That’s Fire! 60+ Aries Tattoo Designs To Make You Luckier

Aries tattoo
60+ mind-blowing Aries tattoo designs on different body parts: minimalistic, constellation, flower, fire, colored, and more. Bonus: tattoo meanings.

The population of the Earth is 8 billion people, each of which has its zodiac sign. Among them, 8.1% are Aries, which totals 648 million and many of them want to emphasize their uniqueness and get a tattoo with their zodiac sign.

We got acquainted with Aries designs and realized that there are many various ones that are significantly different from each other. For example, you can find zodiac sign tattoos or big complex compositions with many elements. Therefore, to make your choice easier, we have selected 60+ unique Aries designs, explained their meanings, and listed the best body places to get such tattoos.

Where the others slow down, Aries accelerates” ♈

Check out the 8 steps to come up with a tattoo idea. This article will help you choose the best Aries design.

Aries Tattoo Secret Meanings

Aries Tattoo Secret Meanings

Aries is the sign that starts the zodiac circle. Therefore, they are ahead of the rest because they are natural leaders. They received these qualities from their patron Mars — the god of war.

Moreover, Aries is also associated with the planet of the same name, which symbols are fire, infinite energy, and activity. People of this zodiac sign are not afraid of obstacles and life’s difficulties. They achieve their goals (often on their own, without someone’s help).

Based on the above-listed, the Aries tattoo has the following meanings:

  • Straightness;
  • Honesty;
  • Frankness;
  • Kindness;
  • Striving for leadership.

Secret Lucky Aries Tattoo Design

Secret Lucky Aries Tattoo Design

Apart from the best Aries tattoo, people of this zodiac sign can choose another meaningful idea to emphasize their uniqueness and character. It is a bee tattoo ?. This insect is also hardworking, stubborn, loyal, kind, and purposeful as an Aries.

Since this is a small insect, choosing the tattoo size is quite simple. Most likely it will be small because such a design will look natural and harmonious.

Also, a bee tattoo for Aries will have the following meanings:

  • 🐝 Loyalty;
  • 🐝 Friendship;
  • 🐝 Caring for loved ones;
  • 🐝 Professionalism;
  • 🐝 Sociability.

💡 Note:
In addition to the tattoo design and size, you should pay attention to the choice of body place. Each has its pros and cons, so we suggest you read the guide on how to choose the best body place for a tattoo.

Fire! 60+ Aries Tattoo Designs

The most popular Aries tattoo design is the zodiac sign ♈. However, in addition to such ideas, you can come across other unique ones. For example, it can be a fire sign 🔥 or the Aries symbol made of flowers 🌸. Moreover, there are compositions that consist of many elements.

Are you intrigued by designs? Let’s quickly get acquainted with 60+ unique Aries tattoo ideas and their meanings.


Women’s Aries tattoos 💁🏻‍♀️ are gentle and have a wide color palette. Girls get Aries designs in the form of fairy tale characters, flowers, or a ram. Many of these ideas belong to the neo-traditional tattoo style. It has the following features:

  • 🌈 Bright colors. Such tattoos are more like illustrations;
  • 🌄 Volumetric. The presence of shadows in the tattoo creates a three-dimensional design;
  • 📊 The neo-traditional style uses lines of various thicknesses;
  • 🌞 The presence of a light source. It will enhance the effect of the volumetric pattern.


Unlike bright women’s designs, men’s Aries tattoos ? are gloomy and use only dark colors. Thanks to these features, men’s Aries tattoos highlight the following meanings of the zodiac sign:

  • Masculinity;
  • Inner strength;
  • Leadership;
  • Purposefulness;
  • Composure.

Also, men can get Aries designs in blackwork, tribal, and black and gray tattoo styles.


Men get Aries arm tattoos 💪 more often than women. Such designs allow them to emphasize the relief of the muscles. Moreover, the roundness of the shoulder will make their tattoo voluminous.

However, if you are a girl and want to get an arm Aries tattoo, there is one indisputable advantage for you too. It is almost painless. You will feel a little discomfort because there are few nerve endings and a thick layer of muscles.

💡 Note:
If you are a girl and want to check out other women’s arm tattoo designs, get acquainted with our article to see 50+ gorgeous ideas.


The Aries tattoo on the neck is a unique design. The people who got them are brave and not afraid to take risks and be judged. Moreover, a tattoo on your neck means that you are an open person who wants to make new acquaintances because you do not hide anything from others.

An interesting fact is that in the Polynesian culture, a tattoo on the neck meant the onset of maturity for a man or woman.


Aries tattoos on the hands will always be visible. It is challenging to hide under clothing, so you need to choose the design very carefully. 

Also, you should know that the skin on the hands is thin and sensitive, so it will be challenging to get the idea here. However, qualified tattoo artists will be able to implement even the most complex design.


