50+ Best Meaningful Libra Tattoos to Highlight Your Personality

libra tattoos
You won't believe it, but even men love Libra tattoos. This article collected all the meanings and symbolism to help you create a unique sketch.

Libra tattoos. This meaningful concept will never be outdated. Why? It’s a part of every person’s story who was born under the sign of Libra. So that’s why we did extensive research to help you get incredible ink.

Keep scrolling to explore the hidden, deep sense behind these tattoo ideas. Moreover, we found all possible meanings behind Libra ink and are sure some will surprise you. 

In addition, we have a catalog with more than 1000 tattoo artists to help you achieve the best aesthetics possible. So feel free to explore and come up with the boldest ideas.

Get ready as we’ll guide you through the Libra concept in mythology, men’s and women’s Libra tattoos, the best body parts to get inked, and tons of the most outstanding Libra tattoo designs.

β™Ž Verdict:
In our tattoo gallery, you can find all the best Libra tattoo designs by more than 2,000 talented ink masters. Choose the tattoo you like the most, click the “Book” button, and make your tattoo dream come true!

Libra Tattoo: Why Is It So Meaningful

Why do people want to get Libra tattoos? Sure, because of the meaning. But what secrets do they hide? Let us put everything back in order. 

There are approximately 8.7% of Libras in the world population. Libra tattoos will suit people born on September 23 – October 22. Not even that, but you can get such a tattoo even if you’re not a Libra. Curious? For some people, Libra tattoos are the best way to appreciate not only their ascendant but descendan, or close friends who were born under this sign.

One of the reasons for the popularity of this ink is to be more connected with birth roots. Such a Libra tattoo meaning can symbolize the readiness to explore the inner world, self-acceptance, or even the willingness to be different from standard Libra qualities.

Another Libra tattoo meaning is connected with scales, which are the symbol of balance. In this way, your Libra design will stay for a desire to seek stability and fairness in all aspects of life.

libra tattoos

Libra in Mythology and Its Impact on Tattoo

Themis is a Greek goddess who was Prometheus’s mother (according to Aeschylus). Also, she is considered the first Zeus’s wife, with whom they plotted the start of the Trojan War together.

You may know Themis as a woman with tied eyes and scales in her hand. Her image served as an inspiration for a Libra goddess tattoo. One of the significant roles of Themis is as an oracle, providing divine guidance and prophetic visions. Both gods and mortals took her consultations due to her wisdom and foresight. Themis is also associated with establishing social order, including the rules and customs that govern society.

She is known for her impartiality and for upholding the universe’s natural order. Today Themis’s symbol is quite popular in the law system as she is a traditional representation of justice and balance.

Man or Woman: Whom Will Libra Tattoo Fit the Best?

Many guys think that Libra tattoos are suitable for women only. We, however, find this thought as a delusion. Why? Let us explain.

What is the most crucial part of the tattoo? Meaning. The design can become not as trendy, but the sense is always the same. We don’t recommend skipping male Libra tattoos just because it seems not to be masculine. Our research proved that Libra tattoos have versatile designs that could suit everyone.

Are you looking for some designs to highlight femininity and achieve the most elegant look? Then our selection of the greatest tattoo ideas for women will suit your need the best.

You can jump straight to our Libra tattoos compilation to explore the killer male Libra tattoos. We have the best inspirational designs that will make your jaw drop.

Symbols That Represent Libra The Best

We prepared the symbolism that will make your Libra ink look outstanding. There are some variations, and we hope you’ll find your perfect match.

Symbols That Represent Libra the Best

Scales are a great symbol to start with. It’s one of the most popular Libra tattoo symbols. The Libra scales tattoo hides a justice meaning behind it – the balance between good and bad. In addition, they can mean your passion to find a life balance. 

Another popular design is a constellation. At first glance, it could seem meaningless. It is, however, not true, since we added it here. Libra constellation tattoos signify your life path. Stars were, are, and will be in the night sky no matter what. They remind us that our problems are not destructive and that we’ll go through them.

Consider adding a Libra symbol to your design since it stays for love, beauty, and femininity.

To make your Libra tattoo even more meaningful, you can think about flower or nature elements implementation. Such a combination will highlight your sense of harmony and appreciation for life’s beauty. It will prove you not just exist but seek bright and magnificent experiences.

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First-Rate Libra Tattoo Ideas

Now you have all the necessary knowledge to take a professional look at all the Libra tattoo designs we’ve collected. So let’s not waste time and enjoy the most exciting part.


You can find the most classic Libra scale tattoo ideas that are impossible to resist here. Looking at them will make you want to embrace your life’s balance and justice.


The night sky is full of mysteries. A Libra constellation tattoo can positively affect your meaning. In addition, it’s an easy way to make your ink look more elegant and mysterious.

Libra Symbol

The versatile Libra symbol will suit both men and women. Moreover, you can combine it with other designs to get an outstanding look.

Flowers, Nature, And Other Unique Ideas

It’s difficult to imagine flowers or other natural elements ruining your ink. With the right approach, your ink can achieve breathtaking aesthetics. Here we collected all the creative Libra tattoos for females that won’t leave you indifferent.

The Most Aesthetic Places For Libra Tattoos

Imagine the moment you come up with your ideal Libra tattoo design. But where to place it, so it’ll look amazing? In this section, we reveal the best placements, and their pros and cons so that you will look astonishing.

Do you want to get a classical and aesthetic ink that will never get old? Dive into our article about Sailor Jerry tattoos to become a true ink connoisseur.

And as with the majority of ink designs, tattoo ideas for Libra will perfectly suit arms. You can select any symbol you like, and it will fit any area of your arm. A shoulder is an excellent choice since it’s easier to hide than a forearm. But forearms have more space that will let your tattoo artist unleash your Libra ink’s full beauty.

The chest is another versatile body part that will turn Libra tattoos into an aesthetic feature. It’s easy to cover and suits both guys and women. The chest’s large area will let you experiment with designs, styles, and symbolism. Moreover, placing such a meaningful tattoo near your heart will fill it even with a deeper sense.

libra tattoos

Among less popular places, we’d like to highlight a neck. It’s a perfect body part for a minimalistic Libra tattoo for you to stand out and show your true self. On the other side, we find the back and legs an inappropriate placement for Libra’s tattoo ideas. Why? Refined Libra tattoos will lose their charm on such huge canvas.

Final Thoughts

It’s hard to disagree that Libra tattoos are versatile, right? The deep Libra tattoo meaning lets everyone create their favorite design with plenty of symbols.

Don’t neglect to check our catalog with more than 1000 ink artists to find your perfect match. Choosing the tattooist is as essential as getting your unique design. Your Libra tattoo will get a magnificent and long-living look with the right approach.

We hope our article helped you understand the true sense behind the Libra, and you’ll view it not just as a tattoo but as a representation of the whole life path, balance, and justice.


πŸ€ Which Tattoo Is Lucky for Libra?

All Libra symbols are lucky to get inked. Since Libra tattoos mean justice, balance, and your life’s path, they are here to protect and inspire you.

βš– What Tattoo Represents Libra?

Several tattoo designs represent Libra – scales, constellation, and Venice symbol. Also, you can add flowers or other natural elements to fill it with deeper meaning.

☘ What Libra Means?

One of the most popular symbols for Libra tattoos is scales. They represent a passion for life’s balance and justice. Other designs can stay for your growth path and desire for self-acceptance.

🌹 What Flower Is Libra?

Since Libras crave balance and beauty, they should be romantics, right? But what is the most romantic flower? Sure, Libras are usually associated with roses.


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