Origins of the Wolf Tattoo and 70 Charming Ideas You’ll Love

wolf tattoos
One of the most historically important symbols: wolf tattoos to highlight your personality. Our collection will help you express yourself in almost any style.

Since the dawn of history, there has been a special connection between a man and a wolf. People from almost every region of the world were telling creation myths, heroic tales, and historical legends where a wolf was often the main character. With such an enormous cultural context, it is not surprising that wolf tattoos are still among the most popular tattoo designs.

Here, we will talk about the origins of the wolf tattoo design, its meanings throughout history, how ink masters work with it in modern times, and even a couple of famous wolf tattoos. We have created a collection of ideas to fit almost any artistic style, vibe, or body placement. Buckle up, and let’s start with the historical meaning.

Realistic wolf tattoos can be very complex and nuanced, and not every artist is ready to undertake them. We have more than 500 tattoo artists in our catalog—select the filters you need and find the author of your next (or first) tattoo in several clicks!

Wolf Tattoos: Origins and Meanings

Tattooing is an extremely old practice, and the earliest examples of animal tattoos are more than 3,000 years old. It is hard to pinpoint one specific earliest instance of a person with a wolf tattoo, but most likely, tattoos featuring wolves were quite popular. This is especially true for cultures that had wolves at the core of their mythology.

🌎 The tattooing process held a deep spiritual significance for the indigenous people of North America. According to descriptions of European travelers, in some tribes, tattoos (including animal tattoos) were so common that it was hard to find at least one person who would have no tattoos at all. They often viewed the wolf as a sacred protector of all wildlife and human friend and even shared their prey with wolf packs.

Wolf Totem Pole of Indigenous People of America
Wolf Totem Pole of Indigenous People of America

🏰 For many European nations, the wolf was a feared animal, a fierce territorial defender. If a man could somehow receive a share of the wolf’s power, they would become extremely strong and dangerous. That is why several European capitals are told to be founded with the wolves’ help. The most famous story is about the Capitoline She-Wolf who raised the mythical founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus.

⛩️ Japanese tradition had quite a unique approach toward the symbolism of a wolf. In the Shinto religion, the wolf was associated with thunder, and farmers made amulets with wolf images to protect themselves against hunger, diseases, and natural disasters.

As you can see, the wolf symbols had slightly different meanings for different nations, but almost all of them respected the wolf as a strong and fierce animal who can be a reliable friend or a deadly foe. But how did our attitude change throughout history?

The wolf is indeed a great way to express strength and masculinity. But there are others: find out 70 extraordinary tattoo ideas for men in 2023.

What Vibe Can a Wolf Tattoo Convey Today?

Some of the meanings of the wolf symbol have evolved, and new ones appeared. Wolf tattoos can still mean loyalty and belongingness, but today, more and more people see wolves as independent, even solitary creatures. In nature, however, a wolf can become an outcast for various reasons, and periods of loneliness are actually very tough.

While the wolf has always been seen as a powerful beast, the ways of expressing power changed over time. The wolf is strong not just because of its muscles and sheer physical strength but also due to its cunning, agility, and unparalleled intuition. That is why minimalist, sleek, geometrical wolf tattoo designs are a popular way to express a slightly different aspect of one’s personality.

wolf tattoos

Overall, the most frequent meanings a wolf tattoo delivers are:

  • Power
  • Independence
  • Patronage
  • Loyalty
  • Belongingness
  • Wisdom
  • Fortitude

The good thing about a tattoo is that it does not simply send one message (it wouldn’t be that cool, would it?). Instead, it delivers a whole palette of feelings, thoughts, and emotions. That is why we decided to classify wolf tattoo ideas by vibes in the first place.

Folk Motives: North American, Slavic, Celtic, and Others

In this section, you’ll find several folklore-inspired ideas from different corners of the world. Folk themes are very diverse and allow us to express a whole variety of sentiments: from a deep connection to spiritual or familial roots to a general feeling of touch with nature.

For example, a classic example of a North American vibe is a woman with a wolf tattoo. Slavic mythology, on the other hand, is famous for its unsettling horror motives (a werewolf chest tattoo can be an impressive piece). Don’t hesitate to check out other ideas as well!

One of the most popular characters of the fascinating Norse folklore definitely deserves a separate article. And it does have it: check out 50+ Fenrir tattoo ideas!

This selection features our artist Danny Elliott

The Lone Wolf: the Classic Individualist Design

Every person goes through periods when no one else can help them but themselves. The feeling of solitude and self-reliance can encourage a person to get a lone wolf tattoo. It can become a forever affirmation that you are strong enough to go through all the life struggles on your own. Or it can be a way to connect with other people who might wear a similar tattoo for the same reason. And it is fitting because, in nature, lone wolves also seek to find a new pack and form new relationships.

Family Vibes: a Tattoo to Express Belongingness

Delivering a sense of allegiance is one of the most traditional callings for a tattoo. For example, a tattoo of a wolf pup can be a great way to express a caring, protective nature. Picturing a group of wolves is another option to show family or friendly bond.

Cartoony and Colorful: Ideas to Reference Famous Wolves

Yes, most of the wolf tattoos look serious (sometimes even too serious), but that doesn’t mean you can’t go for something colorful, cartoony, or even slightly goofy. You can actually get very creative here, and it feels like such tattoos are somewhat underrated. Death from recent Puss in the Boots looks bonkers, don’t you think?

