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The meaning of the sun tattoos
Is a sun tattoo the one that you truly desire? If so, you would love to know what they mean in different cultures and nations and get 60 chicly sun tattoo ideas to choose from.

The sun is one of those symbols that have been present in the culture of every nation since ancient times. It is a source of light and warmth because life is not possible without the sun.

Some ethnic groups have preserved the cult of the sun to this day. Such a powerful and ancient symbol simply could not help but become a subject of tattoos, and today the sun tattoo is by no means uncommon. It has collected many meanings throughout time. And it is one of those objects that just can’t mean anything bad. Next, we’ll talk about all the meanings of this symbol and share the best sun tattoo ideas.

The Meaning of the Sun Tattoos

The Meaning of the Sun Tattoos

The sun tattoo has come to mean the supreme cosmic force, the center of existence, and the source of intuitive hidden knowledge over the years.

The sun is found in tattooing very often, singly or in composition with other symbols. As a tattoo image, the sun has an ancient and rich history. And this is not surprising, because all known cultures and civilizations necessarily had a deity embodying the sun, or the sun circle itself was an object of worship. The sun was and is the main source of light, heat, and life on earth. As the life-giving deity, it was always recognized and worshipped by man. The sun cult exists in some ethnic groups to this day.

Let’s list what the sun symbolizes in the tattoo:

  • ? Fertility.
  • ? Life.
  • ? Beginning, budding, rebirth.
  • ? Immortality, eternity.
  • ✂️ Protection.
  • ? Power, strength.
  • ? Knowledge, enlightenment.
  • ? Dignity.
  • ? Courage.
  • ⚡ Energy.
  • ? Creativity.
  • ? Leadership.
  • ? Kindness.
  • ✨ Grace.
  • ? Femininity.
  • ⭐ Spiritual union.
  • ? Holiness.
  • ? Freedom.
  • ? Passion, sexuality.

Note that the sun symbol carries only positive energy. A tattoo with this sign can change your life for the better and protect you from unpleasantness.

The Meaning of the Sun Among Different Peoples

The role of the sun is evidenced in ancient rock and cave paintings. Many peoples use it in religious ceremonies, worshipping it, giving it a name according to their vision of its essence:

  • Ra — the supreme god in ancient Egypt, associated with the onset of the seasons;
  • Yarilo is found in the myths of the Slavs in the later period as a symbol of spring and fertility. He signifies everything majestic, wise, and significant;
  • Tonatiu represents the current era in the Aztecs, the people of the Maya. They saw a symbol of freedom and strength of spirit in the luminary. Deity requires an offering in the blood of victims or dead warriors to maintain its youth;
  • Amaterasu, the Japanese goddess who patronizes women, is represented in a solar image;
  • Apollo — one of the most powerful gods of the inhabitants of ancient Rome, the patron of the Muses, the sciences, and the arts;
  • Mitra is the defender of truth, and embodies fertility, justice, wisdom, and courage in eastern countries of India, Persia, and Iran;
  • Moloch, with the Carthaginians, who often sacrificed human lives in addition to rich gifts;
  • Helius is represented by the shining fire as a symbol of justice and an “all-seeing eye” in Greek culture.

Sun Tattoo Ideas

The sun looks great as a single tattoo, as well as in compositions with the moon, plants, sea, etc. It is almost always performed in black colors, but there are exceptions. In today’s selection of ideas for the best sun tattoos, we have tried to collect a variety of options for all tastes.

Small and Medium

Small and medium single suns are one of the most popular choices among tattoo fans. They look beautiful on different parts of the body, but most often they can be seen on the arms, shoulders, chest, back, and stomach. Such a tattoo will always charge you with positive energy.

Sun & Moon

The sun and the moon are most often depicted in tandem. This is a common tattoo subject, which indicates the masculine and feminine — so symbolically the sun god and the moon goddess are present on the tattoo. The drawing is often chosen for paired tattoos because of this. The sun is stuffed by a guy and the moon by a girl. Such a tattoo is a sign of loyalty to each other.

Sun With Face

The drawing of the sun with a human face is a talisman, protection from the dark forces. Interestingly, despite the similar style of “face” tattooing, each one comes out different. Each sun has a different facial expression and conveys a unique emotion.

Half of the Sun

Tattoos of half the sun usually mean sunrise or sunset. They do not mean the same thing as the whole sun. Often it is either a new life, the beginning of something (sunrise), or the finale (sunset).

However, this tattoo may have a different meaning. For some people, it symbolizes the journey of life, for others the search for inner understanding and guidance.


The sun has long been a symbol of vitality and energy and is used in mandalas to manifest these qualities in your life. Some common meanings of solar mandalas include:

  • Vitality
  • Passion
  • Energy
  • Creativity
  • Spiritual growth

These are the kinds of meanings that tattoos with solar mandalas usually carry.


