A Complete Guide to Flash Tattoos + 50 Awesome Ideas

Flash Tattoo
Explore designs, learn their history, and discover what makes flash tattoos a unique canvas for self-expression.

There are many terms and meanings in the world of tattooing that may seem to be incomprehensible at first. For example, words such as stencil, blowout, raised tattoo, and many others may seem strange to some people. Among these terms, you may also have heard about so-called “flash tattoos”.

In this article, you will learn about what is a flash tattoo, why tattoo artists use it, what types of flash tattoos there are, and how good they are compared to regular custom tattoos.

In Case You Were Looking for The Flash Tattoo

A little bonus for those who may have accidentally googled “flash tattoo” with the intent to search for tattoo ideas with the character Flash from movies and comics. We got you!

Here we’ve prepared a small collection of ideas for DC’s Flash tattoos in different styles. But if you’d like to learn more about the other side of flash tattoos, stay tuned! 

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What Is a Flash Tattoo, and How Does It Work?

What Is a Flash Tattoo, and How Does It Work?

In short, a flash tattoo is like the backbone of traditional tattooing. It is a pre-designed, ready-to-go tattoo that is typically displayed on sheets, flash books, or boards in a tattoo studio. Tattoo artists create flash tattoos to offer clients a curated selection of tattoo options to choose from.

This term has been going around since the 1880s when the words “flash tattoo” were associated with what we know now as old-school tattoos. Back in the day, tattoo studios used to hang sheets with their designs in a showcase and welcome walk-in visitors without appointments. Some studios still hand such old-school flash sheets on the wall as a tribute to this tradition.

However, even today, flash tattoos have not lost their relevance, it is the approach that has just changed slightly, now that we have more styles to work with, like the linework flash tattoo.

Let’s take a look at some pros and cons of a flash tattoo: 


  • Easy to draw and just as easy to execute!
  • Countless designs for every theme will make your eyes dazzle.
  • The price tag is much less expensive, which makes them a good budget tattoo option.
  • Perfect gap fillers in between other tattoos.
  • Saves time for thinking, just pick the one you really like.
  • Good for first-time tattooers and temporary tattoo enthusiasts.


  • If uniqueness is a top priority, a custom tattoo might be a better choice since flash designs are often reused and may be widely available, and there’s a risk of seeing the same design on someone else.
  • Flash tattoos are typically designed for smaller to medium-sized pieces, they are not suitable for larger pieces.
  • Flash tattoos may come with fixed prices in the flash books, limiting negotiation opportunities.

Why Is It Named “Flash”?

There are several versions of the origin of this name. The most popular is the one where the term “flash” comes from the idea that tattoo designs can be done “in a flash”. Unlike custom tattoos, which involve detailed consultations and a unique design approach, flash tattoos are designed in advance, allowing for quicker execution.

Another theory suggests that there is nothing special about the name and that the term literally means “flashy” because these tattoos stand out against the background of more detailed tattoos because of their simplicity.

Types of Flash Tattoos

Types of Flash Tattoos

Flash tattoos are divided into two categories: repeatable and one-off. You could compare them to sticker packs and artists’ adopts, respectively. 

Repeatable Flash Tattoos

For example, just like a sticker pack, repeatable flash tattoos are relatively easy to make in huge amounts, they usually have a simple design and are easy to stamp and distribute to the masses. It is not hard to get ideas for flash tattoos, either “draw, print, and use”, or “find, print, and use”. This is one approach to flash, but there is another.

One-Off Flash Tattoos

Many tattoo professionals are something of artists themselves, and they may find the idea of many people having the same pieces of art engraved forever on their bodies somewhat conflicting.

One-Off Flash Tattoos

For this reason, tattoo artists often create their own catalogs of one-off flash sheets, as if they were “adopt art” pieces, and put them up on their social media or in the studio. Artists work really hard at creating their flash designs since they are meant to represent their style of work, like a business card. Thus, even such simple designs will be one-of-a-kind.

First Come, First Served, or What Is a “Flash Day”

First Come, First Served, or What Is a “Flash Day”

A notable aspect of flash tattoos is the concept of a “flash day”. This is an event organized by tattoo artists where they create a collection of flash tattoos available for clients to choose from on a specific day.

