Skeleton Hand Tattoos: 50+ Terrific Ideas With Meanings [2023]

Skeleton Hand Tattoos
A skeleton tattoo? Extraordinary choice! Some will try to talk you out of it. But we are supportive and share cool designs and their meanings in our article.

The skeleton has a wide range of meanings in tattoo culture. The image of human bones has been transformed over the centuries by the formation of symbolism for tattoos. It is not just an allegory for death, but also a personification of the human immortality of the soul.

The skeleton is considered a traditional biker and rocker symbolism, it is actively used in the old school. Skeleton tattoos on the hands can be called one of the boldest. Today we will look at examples of the execution of such tattoos and talk about the meanings they carry.

The Meaning of the Skeleton Hand Tattoos

The meaning of the skeleton hand tattoos

Few people are impressed by a skeleton because it represents the remains of a previously living creature. It is not at all pleasant to look at such a spectacle, but thrill-seekers are willing to perpetrate such an image on their bodies.

The first association of the skeleton tattoo is associated with something demonic, and it seems that it is applied by magicians and sorcerers to conduct black rituals. However, this tattoo has no mystical roots. Despite its specificity, the tattoo is very popular. 

Contrary to common misconception, the skeleton tattoo has nothing to do with death. It has exactly the opposite meaning and represents life and longevity. And this is because the bones are an incredibly strong biological substance and do not decay over time. The tattoo is applied to promote health and longevity.

Alchemists have a fascinating point of view about the skeleton tattoo. They believe that this image symbolizes rebirth, getting rid of the old, diseased body, and the acquisition of a healthy biological shell.

This tattoo is used to protect them from death. It is believed that the presence of such an image on the body makes a person invisible to death and she perceives it as a similar entity. It is believed that in this way you can cheat death several times and prolong your life.

Sense for Men

Sense for men

Men much more often prefer to have a skeleton tattooed on their bodies. The meaning for them is as follows:  

  • Absence of selfish considerations, unquestioning acceptance of what happens, and resignation to fate in general. 
  • Detachment from the world, lack of attachment (related to material wealth as well as in personal relationships). 
  • Strength of spirit, asceticism, willingness to tolerate some hardships due to the idea. 
  • Openness to the new, unexplored, transformation of own spiritual qualities. 
  • Determination, boldness, courage.

Sense for Women

Sense for women

Sketches of tattoos with a skeleton or bones girls choose not so often. The tattoo has the following designation for them: 

  • Love of life, activity, vivacity, energy. 
  • Intuitive abilities, mystical knowledge. 
  • Protection of ancestors and the whole big family. 
  • Seeing the essence of things, and a philosophical view of life.

For women, wearing a skeleton on their skin serves as a reflection of their outlook. They live here and now, not wasting time on meaningless worries about old age or death. Tattoo owners strive to be helpful and take responsibility for their duties.

Skeleton Hand Tattoo Ideas

More often than not, girls and guys stuff anatomical bones on their hands. And while it seems like there can’t be much variety here, that’s not the case. Guys create unique designs for themselves with shadows and even different styles every time. 

Girl’s Tattoos

The skeleton image is suitable for realistic girls who perceive life as it is. The tattoo symbolizes respect for the laws of the universe and the ability to feel the inner energy of the earth. Women with such a body image have modesty, well-developed intuition, and the ability to objectively assess things.

Girls can use this image to attract the spirits of their deceased relatives for protection. The tattoo reflects a deep respect for their lineage and devotion to tradition. This image is suitable for girls who have a philosophical view of life. Often tattoos are applied to gain access to otherworldly energies.

Men’s Designs

Guys apply the image of a skeleton to show their humility before life. But this does not mean a lack of will and characterlessness. The tattoo indicates a deep respect for the higher forces, the absence of selfishness, and a high level of spiritual development. Men with such a tattoo are not tied to the results of their actions and trust fate.

The tattoo symbolizes the strength of spirit, vitality, and endurance. Young men with such a body image can transform their inner qualities, are open to change, and are inclined to self-improvement. A tattoo can be applied to men who like to act decisively and be in the moment “here and now”.

Colorful Options

Adding color to a skeleton tattoo on the arm is more of a rarity, an exception to the rule. Such a tattoo immediately looks more “alive”, although skeletons themselves, as we know, are not colored at all.

Unusual Interpretations of the Skeleton Hand

Sometimes girls and guys get a tattoo, not of an anatomical skeleton but just a part of it somewhere else in the body. Since today we are talking about hand tattoos, we have prepared more than a dozen cool skeleton hand ideas that you can interpret into your tattoo.

Skeleton Hand Tattoo Price

It is actually to say exactly how much it will cost to get a skeleton tattoo on your arm. It all depends on the skill level of the tattoo artist, his experience, and the style in which you want to get the tattoo. A rough estimate of the cost of a tattoo is $10 per square inch. However, this is only a guideline average price. 

If you want to calculate an approximate cost more accurately, use our free tattoo price calculator. It takes into account the country, the size of the tattoo, the level of the artist, and the style in which you want the tattoo done.

Interesting Facts About Skeleton Tattoos

Interesting facts about skeleton tattoos

There are so many stories and beliefs surrounding skeletons that some are even hard to believe. However, this makes them no less attractive. 

  • People most often apply skeleton tattoos in the graphic or realism style, as well as the traditional Old School and New School. The first differs in the realism of the image. In this case, the sketch of the tattoo will be made as carefully as possible, with a detailed drawing of each component.
  • Sometimes the skeleton symbolizes a deity. Chronos is conveyed through his image especially often, but it can also be Hades or other lords of the dead. Curiously, such a tattoo sometimes symbolizes not death, but rebirth to life. This is related to alchemy: in its context, the skeleton represents the new birth of previously decomposed primordial matter, the resurrection of man.
  • In ancient times, only shamans and priests could apply the image of a skeleton. The tattoo was a reflection of high social status and was available only to the chosen few.
  • Tattoo sketches can be taken from medieval engravings. The skeleton was a popular symbol among Renaissance artists. More schematic works are drawn from photographs of bones.
  • Since ancient times, such a tattoo was popular among pirates and sailors. The skeleton tattoo was inspired by the found sunken ships with many skeletons of dead sailors. With a similar image servants of the sea reported death that they are not afraid of it. The tattoo is still relevant for members of the military and maritime professions.


Tattoos are always a bold move, especially if they are skeleton tattoos and on the hand. You do not see that very often in guys and girls. However, if you desire to do just such a tattoo, do not stop yourself. 

You will probably be asked about a hundred times why and for what reason you got such a tattoo or even be judged. But remember that only those who always remain a gray mass are not judged. If you want to live your life bright and full, do all these brave things and do not care what others think.


?What Does a Tattoo of a Skeleton Hand Mean?

The skeleton tattoo has many meanings, some even contradictory (life and death). Among the most popular are the following:

  • Longevity;
  • Vitality;
  • Good health;
  • Rebirth;
  • Prosperity.
  • ?Do Skeleton Hand Tattoos Hurt?

    There is very little skin and many bones on the hands (especially in the finger area), so the pain will be felt quite strongly when applying the tattoo.

    ?How Much Would It Cost To Get a Skeleton Hand Tattoo?

    The price of a skeleton tattoo on the hand depends on many factors, ranging from style to the experience of the master. Approximately the cost can start from $500 and higher. You can calculate the cost of a tattoo in more detail using our cost calculator.

    ?Why Do People Draw Skeleton Bones on Their Hands?

    The initial deciphering of a bone tattoo is a connection to the ancestors, a tribute to them. For bikers, bones are a sign of conquering time. After all, the time has almost no power over the human skeleton.


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