15 Cool Cross Tattoo Ideas For Men To Show Allegiance To God

15 Cool Cross Tattoo Ideas For Men To Show Allegiance To God
Let’s show your allegiance to Christianity with the 15 cross tattoo ideas for men. We prepared stylish designs and their meanings for religious people. Look through their symbolism and get ready to book an appointment.

The Christian Cross is an ancient symbol that has been used by many cultures to represent Christianity. It’s commonly found inked onto the skin of men who identify themselves as religious Christians, or just those looking for something aesthetic. 

The best cross tattoo designs can be used in many ways — whether you want something small that will fit anywhere on your body or large enough so everyone who passes by is bound to recognize what it represents — there’s a design just right for every occasion.

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We have more ideas in the gallery with the best cross tattoos for men. Take a look and get inspired!

Unique Cross Tattoo

Tattoos from our artist Dale Johnson

There is no wrong way to show your personality with cross tattoos, but some popular designs will make you stand out from the rest. For example, you can combine elements to get unique designs that mean something special or represent hard times in your life. 

Best Suitable For: creative men who want to show their identity and character traits.
Where to get: arm, forearm, chest.
Size: large, medium.

Three Cross Tattoo Design

The three crosses tattoo represent the holy trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Others see it as a symbol for Jesus Christ, who was crucified on his way to Golgotha. This simple and creative design is truly inspirational.

Best Suitable For: the image of the three crosses can not only make the picture more harmonious but also contain an even deeper meaning. This piece should always be on display, and it is perfect for creative religious men.
Where to get: the best option for tattoos on the arm, including forearms and wrists.
Size: large size.

Simple Cross Tattoo Design

Minimalism is a great choice for tattoos with straightforward biblical roots, like the cross. The simplicity of this design allows it to be full of faith without being distracting from other tattoos on your body.

Best Suitable For: men who like simplicity (in a good sense of the word). These crosses mean something powerful on their own — just look at how beautiful each one can be!
Where to get: this is an excellent design for a cross tattoo on the arm.
Size: small.

Jesus With Cross Tattoo

This is a biblical image depicting Jesus with a cross behind his back. It also represents the journey of fighting against evil in this world and looking at its blissful side while on earth; it’s a fantastic design! This kind of tattoo represents the wearer’s faith in their religion and how they have been able to move on from a loved one who is now with God.

Best Suitable For: people who are deeply religious and want to connect with God forever with this image.
Where to get: for a small image the hand is ideal, for a larger one – the back.
Size: large size.

Cross With Wings Tattoo Design

If you’re looking for a powerful Christian tattoo that speaks to your faith, look no further than this epic combination. The angelic wings behind the cross signify a special feeling and perception of love, which is combined with courage. This tattoo is designed to constantly remind a person that he is not alone and will always have the support of God.

Best Suitable For: If you’re someone that has suffered losses similar enough, this could be an appropriate design for your skin.
Where to get: on the back, chest.
Size: medium or large.

Cross With Folded Hands Tattoo

You can never underestimate the power of prayer. This tattoo shows how important it is to have faith and rely on God for guidance, no matter what life throws at you.

Best Suitable For: any man who has gratitude in his heart can get it done.
Where to get: looks best on the hand.
Size: medium.

Tribal Cross Tattoo Design

Christians who have tribal roots and love to blend religion with their heritage can get a tattoo that demonstrates this blending. The tattoos typically include patterns, shapes, or symbols, which combine for an exciting design on whatever part of the body you choose.

Best Suitable For: confident and elegant men. The crosses have been mixed with tribal art, which produces great combinations.
Where to get: on the calves, arm.
Size: medium, large.

Infinity Cross Tattoo Design

The infinity symbol is often used as a tattoo design because it represents God’s endless love, power, and wisdom. Christians find this piece of art significant since they know that no matter what happens in a living, their faith will never leave them to suffer without help from above.

Best Suitable For: this cross tattoo for men is one of the most simple designs. It’s designed to form an outline that looks like a little looped infinity symbol.
Where to get: on the wrist or behind the ear.
Size: small.

Cross and Rose Tattoo

What better way to show your faith than with a tattoo that combines two essential symbols? The rose and cross represent many things in Christianity, including purity, joys, sacrifice for others, and martyrdom. So it’s no surprise Christians want these beautiful flowers on their skin forever.

Best Suitable For: men who want to honor special moments in their lives.
Where: on arms, forearms, wrist.
Size: medium, small.

