50+ Trend And Unique Name Infinity Tattoo Ideas In 2024

infinity tattoo with initials
Give a gift to a loved one. Choose one of 50+ unique paired infinity tattoo ideas with names, dates, and symbols that will emphasize the power of your love.

Tattoo as an idea has a very long history. The first body art began to appear as early as 2600 millennium BC. They were a talisman for a person and could have deep meaning. Such tattoos were very big and were applied to visible parts of the human body.

Nowadays, the tendency to get tattoos is also widespread among all segments of the population. They can be both a simple accessory and a reflection of the deeper meaning behind them. But not everyone will want to apply a large tattoo also in a prominent place. Therefore ideas for small tattoos are gaining popularity.

One example of such a tattoo is the infinity sign ∞. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that this symbol can conclude names, dates, initials, and can be decorated with other elements. So a beautiful accessory will make sense and allow you to immortalize your feelings, thoughts, important events, and the names of your loved ones.

In this article, we gathered for you 50+ infinity sign tattoo ideas with names, initials, and dates for men and women, listed 10+ of the most beautiful fonts, and mentioned cautions and contraindications

Let’s get to choosing!

Perpetuate Your Feelings: What Does the Infinity Sign Symbolize?

Perpetuate your feelings: What Does The Infinity Sign Symbolize?

Before we start looking at the 50+ most popular name infinity tattoo ideas, let’s take a closer look at the infinity symbol. 

The infinity symbol in its current form “∞” was first introduced by English scientist John Wallis in the 17th century. It is not known precisely why the mathematician chose this symbol and there are many versions. For example, it could be a modified notation of the Roman number 1000 – “CIƆ or CƆ”. Further, this notation began to be widely used in scientific papers and entered the everyday life of people.

From a mathematical point of view, the infinity symbol is interpreted as a potentially infinite quantity that is constantly growing and cannot be expressed in a certain number. Philosophically, this symbol takes on many different meanings. It can symbolize wisdom, wealth, inner freedom, and eternal love.

Also, the infinity symbol appeared in the cultures of different countries in ancient times and conveyed different meanings.

  • In Greek culture, it symbolized the union of the beginning and the end.
  • ? In Europe, it was a divine sign because the number 8 is the number of God. It retains its meaning regardless of its position (horizontal or vertical).
  • In Chinese Feng Shui, infinity symbolizes luck and wealth, so in the Celestial Empire, it is customary to give infinity earrings and rings, wishing the recipient of the gift success and prosperity.

Best Name Infinity Tattoo Ideas For Men and Women

Best Name Infinity Tattoo Ideas For Men and Women

Infinity tattoos can be complemented by different elements. One of the most symbolic and popular is names. Mostly, there are names of family members, loved ones, or pets. Such a tattoo can have the following meanings:

  • ∞ 👩‍❤️‍👨 Eternal love and commitment to a person;
  • ∞ 💕 Oneness with a person;
  • ∞ 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Starting a family;
  • ∞ 💌 The eternal memory of someone.

Consequently, such a tattoo can be done not only to emphasize your love for the other half or a family member but also to perpetuate the memory of an important person.

Below we have gathered for you 50+ infinity tattoo ideas with names and initials, dates, hearts, flowers, feathers, for couples, and simple options with a minimum of details.

Name Infinity Tattoo With Initials

The initials can harmoniously complement the infinity symbol. They can be yours as well as those of your loved ones, family, and even idols. Initials can be placed both in the infinity symbol itself and outside of it, and the meaning of the composition will not change from this. 

An infinity tattoo with the initials of a loved one, family member, or even an idol has an identical meaning to the tattoo with names.

A tattoo of infinity with your initials is not a manifestation of narcissism or selfishness. It can carry the following meanings:

  • 💌 The desire for infinite self-improvement;
  • 💪 Confidence in your abilities;
  • 💖 A feeling of value and importance in one’s own life.

Name Infinity Tattoo With Dates

Getting an infinity tattoo with names and dates will help you keep the memory of an important event for you. It can be the date of birth??, the beginning of a relationship?, a wedding??‍♀️, and so on. Also, such tattoos are often done to perpetuate the memory of a loved one who has left our world.

Name Infinity Tattoo With Hearts

Another element that will make your infinity tattoo with names unique is a heart. It can be placed on the intertwining of the two infinity circles, or outside of the sign. Such an element can convey the following meanings:

  • 💕 Lifeforce;
  • 💕 The unity of love;
  • 💕 Devotion;
  • 💕 Passion;
  • 💕 A pure and bright feeling of love.

Name Infinity Tattoo With Flowers

You can add uniqueness to your name tattoo by making an infinity symbol out of a flower. Such a tattoo is a more gentle interpretation of the original idea and adds extra meaning to the overall composition. A flower in the form of an infinity sign symbolizes the following:

  • 🌸 The cyclicality of life;
  • 🌸 Beauty;
  • 🌸 Joy and vitality.

In some cases, the flower can be a symbol of grief and unexpected loss.

Name Infinity Tattoo With Feather 

On infinity tattoos with names, you can also often find the symbol of a feather. It can be made as an extension of infinity or be part of it. The feather symbol can have the following symbols:

  • A person’s vulnerability, a delicate mental organization;
  • The desire for freedom;
  • Lightness.

Name Infinity Tattoo For Couples

Paired infinity tattoos with names will perfectly emphasize your feelings for your loved one. You can make both identical and complementary compositions. You can use names, initials, important dates, or something personal as tattoo elements.