Flash days often contribute to a vibrant and spontaneous atmosphere in the studio, attracting clients seeking a quick and themed tattoo experience. They are also often timed to coincide with holidays or even charity events when all the money raised from flash tattoos goes to charities.

Unfortunately, one of the most famous and relevant such events is the “Still Not Asking For It” (SNAFI) flash day. An initiative within the tattoo community started by Ashley Love, SNAFI is aimed at promoting awareness and support for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. 

During these events, tattoo artists create and offer flash tattoos featuring empowering and meaningful designs, and the proceeds often go to organizations or charities that work towards supporting survivors. They have raised and donated over $1,000,000.00 since 2015.

50 Ideas for Flash Tattoos

Flash tattoos are like a snapshot of creativity. They provide a range of options for clients who want a beautiful piece without the lengthy design process. Here are 50 ideas for not only tattoos but also references for flash sheet layout designs.

Popular Flash Tattoo Motifs

There are probably more ideas for flash tattoos than there are grains of sand on the beach. However, we tried to collect a few examples of the most popular motifs for both black and white traditional tattoos to more modern variations. 

Flower Flash Tattoos

A simple and elegant minimalistic tattoo, captures the essence of your favorite bouquet with floral flash designs.

Heart Flash Tattoos

A visual ode to passion, the timeless symbol of love where every beat of the heart is an inked symphony of emotion.

Skull Flash Tattoos

Unleash your inner rebel with these daring, rad skull designs, where the charismatic grim reaper takes center stage.

Snake Flash Tattoos

Embrace the sinuous forms and serpentine charm of snake flash tattoos! From sleek and mystical stylized scales to boldly symbolic intricate patterns, you can’t go wrong with them.

Butterfly Flash Tattoos

These delicate yet powerful designs both butterfly and moth tattoos capture the essence of metamorphosis, symbolizing change, freedom, and the ephemeral beauty of life in vibrant inked wings.

Animal Flash Tattoos

Any of the animal kingdoms can find its embodiment in flash tattoo designs. Cute frogs or incredible whales — who will it be?

Sailor Jerry Flash Tattoos

Well yes, how could we not mention the “father of old school”, Sailor Jerry? A vintage tattoo flash that never gets old.

Seasonal Flash Tattoos

Flash tattoos often come in special themes to coincide with holidays, events, or specific occasions. Tattoo studios and artists may promote these themed flash events to attract clients interested in getting tattoos that reflect the spirit of a specific occasion.

Friday 13th Flash Tattoos

Feeling lucky? Then dare to be bold on Friday the 13th with these exclusive flash tattoos! 

Pride Flash Tattoos

Celebrate love, diversity, and the spirit of the LGBTQ+ community with these empowering and colorful inked expressions that wear the spectrum of love.

Halloween Flash Tattoos

From creepy creatures to hauntingly stunning designs, add a touch of macabre magic to your Halloween look with these bewitching flashes.

May the 4th Flash Tattoos

Channel the Force in Ink! Celebrate Star Wars Day with our cosmic collection of flash designs — because the Force deserves a permanent place on your skin.

Themed Flash Tattoos

Perhaps the most popular theme among flash tattoos. It looks just like a sticker pack dedicated to your favorite movie, series, or book.

Comparing Flash vs. Custom: Which One Is Better?

The question “Which tattoo is the best?” is actually rhetorical, because tattoos are ultimately a way of self-expression, there’s no right or wrong. One may not like flash tattoos because they are silly and don’t hold a deep meaning, and the other may have a liking for flash tattoos because they are silly and don’t hold a deep meaning. Do you see it?

What we can do is compare their actual properties and advantages that can help you make a more informed choice:

Comparing Flash vs. Custom: Which One Is Better?

As you can see, both flash tattoos and custom tattoos are valid, and the choice is entirely yours! Not all tattoos are meant to have an in-depth meaning, and that’s okay. Artists love both their flash and custom masterpieces.

Speaking of artists, do you think that flash tattoos are about spontaneity, just for their customers? For a tattoo artist, this is also true! Many flash tattoos are just a burst of spontaneous ideas, and tattoo artists are really happy when a client chooses their pre-made design. It’s like sharing a tiny piece of your soul in the form of adopted flash artworks.

