20 Unique Tattoo Designs To Get On Your Foot

Tattoo Designs To Get On Your Foot
Tattooing is always a good idea, especially when talking about foot tattoos. The excellent design can emphasize your beauty and uniqueness. In this article, you can enjoy the best foot tattoo designs for summer.

Tattoos on feet always look elegant, unusual, and intriguing. It’s a simple way to emphasize the beauty of your legs. That’s why tattoos on the feet are so popular among women. 

In this article, we’ll describe some details about foot tattoos. Also, we collected unique designs for you to choose the best and look gorgeous.

20 Unique Tattoo Designs To Get On Your Foot

Foot Tattoo History

Nobody knows, but archeologists found the first tattoos on women’s bodies more than three thousand years BC. The idea of foot body art appeared in India. Flower paintings and patterns on women’s feet were symbols of beauty. Girls drew them at festivals and solemn events. The foot tattoo was a better decoration than the jewelry. Also, painting feet was one of the essential and meaningful rituals for the young woman before the wedding day.

Traditionally Indian women drew body art with henna. But when European women came across the idea of foot painting, tattoos began to be put on the skin with ink and needle.

There is an opinion that foot tattoos are only suitable for women. But in fact, these were elements of tattoos of Indian people and Samoa culture. For some Polynesian tribes, tattooing was only a man’s tradition passed through generations from father to son.

Significant Benefits and Shortcomings of Foot Tattoo

A few benefits convince you to get a tattoo on your foot. 

  • Firstly, you can hide the tattoo easily if needed. We are in society and wear socks, tights, and shoes most of the time, so nobody sees our feet. Also, as the foot has a small space, the tattoo may be small. 
  • For some reason, feet are a rare location for getting inked, so the tattoo on this part of the body is original and unique. Besides, your foot location shows that you are an interesting and mysterious person. Your tattoo is an unexpected element of your style.

There are some disadvantages you should know about the foot tattoo.

  • Getting ink on foot is a painful process. This part of the body has few muscles and many bones. That’s why everything depends on the pain threshold. If your skin is not sensitive and you can relieve the pain, a foot tattoo is accessible.
  • A tattoo on the foot can fade more quickly than on the other body parts. But if you choose the right design with bold colors and thick lines, it will not blur for longer. Some tattoo designs are more attractive with this fade structure. 

Supersensual Designs for Your Feet

The foot tattoo is a perfect accent on your skin. Despite the foot area is small, there are many designs to make the tattoo awesome. You can choose a large or small tattoo, black and white or colored. Just use your imagination. 

Bellow, we’ll show you the most beautiful and unique designs.

Supersensual designs for your feet

The Marine Theme on the Foot Tattoo

The marine theme on the foot tattoo

The perfect place to show a foot tattoo is the summer beach. So the marine theme is an excellent idea for tattoo design. You can have starfish, jellyfish, octopus, or other sea creatures, shells, palms, and even a sea beach on foot tattoo.

Trees on the Foot Tattoo

Trees on the foot tattoo

A tree is well known as a symbol of strength, knowledge, and wisdom. Get the tree on your foot tattoo to emphasize these personality traits.

Feathers on the Foot Tattoo

Feathers on the foot tattoo

One of the most prevalent foot tattoo designs is the feather. They always look tenderly and interestingly. You could ink a peacock feather, a feather with patterns, or birds.

Magic Mandala Foot Tattoo Design

Magic mandala foot tattoo design

A mandala is a sacred symbol of unity, harmony, and integrity of the universe and man in this world. The mandala is most commonly used in Buddhism for meditation. It is not a simple drawing but a mystical diagram containing geometrical figures and images of deities depicted in the language of symbols. You can get this design on your foot if you are interested in Buddhism, practice it, or want to have some mysterious tattoo.

Flowers Forever 

Flowers forever

Flowers in a tattoo are beautiful and a symbol of joy and vitality. There are many flower species, and you can choose anyone. It can be a single flower or the composition, a classic rose or lily, or gentle lilac and dandelion.

Meaningful Quotes

Meaningful quotes

When we read books and listen to people’s stories, some quotes and phrases get stuck in our souls. Sometimes they become a division of our life or influence our worldview. Why not capture such a phrase in a tattoo? 

Here are some ideas about how this type of foot tattoo can look.

Minimalistic Tattoo on Foot

Minimalistic tattoo on foot

Minimalistic tattoos on feet are always pertinent and exquisite. They are easy to hide and can be an excellent decoration for your skin. This type of tattoo is popular among women. The great idea is to get a minimalistic foot tattoo with pastel colors that will look gorgeous on tanned skin.

Birds in Foot Tattoo Design

Birds in foot tattoo design

Birds are the symbol of life and freedom. The bird with spread wings can decorate your foot from ankle to toe. Also, you can ink bird’s wings on both feet to make your tattoo unique.

