70 Best Tattoo Ideas For Men to Highlight Masculinity In 2024

tattoo ideas for men
We selected the seven best tattoo ideas for men to transform their appearance. Discover how you can do this with the help of our article.
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Guys can easily level up their appearance by getting some fancy ink. It’s essential, however, to find fresh tattoo ideas that will be suitable for men for decades. 

We spent dozens of hours exploring the most classical and masculine tattoo designs, so you don’t need to. As a result, we’ve prepared seven different tattoo styles and concepts, including minimalistic, Japanese, tribal, and many more. Keep reading to find all of them, as we’re sure every man will find a tattoo idea to his liking in our article. 

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Men’s Tattoos: Best Concepts To Consider

Before looking at tattoo ideas, let’s figure out how to develop a tattoo concept. 

We recommend you choose your tattoo based on personal meaning and symbolism to make it more significant. Even if you choose a classic design, don’t be afraid to add something fresh from your heart. For one example, you can refer to your pet if getting an animal tattoo. If you want to get ink with a deep sense of resonance, add a symbol from your personal life. This way, your ink will represent much more than just a picture.

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tattoo ideas for men

Perfect Symbols To Highlight Masculinity

There are some symbols and designs that seem to be golden classics for masculine tattoos. They include:

  • Animals. Many animals are much stronger than humans. A lion, wolf, tiger, or other predator can be the perfect tattoo idea for men who want to highlight the strength of their character. Also, such animals are symbols of embracing something more powerful than you.
  • Portraits. Getting a specific person portrayed on the body can tell a lot about your personality. This might be anyone from a family member to someone who deeply impacted your life, or even your pet. This ink concept is classic and will always be relevant, showing how grateful a person is for having them in their life.
  • Masculine symbols. Weapons, skulls, historical references (for example, Sailor Jerry), and others are especially relatable to men, even though women also choose such symbols for their tattoos from time to time.
tattoo ideas for men

Trendy Tattoo Styles for Men

Choosing the right style is essential for making sure your tattoo conveys the correct mood. Some are versatile, while others can be implemented only in some designs.

Japanese. Even Sailor Jerry got inspired by the Asian style. Its symbolism and color palette will make many think of Japanese films and the yakuza. A long and adventurous history makes the Asian tattoo style suitable for all men and almost all ideas.

Tribal tattoos have been popular for thousands of years. Archeologists have discovered that even some mummies have them. This style used to have spiritual meaning, while protecting the owner of the tattoo from bad luck.

Black and grey. Bold and badass; these are the words that come to mind when you see men with black and white tattoos. A monochromatic style can literally suit every tattoo idea. The right artist can use it to turn your ink into a masterpiece that no colorful tattoo can compete against.

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Cool Tattoo Ideas for Men

Now that you’re almost a man’s tattoo expert, it’s time to explore the best ink styles we’ve found in our research. Get inspiration from these unique and fancy designs. 


Tribal tattoos are one of the ideal choices if you’re looking for classic ideas for men that won’t get old with time. Their popularity for thousands of years makes tribal tattoos deeper than just pretty patterns. By having such a tattoo, you embrace the whole of human history with all its adventures. Scroll through these photos of men’s tribal tattoo ideas to find what ink will suit you the best.


You can turn your arm into a masterpiece with the right tattoo artist and approach. The most exciting part of sleeves is that you can choose any tattoo design for men you want. Not only that, but you can fill your arm with ink of different styles. In addition, some people consider sleeves to be a whole drawing. But in reality, getting dozens of smaller men’s tattoo ideas may make you look astonishing. We’ve prepared cool tattoos for men to help you find inspiration.


There’s a reason the Japanese tattoo style is so popular. Besides looking exotic, Japanese tattoos have deep cultural roots. You can boost your appearance or even show the world your life philosophy with Japanese men’s tattoo ideas. If you’re thinking about getting an Asian-style tattoo, you’ll find inspiration in the following images.

Animals And Creatures

Animals and other creatures have always had an important role in culture and folklore. They may represent our personalities or just remind us of something meaningful. If you find animal designs just on their own to be not quite enough, you can combine them with a personal symbol that means a lot to you to level up the entire design. 

Old School

Even though some tattoo designs for men were trendy decades ago, today their time-tested concepts are popular again. When you see an old-school tattoo, you can feel the mood of the past. The right approach can totally transform your style. Here are some of the most vibe tattoo ideas for men.


You don’t need to get your whole body inked to look masculine. Sometimes minimalistic men’s tattoo ideas can have a much deeper impact, with their simplicity and clean lines. Plus, small tattoos don’t need much space. Here is a compilation of the most sick minimalistic tattoo ideas.


Portraits are another choice for achieving a masculine look. You can have a portrait of someone you love, someone you’re proud of, or someone who’s an inspiration to you. You can even use friends or family photos to make a unique and outstanding man’s tattoo.

Ideas on Where To Place Men’s Tattoos

Masculine tattoos suit every body part. If you don’t know where you’d like to see your ink, we recommend you come up with a sketch first. The larger men’s tattoo ideas will look astonishing on the chest or back, while the arms can be a great canvas for smaller ones or sleeves.

The best advice we can give you is to pick your tattoo idea and a few places on your body to put it, then consult with a tattoo artist. This way, it’ll be much easier for the artist to understand your wishes and pick the ideal place. 

Not sure where to place your ink? You can find the answer in our related article, where we describe in detail how to choose the best tattoo placements.
tattoo ideas for men

Final Thoughts

Tattoos can adorn the body of every man, but the level they will affect your appearance depends on the style and design you choose. In our article, we presented the best time-tested tattoo ideas for men that will look great for a long time.

And remember that tattoos always represent the personality and tastes of the owner. So don’t be afraid to experiment and create ones with personal meaning and symbolism. You can explore our catalog with more than 1,000 tattoo artists to create personal and unique ink designs.


🧔🏻 Which Tattoo Is Best for Men?

Japanese, portrait, tribal, and minimalistic tattoos are popular with men. They can transform your look in different ways depending on your tastes.

💪🏻 Where Should a Man Get His First Tattoo?

The best tattoo placements for guys are the arms, chest, and back. We recommend you choose a tattoo idea first to see what body part it’ll suit the most.

✍🏻 How Do I Find Cool Tattoo Ideas for Men?

In our article, we selected the best minimalistic, Japanese, tribal, retro, and other tattoo ideas for men. Or you can create something unique and personal with your tattoo artist.

💣 What Tattoo Style Is Trending?

Some of the most trendy styles are Japanese, minimalistic, tribal, and old school. They have outstanding concepts that boost your look.


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