Top 20 Girly Foot Tattoo Ideas for Self-Expression

Girly foot tattoo
Foot tattoo can be an excellent location for body art because it can be easily shown or hidden. We have collected the 20 best girly foot tattoos for your inspiration.

In the twenty-first century, a woman is strong enough to be independent and live an exciting life. But sometimes, every woman wants to be a pretty lighthearted girl without any problems and responsibilities. The easiest way to start changing this is to ink a girly tattoo on your foot. The elegant design helps you to remind that you are soul hearted person. The article will describe to you the best ideas for a girly tattoo. Inspire and choose some that you like the most.

Looking for a Tattoo Ideas?

We have more ideas in the gallery with the best foot tattoos for women. Take a look and get inspired!

The Foot Tattoo Symbolism

The foot tattoo is not only a simple image on the skin. It has a deep sense and can show your personality traits. 

From ancient times the foot tattoo was a sign of the pure beauty of a woman. It can express your sensitivity and sexuality because a tattoo always looks intriguing and charming. As the foot is a painful area for getting ink, you must be a brave and willpower woman. Besides, a foot tattoo symbolizes freedom, creativity, and self-expression of the person. 

Also, tattoos on woman’s skin were a disgrace for a long time. That’s why foot was the best place to put it on and not be judged. 

Location for Feet Tattoo

A girly tattoo is a sentimental piece that expresses your individuality. Despite the foot area being small, you have options where to get ink:

  • The ankle is a prominent and lovely location for many women. A master can emphasize the slenderness of your legs with a tattoo. 
  • One more prevalent location is the flat of the foot. A smooth surface allows ink a clear image with many details in this part of the body. 
  • Toe tattoos are very prevalent among girls and women lately. This unusual place that rarely attracts attention can be the object of admiration. 
  • Other unexpected places are heels. The tattoos on both heels look gorgeous.
  • The pinnacle of uniqueness is the bottom of the foot. A tattoo there can be unexpected for people. We must mention that tattoos on the heels and bottom fade quickly. 

These areas are still becoming more and more popular among tattoo lovers. So you can be on a trendy wave with design on any part of your foot.

Designs for Inspiration

Girly foot tattoos associate with tenderness and delicacy. These designs can be laconic and minimalistic or tell a story with colors. There are many options, and you can choose anything you want. 

We picked trendy designs to inspire you for a foot tattoo.

Stars in Girly Foot Tattoo

Girly foot tattoo

Stars are the symbol of miracles and magic. They are considered a classical girly design. There are incredible designs with your zodiac sign in the form of stars. If you want a tattoo that is always in vogue, this type is best for you.

The Patterns in Girly Foot Tattoos

Girly foot tattoo

What is so fantastic about pattern design is that no two are alike. Patterns can be similar to henna body art or mandala symbol. But still, lines and curls are unique in each tattoo.

Tender Dandelions on Foot Tattoo

Girly foot tattoo

The dandelion is a symbol of lightness, freedom, and reverie. You can choose a black&white or colored image and combine it with birds or other details. This flower can be put on your foot and remind you about these essential qualities every day.

Pretty Birds in Girly Foot Tattoo Design

Girly foot tattoo

Foot tattoo with birds can emphasize your femininity. You could choose the design with a swallow or hummingbird. Some abstract birds can also decorate your foot.

Origami Foot Tattoo

Girly foot tattoo

Origami takes its start in Japan. The first item was the box made in monasteries and temples for donations. When this art spread worldwide, the most prevalent paper figure was the crane. Also, the figures of planes, ships, flowers, and different animals are famous. So you can ink the origami print on the skin and have a meaningful and pretty foot tattoo.

Delicate Inscriptions on Foot Tattoo

Girly foot tattoo

It’s a great idea to ink some interesting quote or phrase on your foot. The small inscription looks elegant and always has meaning. You can add details like flowers or balloons to make the tattoo more girly.

Petite Flowers in Foot Tattoo Design

Flowers are classy designs for a girly foot tattoo. A small flower tattoo will look gorgeous and straightforward at the same time. There are many ways to style flowers in the tattoo design. For example, black&white or pastel-colored tattoos are trendy. Everything depends on your taste.

Numbers and Dates in Girly Foot Tattoo

Girly foot tattoo

We don’t want to forget so many memorable dates in our lives. We have an excellent opportunity to keep them on our skin with a foot tattoo. You could choose a unique font for numbers. But try not to use Microsoft fonts because they look cheap.

