Beyond the Standards: 55 Best White Tattoo Designs in 2023

White Tattoo Design
Tired of the classic black tattoo? Then our article is just for you! We have prepared more than 50 unique designs of white tattoos. They can be minimalistic or detailed, but they always look very stylish and cool.

For those looking for the unusual in tattoos, white tattoos are a real revelation. They stand out and look very unusual on the body. If you have long wanted a discreet yet striking tattoo, this is a great choice. 

Unlike traditional tattoos, which are created with bright and saturated colors, white tattoos use only white ink, which creates a contrasting design on the skin. This type of sketch has become popular with connoisseurs of tattoo art and those looking for something special and unique for their next one. Keep reading to learn all these designs’ subtleties, nuances, and exciting things.

❗ Note:
It is important to find a good and proven tattoo artist who specializes in creating tattoos in white ink before getting one.

History and Symbolism of White Tattoos

White Tattoos

The origins of white tattoos can be traced to the ancient Polynesian and Melanesian cultures when body art served as both decoration and status, ancestry, religion, and social status sign. Tattoos had great symbolic importance and were an essential component of religious and cultural events in those countries where they had historically been practiced.

The 2000s saw a rise in the popularity of white tattoos in contemporary society. They differ from typical tattoos not just in terms of color, but also in terms of how they were applied. White pigments are used in place of typical ink to produce delicate and subtle lines and motifs.

White tattoos have a very deep and symbolic meaning. Let’s look into this in a little more detail.

  • People often associate such tattoos with purity and innocence. Usually, people get tattoos with such symbolism on exposed parts of the body, such as the wrist, and neck.

white tattoos
  • Such tattoos can also be a symbol of overcoming difficulties, hope, and faith in a bright future.

white tattoos
  • Personal beliefs, such as religious or philosophical beliefs, can be expressed through white tattoos. These tattoos may include images, statements, or symbols that express how important those beliefs are to the wearer.
white tattoos

Let’s take a closer look at how white tattoos have left their mark in different cultures around the world.

  • Polynesia and Melanesia. Such tattoos had a deep symbolic meaning and were used to indicate status, background, and religious beliefs. Such designs on the face, chest, and back were especially important and symbolized high social status, but white was associated with divinity, spirituality, and holiness.
Example of a tattoo with a Polynesian ornament
Example of a tattoo with a Polynesian ornament
  • Japan. They were known as iroze and served as both a symbol of protection from spiritual forces and membership in a specific clan or tribe. Large Japanese tattoos are known as irezumi were created using tattoos with white drawings as an intermediate step in obtaining full spiritual protection from evil demons.

An example of a white tattoo in Japanese culture
An example of a white tattoo in Japanese culture
  • Today’s culture. White tattoos can convey uniqueness, aesthetic preference, and symbolic connotations. Similar patterns are sometimes tattooed as memorial emblems, such as in honor of a loved one or friend. 

An example of tattoos in contemporary culture
An example of tattoos in contemporary culture

Techniques and Features of White Tattoos

White tattooing has unique qualities and requires a certain level of expertise and knowledge from the tattoo artist.

These tattoos are characterized by the employment of just white and light gray ink. As a result, the tattoo’s color will be paler and less striking than if black ink had been used to make it.

white tattoos

To eliminate needless skin stress and lower the danger of infection, thin layers of paint must be applied to the skin before white tattoos may be done. Additionally, it’s critical to pick the ideal tattoo location because some skin types can be more sensitive in places such as the wrist, ribs, and fingers and require extra care. 

However, it is important to remember that in order for the tattoo to be visible on the skin and remain as long as possible, you need to have several sessions. 

White Tattoo Ideas

These tattoos use white ink rather than the more common black or colored ink. These designs may suit people who prefer something more subtle and understated than regular tattoos, as they can look quite sophisticated and delicate on the skin.

White ink is often less permanent than other colors, so it may need to be refreshed more often to maintain its shiny appearance. 

On the Arm

White tattoos on the arm look very elegant and delicate. They are usually done in a minimalist and realistic style. Here are some examples of how these tattoos might look on the arm. 

On the Leg

White tattoos on the leg look very unusual, but also spectacular. They are usually done in a minimalist style. Here are some examples of how these tattoos might look on the leg. 

On the Neck

White tattoos on the neck look very striking and neat. The most common style is minimalist, graphic design. Here are some examples of how these tattoos might look on the neck.

    On the Back 

    White tattoos on the back look very fabulous and beautiful. They can be done in different styles, but usually, a mandala or geometric style is used.