Inspired by Henna Foot Tattoo

Inspired by henna foot tattoo

Decorating feet and hands with henna is an ancient Indian tradition. Inspired by this technique, tattoo artists started to use it in tattooing. A lot of small details and patterns impress with unrepeatability.

Space Design on Foot

Space design on foot

Space is so distant and unattainable part of the world for most people. You can have a foot tattoo with the sun and moon. You could ink stars and the asteroid. These tattoos are guaranteed to be unique.

3-D Foot Tattoo Design

3-D foot tattoo design

We see a tattoo as an ordinary flat image on the skin. If you want to give yourself something unusual and original, then a 3d tattoo is your story. This type of tattoo is a breakthrough in the art of tattooing. Tattoo artist adds elements of depth that interact with the skin, creating an illusion effect.

Cartoons and Characters on Foot

Cartoons and characters on foot

If you are a movie fan or have a favorite cartoon character, you can add it to your tattoo. This design is an excellent idea for a man’s foot tattoo. Superheroes from Marvel are very popular in this kind of tattoo. You can also get classical Disney characters or other favorites.

Hawaiian Tattoo Motifs on the Foot

Hawaiian tattoo motifs on the foot

The Hawaiian cultural tradition art of tattooing in these islands lives nowadays. These tattoos are composed of certain geometric symbols that build up the overall picture. In this type of design, images of animals like sharks, turtles, and fish are prevalent. Besides, the Hawaiian plumeria flower is often used as a tattoo design.

Extraordinary Foot Tattoo Designs

Extraordinary foot tattoo designs

Awesome futuristic tattoos have become popular recently. Such design is fine for expressive people interested in unusual things, robot technologies, and other futuristic stuff.

Animals in Foot Tattoo

Animals in foot tattoo

You can get a foot tattoo with some animal if you are an animal lover. Maybe you have a lovely home pet, and you can make its portrait on your skin.  Also, it will be interesting to get some paws on foot tattoos. And a tattoo with a wild wolf or lion will look strong enough for a man. This kind of tattoo is unisex.

Interesting Geometry in Foot Tattoo

Interesting geometry in foot tattoo

Geometric structures look very impressive on the skin. The crispness of the lines and the abstraction of the image create an effect of uniqueness. You could combine this design with other tattoos on your legs.

Romantic Is Out of Fashion

Romantic is out of fashion

Love is an essential aspect of our life. This unique feeling gives sense to everything that we do and surrounds us. The theme of love has been present in all areas of art since ancient times, and tattoos are no exception. You can dedicate a foot tattoo to your lover or close to heart person.

Foot Tattoo for a Couple

Foot tattoo for a couple

If you are in a relationship, you can witness your love by getting a couple’s tattoo on your feet. The tattoo could be a symbol of your pure love and happiness. One part of the composition is on your foot, and another is on your partner’s foot. Also, you can have similar tattoos with your friends or your relatives.

Names on Foot Tattoos

Names on foot tattoos

Name tattoos are memorable and unique. We ink on our skin only essential names that would be with us forever. You can use original fonts or ciphers, so the meaning of this tattoo will be unknown to others.

Pin-up Design

Pin-up design

It’s hard to find a more extravagant foot tattoo design than a pin-up. It appeared in the fifties of the twentieth century when the world-known company “Coca-Cola” used this style in its advertisement. However, years later, this type of tattoo is still prevalent.

Plot Tattoos on Foot

Plot tattoos on foot

Plot tattoos are complicated but profound types. This tattoo tells a story and usually gets on both feet. The foot tattoo can complement previous tattoos on your skin and make a composition like a piece of art.


The foot tattoo is an opportunity to show your sensitivity and grace or your power and braveness. Also, this place for tattoos has more advantages than disadvantages. However, a foot tattoo must be well-designed because you will see it all the time. 

We hope our article inspired and helped you decide what design is the best for you. If you are looking for a tattoo artist, we recommend Ink-match, where you can search for masters and get matched with the best one for you.


? Is It True That Foot Tattoos Always Blur?

A foot tattoo can fade after some time. The reason is the contact with shoes. So you can ink contrast and deep-colored tattoo or correct it time after time.

? When Is It Better To Get a Tattoo on My Foot?

The best season is spring. At this time, you can wear sandals, and insolation is not as intensive as in summer.

❓ Does It Hurt To Get a Foot Tattoo?

Getting inked on the foot area is a painful process. That’s why this is a rare location for tattoos. If you are sensitive to pain, it’ll be better to choose areas with big muscles and fat. The hip, shoulder, chest, shank, and arm are less painful.

? What Type of Foot Tattoo Lasts the Longest?

The foot tattoo with bright colors and clear lines can live longer. There are some techniques to make an intense color. Nowadays, high-quality inks provide more extended existence for a foot tattoo.


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