Small Cross Tattoo

Whether you want a large cross tattoo or something smaller, make sure that the size of your ink matches what’s in mind. A small design will have just as much meaning for those who see it.

Best Suitable For: men who aim to get a tattoo with special meaning and hide it easily.
Where: on the wrist, arm, or foot.
Size: small.

Heart Cross Tattoo Design

Christianity’s roots are founded on the idea that we should love others, regardless of who they are or what has happened to them. This tattoo can serve as an encouraging reminder for you — with ink like this in your heart, it’ll be easy to stay kind even when life gets tough.

Best Suitable For: men who have a diverse taste in their skin ink art.
Where to get: looks good on all parts of the body, especially on the arms, neck, and chest.
Size: small.

Cross Tattoos With Names

This is a great way to honor those who have passed away by getting a tattoo combined with their name. A military man might put a dog name on top of the cross, but not always — sometimes people get crosses tattooed onto themselves for family reasons.

Best Suitable For: men who want to honor those who have passed away. They want to represent their family God protecting.
Where: on the chest, arm, neck, hand.
Size: medium, small.

Cross With Flowers Tattoo

Flowers have been a part of many holiFlowers have always been a beautiful part of everyone’s life and culture, as they are present in many aspects: from weddings to religious holidays. Some people even get tattooed with flowers as their logo. You could pick the Bible’s symbol — like roses or lilies — which would represent what your faith means most to you.

Best Suitable For: men who have the purpose of seizing their essential events like weddings or children’s birth.
Where: on the sleeve, arm, forearm.
Size: large, medium.

Celtic Cross Tattoo Design

The Irish cross is one of the most popular tattoos for people of the Christian faith. The design combines an intricate Celtic style and Christianity, which features beautiful rings or knots used in tattooing since ancient times to symbolize eternal life and God’s infinite love, among other things. The Celtic cross and the sign of Tricetre signify faith in unity, protection, and eternal life.

You can read more helpful information about Celtic cross tattoos in our recent article: Cross Tattoos: What It Means, History, and Design Ideas.

Best Suitable For: ideal for those who want to show their faith in higher powers.
Where to get: looks best on the arm
Size: small.

Thorn Cross Tattoo Design

This type of tattoo is very symbolic for those who are going through a difficult period in their lives, because it reminds them of the pain Jesus went through and the blessing he received later.

Best Suitable For: for those who have been through pain and want to remind themselves that relief comes after that and life goes on.
Where to get: looks best on the chest.
Size: small.

The Ideal Placement to Get a Cross Tattoo


Men are always looking for a unique way to express themselves, so the arm is one of their most popular spots. Depending on preference, a cross tattoo here can be big or small — it will fit right into this area without being too overwhelming like other areas might seem when filled with intricate designs.


A finger is an optimal choice if you want a subtle, tiny tattoo that’s trendy and visible for everyone. The cross serves as your small — but diligent reminder to keep Christ present with every action.


The chest tattoo of a cross is an iconic and bold statement that you’re Christian and proud of it. In addition to being near your heart (which many men choose), this location also provides space for designs that can go big with creativity.


If you’re still wondering what place might be perfect for a large tattoo, then this could be the back. There’s plenty of space for artistic creativity and detail, as well as being able to design an intricate piece that will always be there in your life with guidance from God’s presence, even if you can’t see it!. 


Wrist tattoos are a great choice if you want to show off your Christianity. They’re easy and versatile, making them perfect for those who need their faith shared with everyone they meet.


There are many reasons why people get tattoos. Some show their allegiance to God, while others wish for internal strength and power in the form of an animal totem; these designs can be customized depending on your needs, so make sure you research what kind is right before going through with it.


❓What Does a Cross Tattoo Mean?

Crosses have always been a powerful symbol of spirituality and connection to the spiritual world. It has been used throughout history to represent Christianity, but it’s also an excellent tattoo design because you can put your chosen words or phrase on here along with the name if desired.

☝ What Does a Cross on the Finger Mean?

You can have a cross tattoo on your finger for many reasons, but it depends on how you want to represent yourself and what message or idea is behind the decision. Some people like having their crosses in more subtle locations because such spots are the best reminders about Jesus.

❣️ What Are the Best Cross Men Tattoo Ideas?

There are many design ideas, among which you will definitely find something close to yourself. For example, three crosses, Jesus tattoos, cross with wings, small crosses, heart crosses, or crosses with flowers.

✍️ What Are the Best Places To Get a Cross Tattoo for Men?

The best places to get a cross tattoo are arms, fingers, chest, back, and wrist.


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