    Black and White Tattoo Ideas

    Such tattoos will look very unusual because they are quite rare. They are usually done in fine lines. Here are some examples of how these tattoos might look on the arm.

    White Inscriptions

    White lettering on the body looks very delicate and usually has a very deep meaning for the wearer. Let’s take a closer look at examples of these designs.

    Blackout Tattoo White Ink

    These tattoos look very bold and bright. They are usually done in a graphic style. Let’s take a look at some examples of these designs.

    Such tattoos look very bold and daring, but at the same time unusual and bright.

    Small White Tattoos

    These tattoos look very cute and delicate on the body. They are usually done in a minimalist style. Let’s take a closer look at these designs.

    What Are the Risks of Choosing White Tattoos?

    When you decide to get a white tattoo, be prepared for some risks, which we suggest you discuss next. 

     white tattoos

    ❗️ Be ready for:
    1. Lack of resilience. White tattoo ink may not be as resilient as other hues. Particularly on areas of skin susceptible to friction, it may fade or wear off more quickly than darker colors. So if you decide to get such tattoos, be prepared to have them corrected twice as often. 
    2. Low visibility. White tattoos have less visibility than tattoos of other colors. This is because white paint does not contrast as brightly with the color of the skin as darker colors do. Therefore, tattoos may appear pale or distorted, especially on darker skin.
    3. Risk of allergic reactions. Some people may experience adverse responses to white tattoo ink, resulting in itching, redness, and other symptoms. In addition, such paint may contain toxic ingredients such as titanium dioxide, which may cause problems.

    It is important to understand that any risks can be minimized. By following these tips, you can achieve a good quality white tattoo. 

    • Find an experienced tattoo artist. It is very important to find a professional who knows how to work with white ink and knows all the subtleties and nuances. 
    • Follow tattoo care instructions. To reduce the chance of infection or other issues, adhere to the tattoo artist’s recommendations on how to care for the tattoo after the process.
    • Avoid sunlight. To keep tattoo paint from fading, avoid spending extended periods in the sun or a tanning bed, especially in the first few weeks after getting inked.
    • Do the correction. To prolong the life of your tattoo, come in for a second session as recommended by a specialist.

    How Long Do White Tattoos Last?

    white tattoos

    The longevity of white tattoos can vary depending on many factors such as the quality of the dye, skin type, the place on the body where the tattoo is located, and the care of the tattoo.

    White tattoos typically last a shorter time than tattoos of other hues. Over time, they could lose brightness and become harder to see. However, you may lengthen the life of your tattoo by taking the right care of it.

    White tattoos typically endure between a few years and a few decades on the skin. The length of time a tattoo remains on the skin can vary substantially, based on several variables.

    You need to follow these steps to take good care of your white tattoo: 

    🤍 Do not wet the tattoo with water for the first 24 hours after the procedure.

    🤍  For the first week, wash the tattoo every day with warm water and light soap.

    🤍  To soften and protect the skin, use a thin layer of specialized tattoo care cream several times each day for the first week.

    🤍 To stop the tattoo from fading, stay out of direct sunlight and apply sunscreen with a protective component.


    So let’s have another look at the top 3 most trending designs.

    White tattoos are very delicate, elegant, and unusual. They will look very pretty on the body and stand out in their ink. Also, white tattoos can bring to life a variety of ideas such as abstract patterns, flora and fauna, quotes, and more. So if you want to create something unique and exciting on your body, this can be a great choice.

    Although they might not last as long as tattoos of other colors, taking good care of your tattoo and adhering to your tattoo artist’s instructions will lengthen its life.


    ⏰ Do White Tattoos Last?

    Generally speaking, white tattoos are less resilient than tattoos of other colors. They could lose brightness and become harder to see. However, you may lengthen the life of your tattoo by taking the right care of it.

    🗯 What Is the Point of a White Tattoo?

    The meaning of a white tattoo can be different for each person who gets one. Compared to tattoos of other colors, white tattoos typically produce a softer, kinder, and more visually pleasing appearance.

    🖇 Are White Ink Tattoos a Good Idea?

    It all depends on your personal preferences. A white tattoos will be less visible on the body and not as durable. However, like any other tattoo, they can also have their advantages and good points.

    ❓ Can White Tattoo Ink Be Removed?

    Yes, just like any other tattoo, white ink can be removed with a laser. You will need fewer sessions to do this because the white pigment is easier to remove from the skin.


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