If you noticed a Princess Mononoke motive right there: don’t forget to check out our 55 meaningful tattoo ideas inspired by the cult anime.

Elegant, Sleek Geometry: Simple Designs with Personal Meaning

Form follows function was the motto of modern architecture designers. Turns out it can be applied to the tattoo industry, to some degree. If you want to emphasize dexterity and intelligence—a minimalist wolf forearm tattoo with geometric motives might be exactly what you’re looking for. Another big pro for such a tattoo is that it can be easily combined with almost any other style. It can be black & white or colorful, a small separate piece or half of a realistic wolf tattoo, or use shapes characteristic for folk tattoos—there is little to no limit to imagination.

What Are the Best Places for a Wolf Tattoo?

On one hand, choosing a place for a tattoo is a big struggle (choosing is always tough, especially if you will carry the result for the rest of your life). But on the other, this is part of the tattooing process where you can make a really creative decision. You learn the rules before you learn when to break them—when it comes to tattoos, the rules are here.

If we talk wolf tattoos specifically, the most important thing you need to understand is that the more detailed the tattoo is, the more space it takes. If the area is small and narrow, it gets exponentially harder for the artist to ink small yet essential details (like wolf’s fur). So always take the artist’s opinion seriously, especially if they say something doesn’t feel quite right.

Impressive Chest Piece

The chest is one of the best locations for a tattoo, especially if it is a large, high-resolution, complex piece. For men, such a wolf tattoo can achieve a desired “wow” effect, especially if a person has an embossed chest musculature. 

This section features our artists George Wilkinson, Jhon Gutti, Andrés Makishi, and Mattia Bretti

Detailed Wolf Arm Tattoo

You can approach an arm tattoo in many different ways. It can be a large shoulder piece, a vertical full-sleeve tattoo, or a wolf half-sleeve design. Look for the inspiration in the selection below!

This selection features our artists: Josiah Johnson, George Wilkinson, and Justin Rivera

Striking Neck Design

The neck is a controversial spot. Often you might hear that the face and neck are ‘no-go’ zones. That is because these two locations are the most visible, and having a tattoo you no longer want to have on your neck is pretty bad. On the other hand, a high-quality neck tattoo can be the most stylish thing you’ve done in your life. So no categorical judgment here, just be thoughtful with the design and choose the artist wisely.

This section features our artist Denise Craig

Other, Rare but Creative Places

Of course, those were not the only places you can have a wolf tattoo on. The collection below contains several unorthodox designs. Thighs and under-bra areas can be slightly surprising but very stylish choices for a wolf tattoo for women, while fingers, calves, and back can suit anyone.

  • Thighs

This section features our artists Chris Toler and Ronak Patel

  • Belly and ribs

This selection features our artists Gabe Lopez and Greg Bartz

  • Fingers and hands

This selection features our artist Leduar Villafana

  • Calves

This selection features our artists Michael Valdes, Enkayia Parra, and Josiah Johnson

  • Back

This selection features our artists Gabe Lopez, Josiah Johnson, and Jhon Gutti

The Most Famous Wolf Tattoos

As a small bonus for you, we added a couple of famous wolf tattoos to our collection. If you like the style of someone from the selection below, you might like their music or performance as well, so check it out.

  • Former One Direction member Zayn Malik has a wolf tattoo on his chest. The tattoo features a detailed wolf head.

Former One Direction member Zayn Malik has a wolf tattoo on his chest. The tattoo features a detailed wolf head.
  • Skylar Grey has a realistic wolf tattoo on her forearm with the caption “The journey is the reward.”
Skylar Grey has a realistic wolf tattoo on her forearm with the caption “The journey is the reward.”
  • Sophie Turner, from the Game of Thrones, has a wolf tattoo on her left arm. Under the House Stark’s emblem, it is written: “the pack survives.”
Sophie Turner, from the Game of Thrones, has a wolf tattoo on her left arm. Under the House Stark’s emblem, it is written: “the pack survives.”


A wolf tattoo is one of the most popular designs in the tattoo industry. Wolf as a symbol has enormous cultural significance in almost any nation’s mythology—and this explains why so many people have deep associations with this animal.

There are many ways to get a great tattoo, in different styles and body placements. But we found 60+ wolf tattoo ideas that will intrigue you, regardless of whether you are looking for a large werewolf chest tattoo or a minimalist forearm wolf.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our collection, and if you did—check out our related articles!


🐺 What Does a Wolf Tattoo Symbolize?

We explored the significance the wolf tattoo has in different cultures, but in short, the most common meanings are power, independence, loyalty, and wisdom.

💲 How Much Can a Wolf Tattoo Cost?

The price for a tattoo depends on a number of factors, namely, size, style, color, complexity, and the artist’s experience. Actually, we have a convenient way for you to get a close approximation.

🤔 What Tattoos Match a Wolf?

You can get very creative with your tattoo, so there is no definitive answer. The most popular combinations, however, include other animals to contrast the wolf (for example, a bear), the moon, or flowers.

👹 What Does a Viking Wolf Head Tattoo Mean?

The wolf is one of the most important symbols in Norse mythology and is associated with Fenrir, an amalgamation of chaotic forces that seeks to start an Apocalypse. It’s a huge and fascinating topic, and we have a separate article about it.


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