Simple Name Infinity Tattoo

If you don’t want a large or overloaded tattoo element, you can choose among simple infinity tattoo ideas with names. They can consist only of a sign and names/initials or be complemented by simple figures like stars, arrows, hearts, etc.

Top 10 Fonts For Infinity Tattoos With Names And Dates

The name is one of the most important elements of the infinity tattoo design. It immediately draws attention to itself, so it is very important to choose the right font that will emphasize your feelings. 

  • 🔍 Font type. It is worth deciding whether it will be a printed or handwritten font. For example, if you want a delicate and elegant tattoo, you should choose a handwritten one, and if it is classic and more down-to-earth, then print.
  • 🔍 Font size. It should correspond to the size of your tattoo because a very large font in a small figure can look superfluous and sloppy. You can consult with the tattoo artist on this issue.
  • 🔍 The font’s style and weight. Some fonts have different font styles and thicknesses. Depending on these, the name may look different. If you like the printed font but would like to turn it into a capital font, you can just apply italics to it. Also, if you want to make the lettering into multiple colors, you can choose a larger width for it so that it doesn’t increase in size. You can use the Google Fonts service for this, which will show all the available font variations as in the photo below.

Top 10 Fonts For Infinity Tattoos With Names And Dates

Also, we have collected for you the top 10 fonts for infinity tattoos with names.

Font TypeFont NameExample
HandwrittenSmoochName Infinity Tattoo
Dancing ScriptName Infinity Tattoo
CourgetteName Infinity Tattoo
Great VibesName Infinity Tattoo
SacramentoName Infinity Tattoo
PrintEB GaramondName Infinity Tattoo
Noto Serif Traditional ChineseName Infinity Tattoo
Josefin SlabName Infinity Tattoo

Playfair DisplayName Infinity Tattoo
QuicksandName Infinity Tatto

Expert Advice: Cautions and Contraindications Before Visiting a Tattoo Parlor

Expert Advice: Cautions and Contraindications Before Visiting a Tattoo Parlor

For the tattoo to turn out exactly as you conceived it, it is important to choose the right tattoo artist. But do not forget about personal responsibility, so we have collected the most-known cautions and contraindications to getting acquainted before visiting the tattoo parlor.

Some actions can complicate the process of tattoo creation or increase the painfulness of the process, and others, on the contrary, will simplify it. We suggest you get acquainted with them so that a visit to a tattoo parlor will not turn into a living hell.

Should Do

  • Eat something sweet. Sugar reduces the soreness of the process 🍰
  • Wear clothes that won’t rub on the tattoo site 👕
  • Take a shower or a bath. Your pores will enlarge and the pigment will be better absorbed 🚿
  • Get a good night’s sleep. Fatigue increases soreness 😴
  • Take some food with you. The session can last up to 10 hours 🍔

Should Not Do

  • You don’t need to come to a tattoo session hungry. It increases soreness 🍴
  • You shouldn’t take blood-thinning medication on the day of the session. It can cause bleeding 💊
  • You don’t need to physically exercise the part of the body where the tattoo is planned for 24 hours before the session. The skin will become stiff, which will make the pigment less absorbable and increase soreness 🏋🏼‍♀️
  • You shouldn’t drink coffee or energy drinks 24 hours before the session. Caffeine excites the nervous system, which increases soreness ☕️
  • You shouldn’t drink alcoholic beverages 24 hours before the session. It increases blood pressure. This will cause the pigment to be less absorbed and increase soreness 🍺

There are two types of contraindications – temporary and permanent. Depending on these, you will either have to postpone or give up the idea of a tattoo altogether. We suggest you get acquainted with the most important contraindications.

How long are you not allowed a tattoo?Not at all: no matter what the period isTemporarily no: you can when the reason for the ban disappears
Who isn’t allowed a tattoo?❌ People with diseases that reduce immunity;
❌ People with epilepsy;
❌ People with mental disorders;
❌ People with cancer;
❌ People with acute inflammatory diseases;
❌ People with HIV or AIDS;
❌ People with hepatitis;
❌ People with Type 1 diabetes;
❌ People with severely treated type 2 diabetes;
❌ People with blood clotting disorders.
❌ Pregnant women;
❌ Women who are breastfeeding;
❌ Menstruating women;
❌ People with alcohol intoxication;
❌ People with drug intoxication;
❌ People with a cold;
❌ People with high body temperature;
❌ People with an allergic skin condition;
❌ People with inflammatory skin disease;
❌ People with high or low blood pressure.


An infinity tattoo with the names is not just a beautiful symbolic drawing on the body, it is a way to perpetuate your feelings for your loved one or to honor the memory of those who are no longer with us.

In this article we have collected for you 50 + ideas for infinity tattoos with the names of men and women, chose 10 interesting fonts, and pointed out the most important cautions and contraindications.

Let your feelings always be visible to you through the infinity tattoo with the name!


⭐️ What Are the Most Popular Types of Infinity Tattoos With Names?

The most popular name infinity tattoos are with names and initials, dates, hearts, flowers, feathers, for couples, and simple with a minimum of details.

💬 What Does an Infinity Tattoo With Names Symbolize?

The infinity tattoo with names symbolizes loyalty to someone, inexhaustible love, purity of feelings, oneness with a person, starting a family, and the eternal memory of someone.

🕑 What To Do Before Going to the Tattoo Parlor?

Before going to a tattoo parlor eat something sweet, wear clothes that won’t rub on the tattoo site, take a shower or a bath, get a good night’s sleep, and take some food with you.


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