60+ Best Succubus Tattoo Ideas to Embrace Dark Desires

Succubus Tattoo
Every one of us has deep and dark fantasies you won’t share with the world. But a succubus tattoo is a great possibility to admit your inner world.

Would you like to get such a compliment: “Wow! Your tattoo is so badass, mysterious, and beautiful at the same time”? This is a typical praise you can hear when choosing one of the artists from our catalog with 1000+ best tattooists that are pros in different ink styles.

And this is not just words, since we have two guys on our team with a succubus tattoo. Honestly, both of them look incredible! But what makes a succubus tattooed on your body so eye-catching?

We dived deep to find everything about the symbolism and meanings behind this tattoo. We even asked those guys about what tattoos mean to them! So, be ready to explore, as we prepare historical facts, many interpretations, awesome ideas for the succubus tattoo, and much more. 

The Mysterious History of the Succubus

The first mentions of the succubus can be traced back to 2400 BC. It was described that some kind of demon called Lilu would erotically seduce men and women while they were sleeping. People believed this demon needed men’s energy to transform itself into a mankind demon and visit women to impregnate them in their dreams. 

Such demons were called succubus (female) and incubus (male) later, which means “to lie beneath” and “to lie on top” respectively. Victims claimed to have seen these demons describe them as inhumanly beautiful men or women with horns, tails, wings, and even scaly skin. 

But what makes succubus a popular symbol to get inked?

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succubus tattoo

Succubus: A Deep Meaning Behind the Demon

When you first see a succubus tattoo, you instantly have two questions arise in your head: “What is this? And how can you tattoo a sexy woman on your body?” But as you already know what it means, you may be interested in its deep meanings. So let us reveal all the secrets!

💐 Feminine power. This might be the basic explanation that comes into your head when seeing a succubus tattoo. But in reality, this is not the main idea someone wants to show through the succubus tattoo. Anyway, the succubus is a bright example of how women can influence men and people in general.

🌹 Dangerous beauty. This meaning is connected with female power because beauty is its source. As the main goal of the succubus is to steal energy, such a tattoo concept can represent the danger of something that seems to be perfect for us. 

🍎 Dark desire or the forbidden. Since succubus has an unbelievable appearance, there is a desire to get this beauty under control. So similarly to Adam’s apple, it can mean we sometimes want something so bad, even if we know how dangerous it could be for us.

🐲 Primitive motives. Our natural needs can be a source of problems if uncontrolled. This can give a succubus tattoo the meaning of being in harmony with your body and mind, since the wild instincts of our minds can harm our physical and mental wellness.

You didn’t expect such a variety of interpretations, did you? Once we know what it means, we still need to understand how to picture the succubus.

Succubus image in the digital art
Succubus image in the digital art

The Symbolism of the Perfect Tattoo

What symbols should your tattoo include to have the greatest form possible? Succubus tattoo is not rich in symbols, but this doesn’t mean all succubus designs are identical. On the contrary, your unique idea and the tattoo artist’s style can make your ink look breathtaking. 

So to get a succubus tattoo, all you require is a beautiful woman and a bit of creativity. Also, as a tattoo artist plays a big role here, he must get your concept, since in this way he would be able to convey the meaning and the beauty of your ink with maximum precision. 

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Placements for the Most Aesthetic Look

Placing a succubus tattoo is a relatively easy task, since once you have a pretty woman tattooed on your body, you won’t want to hide it. 

The arm is the most popular body part to place your succubus tattoo on. The shoulder area and the forearm have a large space for the ink. In addition, when tattooed, those areas look astonishing.

The next body part to consider for your succubus is the hip. Since this is an easy-covered area, you can go with much braver and bigger sketches. 

Placements for the Most Aesthetic Look

If you are a veteran of getting tattoos, maybe ribs are an ideal option for your ink. Ribs can be too painful for tattoo newbies, but for those who have already had a couple of tats, this placement can be a perfect canvas for succubus ink.

Succubus Ideas to Get Inspiration From

Congratulations! Now you know what succubus is, what meaning is hiding behind it, and where to place it. So there is time for the most exciting part – real tattoo ideas! 

Cartoon Vibe

The cartoon style is perfect for creating smooth lines, colors, and cute demons. In addition, cartoon tattoos won’t cost you too much, since there is no need to detail your succubus.

💡 Tip:
You can use our tattoo price calculator to find your approximate price for succubus ink.

Womb Tattoos

This is a perfect style for women, which was inspired by anime. This succubus tattoo doesn’t include a female symbol but is perfect for adding a sensual mystery to your femininity.

Photorealistic Style

There is no chance for your tattoo to be average if your succubus is unbelievably attractive. Photorealistic succubus tattoos are a straight win-win due to the female beauty, especially when your tattoo artist is a pro in this sphere.

Totally Badass

This is our favorite section, since there are a lot of awesome classical designs here which refer to the art, Japan, and much more.

💡 Tip:
Find badass tattoo designs attractive? Then we have good news for you. Check our article with more than 70 sick ink ideas.

Other Incredible Designs

If you still haven’t found what you were looking for, this section is full of different succubus tattoo ideas. Here you will find everything from the prettiest ladies with flowers to the terrifying demons, and from traditional style tats to something that will surprise you!

Ink Guide for Creating Your Unique Succubus

Now, let us give you a few tips on how to come up with your unique succubus. 

👩🏻 Woman. As your succubus has to be as beautiful as possible, it is important to create a charming face. You can take someone as a basis. For example, you find Megan Fox and Marilyn Monroe the most attractive women of all time. So you can combine the characteristics of different people (or from your imagination) and design your ideal succubus!

🎨 Composition. Your next step is to figure out how you want to view your succubus. Do you want your demon to be a portrait, full body, or some kind of painting? 

🎎 Inspiration. As succubus has a long history, we can take inspiration from paintings, sculptures, and other kinds of art. As a bonus, we want to show you the painting “Tamara and the Demon”, which we find a great source of inspiration.

Also, we recommend you pay attention to Japanese culture, because anime and its art, in general, can help you and your tattooist generate an exclusive succubus tattoo concept.

Final Thoughts

After all of this, what is your opinion on the succubus tattoo? We find it extremely meaningful and aesthetically pleasant. 

By choosing the right tattooist, you have all chances to have the prettiest woman-demon ever! But where to find such a tattoo artist? You can simply use our catalog with more than 1000 professionals with experience in all kinds of styles. 

In general, it is difficult for succubus tattoos to ruin your look. All you need is to come up with an original idea and spend some time to find your perfect ink-match artist!


🧔 Can Men Have Succubus Tattoos?

The succubus tattoo is suitable for both men and women; since it has a universal meaning related to human nature.

📜 What Is the Origin of the Succubus Tattoo?

In medieval folklore, the succubus was depicted as the most beautiful woman that came to the men in their dreams. But that was not just a woman, but a demon with horns, tail, and wings, which wanted to steal men’s energy.

👻 What Is the Meaning of the Succubus Tattoo?

Succubus tattoo can have several meanings. For example, a pretty woman, who is a demon, can represent the dark desires of a human, the danger of beauty, or feminine power.

😈 Are Demon Tattoos Bad Luck?

No, tattoos are what you want them to be, as no one wants their ink to be bad luck; a succubus tattoo stays for some pleasant desires we want, but which can harm us.


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