the tattoo depends on your design preferences and area, but small and medium-sized tattoos look more graceful and elegant.

👬 Are There Best Friend Tattoos for Men?

There are many unisex style drawings. Tattoos with animals, inscriptions, numbers, congruence, and infinity are suitable for both men and women.

🌈 What Color Symbolizes Friendship?

Yellow is known as the color of friends. It is lively, cheerful, and is the color of a positive person.

⚡️ What Are the Most Famous Symbols of Friendship?

There are many symbols of friendship. The most popular for best friends are infinity, two crossed arrows, and yin and yang symbols.


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