10 Best Tattoo Artists in The US That Will Impress You

10 Best Tattoo Artists in The US That Will Impress You
From realism to surrealism, our guide unveils the top tattoo artists in the US, promising a showcase of the best talent across diverse artistic expressions.

Every tattoo artist can indeed be called the best at something when their skills reach their peak. We can say that art ages like wine — better with years. It just so happens that tastes for wine change over time, so maybe in a year, the best tattoo artists will be different, more experienced, and yet, innovative.

In this article, you will see a curated selection of the ten best tattoo artists in the United States, as recognized by InkMatch at the moment of writing the article. 

Criteria For Selection

Our tattoo artist catalog contains more than two thousand best tattoo artists in the USA alone. How can one even choose the top ten?

We based this selection of the best tattoo artists not only on their skills but also on the most influential tattoo artists who contributed to the revival of the tattoo industry in the post-COVID era, as well as the demand for their artistry, and their stories.

Read to the end, and you will see not just the best tattoo artists in different styles, you will see a piece of their soul that lies behind their vocation.

Best Tattoo Artists in The US by Ink Match

And here it is, the list of this year’s best artists according to Ink Match! If you are interested in the portfolios of these artists, you will find links to their pages under each description.

Kimberly Duran — The Best Freehand Tattooist

A true improviser and artist at heart, whose tattoo style is more like a work of art on canvas than a traditional tattoo. That’s right, Kimberly Duran goes on our list as the best freehand tattoo artist.

Since she was 17 years old, she has been improving her tattooing skills, trying many styles, and in 7 years she was able to establish herself in a cozy studio in New Jersey, and the title of the best freehand tattooist.

Drawing inspiration from the natural and supernatural world, Kim specializes in botanical, portraiture, realism, and surrealism styles. Her unique approach to tattooing involves a fluid and intuitive technique, not using stencils but painting directly onto the skin.

Kimberly Duran

As Kim states in her socials, “Starting originally as a painter, I love the fluidity of this technique as they are drawn to fit and flow with the body.”

Marcel Oliveira — The Most Influential Tattoo Artist

Marcel Oliveira, the maestro of ink hailing from the vibrant city of Miami, stands as the best tattoo artist in the United States, a prominent figure in tattoo artistry. 

With over 25 years of experience, Marcel has left an indelible mark on the tattoo community, participating in over 50 conventions in Brazil, Argentina, and the United States. 

His work has graced the pages of prestigious publications in more than 20 magazines, such as Tattoo Brazil Magazine and Worldwide Ink Magazine, for example.

Marcel Oliveira

As the recipient of several awards, he has crafted a niche for himself, making a statement in realistic style.

Marissa Wolfe — The Stipple Shading Wizard

Perhaps the youngest tattoo artist in this selection, but also the most ambitious! In just two years, Marissa managed to grow from a simple flash tattoo padawan to a full-fledged fantasy tattoo artist from Janesville, Wisconsin.

She often uses the stipple technique in her works, puncturing a composition of tiny-tiny dots. This style particularly allows for making a more texturized and mystical look in her designs, perfect for illustrative tattoos.

Her vocation was abstract and fantasy themes for sure, because her very first tattoo was a tiny cute dinosaur made for her friend, and during her studies at the studio she was in charge of the event known as May the 4th, a flash day dedicated to Star Wars.

Marissa Wolfe

We would call her motto “The more, the merrier”. Why tattoo only one kitten if you can have more? A cute dragon? He needs friends! Many of Marisa’s clients often come back to her to give their painted pets new companions.

Eddie Torres — The Best Tattoo Architect

Eddie’s tattoos are a source of pride and reflect his background as an architect. Before becoming a tattoo artist, Eddie was profound in three degrees: Architecture, History, and Gender Studies. Of course, this legacy cannot go unnoticed in his modern works.

The incredible precision and expressiveness of the lines, which seem to have come from a draft, combine with Eddie’s artistic nature to create beautiful illustrations. As Eddie himself has stated, “My goal with my style is to achieve a sense of duality in all my work. Bold but feminine. Technical but organic.”

Eddie Torres

You should visit Eddie in Miami if you love Victorian, medieval, dot-work, or line art tattoos! Victorian, medieval, dot-work, or line art tattoos!

J. Trip — The Best Cover-Up Artist

Well-rounded in many styles, from tribal to realistic, but J. Trip is best known for his painted floral and landscape tattoos.

What sets him apart is his love for cover-up tattoos and reworkings. He can cover a huge blackwork with a beautiful, colorful night landscape, and bring back faded colors to a new life.