Tribal style is also quite popular for a sun tattoo. You will recognize it by its thick clear black lines, which cannot be confused with anything else. This style is especially popular with the Chinese, Indians, and Japanese.

Such a sun may not look as innocent as other styles, but it carries the same vibrant energy. It’s about leadership, strength, light, and creativity.


Sun compositions look no less beautiful than single tattoos. Often there are several meanings in such plots, and from this, they look very individual and authentic. 

The compositions can be either small or huge tattoos — for example, on the entire back. The more complex your idea, the more carefully you will have to select a tattoo artist. Not everyone will be able to realize your idea the way you dream. Therefore, look carefully at the tattooist’s work before deciding to sign up with him.

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Styles of Sun Tattoos

Depending on the style of the tattoo, the meaning of the image of the sun may change:

The sun tattoo is especially often done in the tribal style, which came to us from Scandinavia. Ordinary images of the sun without pronounced stylization most often symbolize warmth, light, truth, a positive outlook on the world, openness, and inner strength. It is also a powerful amulet that protects against evil forces and diseases and prolongs life.

  • In Polynesian style symbol means eternity and life.
  • In the Celtic style, this sign is associated with rebirth, the beginning of a new life, fertility, and abundance.
  • There are images in the Maori style. The Maori tribe considered the symbol of the sun as the supreme luminary, the all-seeing eye, a just and righteous judgment.
  • Mayanstyle. The tattoo expresses enlightenment and also protects against evil.
  • In the Eastern style, the sun will be interpreted as a merger of two souls, two beginnings — female and male.
  • Dotwork style. The dotwork image of the sun will have the meanings we wrote about above.
  • In the Blackwork style, the sun will have the same meanings and will also be distinguished by the image in black.
  • The Old School style tattoo is a classic. It usually depicts the rising sun in all its colorfulness. It means eternity, life, and rebirth.

Styles of Sun Tattoos

The Features of Performing a Tattoo of the Sun

Before you do a sun tattoo, it is worth remembering a few important points.

  • The best places for the sun tattoo are the back, shoulder, chest, shoulder blade, side, abdomen, and forearm. You can also touch the legs, creating an image on the ankle.
  • Pay attention to the size of the image. It will depend on the place of application. Large scale is used only in the case when the tattoo is supplemented with new symbols and signs. The average and small size look more advantageous if you wish to portray the sun on its own.
  • The colorfulness of the image. Determine whether the tattoo will be colored, and what shades of colors will be used.

Note: the symbol of the sun is not usually drawn with the inscriptions because it already has quite a lot of meaning.

Styles of Sun Tattoos

Celebrity Sun Tattoos

Even world-famous personalities are choosing sun tattoos, so their popularity is evident:

  • A black and white sunrise tattoo can be seen on Johnny Depp’s arm. He tattooed a black and white sunrise on Johnny Depp’s arm. He portrayed a swallow in the background, which the sailors saw as a symbol of hope: a reminder that land is near. Although it is likely that the interpretation, in this case, is different. His son’s name, Jack, is below the ornament, so the sun is perceived as a start to a new life, the swallow is a wish for Jack’s success and “easy flight”, and the sea is the immense expanse of life.
  • Scarlett Johansson preferred the colored sunrise tattoo. It is perceived as a symbol of eternal beauty and youth on her body, and indeed, Scarlett looks as if she is not aging at all.


The decision to get a tattoo can be one of the best decisions of your life, and the sun symbol certainly won’t be a mistake. The meaning of the sun tattoo is always positive, it means the bright soul of the bearer, his energy, and wisdom. It is believed that this tattoo brings good luck in all endeavors.

Men and women, famous and not — everybody loves and respects this symbol, and many want to see it on their bodies as a talisman or amulet. The main thing is to choose a master whom you trust, and then you are sure to be happy with your tattoo.

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? What Does the Sun Tattoo Represent?

The sun tattoo has come to mean the supreme cosmic force, the center of existence, and the source of intuitive hidden knowledge over the years.

? Is It Good To Have a Sun Tattoo?

The meaning of the sun tattoo is always positive, it means the bright soul of the bearer, his energy, and wisdom. It is believed that this tattoo brings good luck in all endeavors.

?️ What Does a Sun With an Eye Tattoo Mean?

The meaning of such a tattoo is taken from ancient times when many peoples considered the celestial light to be the eye of the highest, by which it watches over them. Such a tattoo is a sign that its owner believes in the higher forces and their power over himself and his life. It can also be an indication that the person aspires to leadership and burning desire to manage others, as he feels the sufficient potential for this.

? What Does a Moon and Sun Tattoo Mean?

The sun and the moon are most often depicted in tandem. This is a common tattoo subject, which indicates the masculine and feminine — so symbolically the sun god and the moon goddess are present on the tattoo.

? What Does the Sun Mean Spiritually?

The sun represents life, but it is also known to symbolize energy, strength, positivity, and clarity.


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