Girly Tattoo for Both Feet

Girly foot tattoo

One foot tattoo is a good idea, but on both feet is better. Tattoos on feet are meaningful and more complex. They complete each other with a plot but sometimes can be separate.

Jewelry Imitation in Foot Tattoo Design

Girly foot tattoo

Women like to wear jewelry just as much as they like cosmetics. Wear the chain on your ankle or toe ring looks very sexy and classy in summer. But often, we forget to put them on. Get this foot tattoo design, and jewelry will always be on you.

Insects on Girly Foot Tattoo

Girly foot tattoo

The most prevalent insect in woman’s tattoo designs is the butterfly. But why not put a caterpillar as a symbol of metamorphosis, a dragonfly, or some cute beetle? Be original in your choice.

Watercolor Foot Tattoo

Watercolor tattoos are fresh, an eye-catching technique in which tattoo artists use pigment dissolved in water by gradients, splattering, layering, and scumbling. This foot tattoo design will look very girly and attractive.

Peace and Love on Girly Foot Tattoo

“Peace and love” is the slogan of the hippie movement. Nowadays, it is actual as never before. A tattoo with this meaningful and straightforward emblem can decorate your foot and make it look elegant.

The Musical Theme of Girly Foot Tattoo

The singing of the birds, the noise of the big city or the surf is all music. It inspires us to move forward, create and act. You can keep this inspiration in your foot tattoo with notes and other musical signs.

Minimalistic Animals on Foot Tattoo

Girly foot tattoo

Animals can be so lovely and funny. These creatures make you smile and admire them. A girly foot tattoo with a cat or panda, little shark, and whale can show that you are an animal lover and have a tender soul.

Not only minimalist tattoos can look elegant. There are many options for unique designs for larger foot tattoos. They can also look cute and girlishly stylish. In addition, it is easier to place an interesting subject on a large size and provide more profound meaning to the tattoo.

Dreamcatcher in Foot Tattoo

Girly foot tattoo

The dreamcatcher is an ancient Indian amulet protecting dreams from fears and tears. In New Age philosophy, if you get ink on this ethnic decoration on your skin, it will bring you happiness.

Arrows in Girly Foot Tattoo Design

Girly foot tattoo

An arrow fired from a bow always has a direction. If you are motivated and always reach the target, the arrow is a perfect foot tattoo.

White Ink Foot Tattoo

Girly foot tattoo

White ink is an extra class in tattoo designing. This kind of foot tattoo looks gorgeous, especially on tanned skin. 

Also, you can have one special bonus if you get a tattoo with this ink. Foot tattoo will light in the dark. The minimalistic design will be the best choice.

Cute Fruit in Foot Tattoo

Girly foot tattoo

If you want a cute foot tattoo without particular meaning, fruit and veggies are a great idea. They look funny and cartoony and at the same time show your joyful character.

Artsy Foot Tattoo Designs

Girly foot tattoo

Tattooing is a way to express yourself and one of the art directions. These designs consist of many delicate lines and details. Such tattoos always look realistic and create a picture effect. A foot tattoo can be a piece of art if you choose a talented master and perfect design.


A girly foot tattoo is about your personal feeling of youth and femininity. You can use it as a memorable sign or excellent decoration. It doesn’t matter what the reason is. The result is a great foot tattoo with a unique and perfect design. Don’t be afraid to step forward with a foot tattoo and extend your individual. Remember, there is the most extensive collection of American tattoo masters on Ink-match who will surprise you with their skill.


❓ Does a Colored Foot Tattoo Hurt More?

It doesn’t matter if it’s a blach&white or colored tattoo. Inking on foot is a painful prosses. Everything depends on your pain threshold and the sensitivity of the skin.

🕊 What Does the Feather Foot Tattoo Mean?

The foot tattoo with a feather is prevalent among women. It symbolizes freedom, honor, and peace. Feather with pattern is a very creative design.

🙈 How To Sleep With a New Foot Tattoo?

A fresh foot tattoo needs special care. Clean it before going to bed. Wrap it with tattoo paper. Try to sleep on the opposite side of the tattoo.

👣 Is It Difficult To Walk After Foot Tattooing?

After getting inked, there will be swelling and pain in your foot for a few days. But these things don’t affect the ability to walk. Rarely you can feel discomfort.


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