Aries tattoo on the wrist has several features:

  • 💎 A tattoo can be an additional accessory to other ones;
  • 👴 The skin on the wrist is not aging and doesn’t get stretch marks. Therefore, your tattoo will look like a new one for a long time;
  • ✨ Since ancient times, it was believed that the wrist attracts positive energy, which inspires people to any accomplishments.

The best Aries tattoo design for you will be the one done in dark tones if you are a secretive person. They will draw less attention. Otherwise, you should choose colored tattoos.


An Aries tattoo on the forearm is an opportunity to demonstrate a composition that consists of different elements. Firstly, this body place is perfect for medium and large tattoos. Secondly, a thick layer of muscles and a few nerve endings make the process to be almost painless.

💡 Note:
Check out 15+ forearm tattoo ideas and find more meaningful elements for the Aries design.


Tribal tattoos are the very first designs that appeared several millennia ago. Polynesian tribes used such tattoos as amulets against evil spirits.

The main distinguishing features of tribal tattoos are the following:

  • Geometric patterns;
  • Lots of curves;
  • Dark colors (preferably black).

Also, silhouettes of animals are quite popular in such designs. Therefore, you can get a tribal Aries tattoo of a zodiac sign or an animal.


Minimalistic Aries tattoos have one indisputable advantage. You can get it in 20-60 minutes. This is 6-12 times faster than other styles. However, keep in mind that only a qualified tattoo artist can implement a tattoo quickly and efficiently. Also, minimalistic Aries tattoos are a sign of the zodiac that can be obtained on any body part.

💡 Note:
Check out 60+ minimalist tattoo designs that are trending right now.


The Aries constellation tattoo is a unique and meaningful design. You can get it to emphasize the following character traits:

  • Inner strength;
  • Love for non-standard solutions;
  • Moral strength;
  • Determination;
  • Responsiveness;
  • Bravery.

The Aries constellation is a symbol of winners who do not give up until they achieve their goals.


If you want to get an unusual Aries zodiac sign tattoo, you should consider designs with flowers. At first glance, they look like ordinary flower tattoos. However, with a more detailed acquaintance, you will be able to consider the symbol of Aries in them. Such an idea may mean that you have a hidden potential that you can use to achieve your goals.

Also, the flower symbol has the following meanings:

  • 💮 Joy;
  • 💮 Youth;
  • 💮 Life force.


If you want to show others that you are an Aries, you can get a ram tattoo. People who get such a design wish to show their leadership, determination, perseverance, and self-confidence.

Aries tattoo with a ram will look most impressive on the chest. You will be able to get a large design that will emphasize the musculature. Also, the chest is the gateway to your heart. Therefore, such a tattoo will have a special meaning for you.

💡 Note:
Check out 50+ men’s chest tattoos and learn their meanings so you can complement your ram design with the most appropriate symbol.


Fire 🔥 is the element of Aries. They are strong-willed, passionate, and purposeful people. But sometimes they can be short-tempered and show their fiery temperament. Therefore, you should consider a fire symbol tattoo if you are an Aries and have a strong character.

Best Places To Get Aries Tattoos

The patron of Aries is the god of war, Mars. Therefore, people with this zodiac sign should consider tattoos in visible places to show their future victories.

Below we list the best places to get a tattoo and point out how painful it is.

Discomfort▶ Forearm
▶ Thigh
▶ Arm
Painful▶ Neck
▶ Shoulder
▶ Leg
Very painful▶ Knee
▶ Elbow
▶ Ankle

💡 Note:
Do you want to know what place on the body is the least painful for a tattoo? Check out our article and find the answers to all your questions.


An Aries tattoo is a way to emphasize the unique character of people with this zodiac sign. They are born leaders who always achieve their goals. Every person knows this, so if someone sees your zodiac sign on your body, they will immediately understand who they’re dealing with.

However, in addition to the zodiac sign tattoo, there are many other designs. Therefore, in this article, we have collected 60+ Aries tattoos, explained their meanings, and indicated the best body places.

After you have chosen an Aries tattoo, you should check out the list of qualified tattoo artists nearby who will make your dream tattoo come true.


🐏 What Symbol Does Stand for Aries?

The symbol of Aries is the head of a ram. This sign is the first in the zodiac circle (March 21 – April 20).

👍 Do Aries Like Tattoos?

Aries are self-confident people who probably choose a tattoo in a prominent body place.

♈️ What Does the Aries Tattoo Mean?

Aries tattoo meanings are character traits of this zodiac sign: straightness, honesty, frankness, kindness, and striving for leadership.

💡 Which Tattoo Is Lucky for Aries?

The secret lucky symbol for Aries is a bee tattoo. This insect is hardworking, stubborn, loyal, kind, and purposeful as an Aries.


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