Flash Tattoo Copypasta

Copying and pasting flash tattoos is quite common, the point of flash is to be used, and used by many. Most of the time, people do not come to the studio with some super original idea. It is what a good tattoo artist must help with. A professional tattoo artist will always try to add uniqueness to even the most wishy-washy designs.

However, sometimes even an artist may decide not to draw flashes on their own, but to use the ones they find in the public domain on the Internet to follow recent trends. But can we judge them for this?

How To Make a Good Flash Tattoo Sheet?

How To Make a Good Flash Tattoo Sheet?

That being said, if you’re an aspiring tattoo artist, there’s nothing wrong with starting your way with popular flash sheets. After all, the road to originality is built on the experience of others.

Step 1: The choice

You need to decide what exactly you want from your flash tattoos. We’ve already mentioned that anyone can find ready-made sheets on the Internet, print them out, and offer them in their studio. Do you want to do the same?

Next, think about what kind of flash tattoos you want to make: repeatable or one-offs. Flash tattoos are about reputation. Some people even have a thing for collecting flash tattoos from their favorite tattoo artists whose style they admire. Do you want to make it to their list?

Step 2: Sketch your ideas

Flash sheets often come in themed designs. Think about your flash tattoo ideas, take some inspiration from around, and let your creativity guide you.

You can bring your ideas to life both by drawing them by hand and digitally.

Step 3: Make your flash book

As you’re planning the outlook of your sheet, all your drawings should be scaled accordingly so that they can be easily made into a tattoo stencil. Using guidelines can ease this process, but if you struggle with the layout of your sheet, simply place them in your album one at a time.

Step 4: The price list

Keep in mind that even black and gray traditional tattoo flash is considered a budget option. Pricing flash sheets involves evaluating various factors to ensure a fair balance between the artist’s skill, time, and market demand.

Flash tattoos often start at around $50 to $100 and can go up from there, with more intricate or larger designs commanding higher prices. As with any work, the price of a flash tattoo includes your skill level, time, and the price of materials.

Where Can Flash Tattoos Be Used?

Where Can Flash Tattoos Be Used?

Showcase for the studio

Use flash tattoos to showcase your diverse skills and styles. Let the walls tell a story that captivates every client who walks through the door.

Events and conventions

Pack your ink and creativity for events and conventions! Flash tattoos are like mini masterpieces that can draw crowds outside the studio.

Selling online

Selling flash tattoos online opens up a world of possibilities. Your designs can travel across borders, reaching clients who resonate with your unique style. Don’t forget about the watermark!

Flash days

A good way for artists to showcase their creativity, engage with the community, and offer an accessible and affordable tattooing experience to a broader audience.

Extra income

If you feel like you have enough time on your hands, flash tattoos can be a brilliant source of extra income between your regular sessions, or become a great practice for a beginner artist.


Flash tattoos are more than just a quick ink on the skin, they are a tribute to tattoo history. In every flash tattoo, there’s a fusion of artistic vision, spontaneity, and personal expression: from the artist’s sketchpad to the finished stencil.

We hope that this article has helped you learn everything possible about flash tattoos: from history to ideas and even useful tips for beginner tattoo artists. Ready to bring your vision to life? Be it a flash tattoo or a custom design, feel free to browse our tattoo artist catalog!


❓ What Is a Flash Tattoo?

A flash tattoo is a pre-designed tattoo ready to go! Artists create these awesome designs, and you can choose one on the spot.

⌛ How Long Do Flash Tattoos Last?

Depending on the ink you choose, flash tattoos can be permanent, semi-permanent, or temporary, just like any other tattoo. They’ll be with you for the long haul! Flash tattoos are perfect for temporary ink!

? Are Tattoo Flashes Cheaper?

Yep! Flash tattoos are often more budget-friendly since the designs are pre-made, saving time and cost. Nowadays, prices for such tattoos start at $50.

♻️ Do Tattoo Artists Reuse Flash?

That depends on the artists! Flash designs can be used for different clients. It’s a great way to share cool art with more people. But also many tattoo artists prefer unique one-off tattoos.

? Is It Rude To Ask a Tattoo Artist To Change Their Flash Design?

Not at all! Artists want you to love your tattoo. Feel free to discuss tweaks or changes to make it perfect for you. They want you to leave with a tattoo you adore, so don’t hesitate to voice your preferences!


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