So if you’re looking for someone who can cover your past tattoos, J. Trip is second to none in Philadelphia.

J. Trip

Tina Gilliland — The Best Neo-Traditional Tattoo Artist

Tina Gilliland, also known as ShorTy, is the best tattoo artist in the USA who is a profound neo-traditional enjoyer, and a huge fan of A Day To Remember.

Just like Tina herself, her work contains a mystical and gothic aesthetic, and in her free time, she loves to create her designs based on the songs of her favorite band.

So, all ADTR fans gather around, because you are destined to head to Denver!

Tina Gilliland

David Gray — The Biggest Variety of Realistic Tattoos

David Gray of Davison is a talented tattoo artist in the realism style. His portfolio includes skulls, animals, human figures, anime, fantasy, and portraits.

Although his profile mostly consists of black realism, he doesn’t hesitate to use colors in his realistic masterpieces, too. He is also known to be one of few artists who will take on a head tattoo request.

If you’re interested in a highly detailed representation of your favorite movie character, David is happy to collaborate with you and bring your character to life.

David Gray

Katie Quirino — Best Tattoo Nights Out

Katie’s work is as sophisticated as it is mesmerizing, especially her geometric mandalas. She is best with floral designs, illustrations, and lettering works.

She is also known in her city for her studio’s tattoo pop-up events and tattoo parties. It’s something similar to flash days, but much better and cozier, we’d call that the world’s best tattoo studio! 

This is how she fulfills her wish, offering her clients not just ink, but an incarnation of their memorable stories and personal expressions.

Katie Quirino

And in case you are planning an event of your own, Katie will be more than happy to prepare a special tattoo flash kit for your celebration. So, if you happen to visit Kansas City, consider visiting one of Katie’s parties & get a tattoo!

Mattia Bretti — Best Tattoo Sculptures

For connoisseurs of Renaissance art, this tattoo artist will be a real treasure.

He’s one of the best tattoo artists in the US, but in his works, Mattia always puts a piece of his home in Rome. Inspired by the culture of Italy and the classical works of art by Michelangelo and Da Vinci, Mattia has been able to perfectly recreate their works of art in the form of tattoos, over and over.

But be careful not to become a real walking museum, Mattia’s works are so realistic. Mind that even though he used to work in New York, now his studio is located in Miami.

Mattia Bretti

Phil Robertson — The Most Detailed Colored Tattoos

Cyberpunk is becoming a reality with the works of Phil Robertson, the best tattoo artist in America, hailing from Cleveland. His imagination for biomechanical and monster-mechanical designs knows no bounds.

The best and most detailed tattoos that turn you into a futuristic character or even the iconic Doom you can get only from him. Arm sleeves, leg sleeves, full back — he can do anything.

Phil Robertson

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The process of selecting a tattoo artist is a highly personal endeavor. If the ideal artist didn’t emerge from our carefully curated top-ranked tattoo artists in the USA, fear not, and dive deeper into our extensive collection of artist profiles, portfolios, and reviews to discover the perfect ink match for your vision. 


The realm of America’s best tattoo artists is a vibrant tapestry woven with threads of diversity and unmatched talent. Our exploration of the top ten tattoo artists is merely a glimpse into the rich mosaic that defines the American tattoo scene.

This selection does not just look at the best, we try to look for more than just skills. Your journey toward finding the perfect artist is an individualized adventure, and our website serves as your reliable compass in navigating the vast landscape of tattoo artistry. 

Explore, compare, and find the artist whose skills resonate with your vision, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable tattoo venture.


🖤 Who Is the Best Black-And-Gray Tattoo Artist in the United States?

Determining the best black-and-gray tattoo artist is subjective, depending on individual preferences. Renowned artists in this style include David Gray, Katie Quirino, and Mattia Bretti, each celebrated for their exceptional skill in black-and-gray realism.

🌎 Which State Has the Best Tattoo Artist?

Many states boast highly talented artists. California, New York, and Florida are known for having diverse and thriving tattoo scenes with exceptional artists.

💬 Are Consultations With Tattoo Artists Free?

In many cases, consultations with tattoo artists are free of charge. Artists often offer these sessions to discuss design ideas, assess feasibility, and provide cost estimates. Confirming this with the specific artist or studio is advisable, as practices may vary.

🔍 How Do I Find the Best Tattoo Artist in My Area?

To find the best tattoo artists in America, you can start by doing some research on local tattoo shops and reading reviews from other customers. It’s also a good idea to explore artists’ portfolios to get a sense of their styles. You can also ask for personal recommendations or look for online forums where people share their experiences and opinions.


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