Destiny Humrich Who Breaks Barriers and Builds a Dream

Destiny Humrich
Wondering what it's like to be a female tattoo artist? Learn Destiny Humrich's story — her struggles, triumphs, and advice for both clients and tattoo artists.

Destiny Humrich has always been drawn to art, but a twist of fate brought her to the realm of tattooing. After gaining skills from her mentor and countless hours spent in other studios, Destiny’s artistic vision found a permanent home — Destiny Illustration, a place in Denver where she transforms ideas into lasting masterpieces. 

We’ve had an amazing talk with Destiny, where she shared some of the insights gained along the road, shed some light on the behind-the-scenes of her work, and highlighted that for artists there are other things to do besides sketching and tattooing. Stay tuned for the full interview with Destiny and gain precious insights to fuel your artistic journey.

Getting to Know Destiny Humrich

Meet Destiny Humrich, a talented tattoo artist and illustrator who brings the flowing lines of the Art Nouveau era to her Denver studio, Destiny Illustration.

Destiny welcomes a select clientele by creating a haven for her craft, fostering deep ties with each client to guarantee both excellent tattoos and unforgettable experiences.

Her fantastic and exciting profession as a tattoo artist began after Destiny earned a BFA with honors in illustration from Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design.

Actually, to be more precise, it all started in 2019, after a few events that we talk about next.

Getting to Know Destiny Humrich

Unexpected Start to a Tattoo Career

We could call this story an example of how a vocation has found its match. Destiny shares, “It just kind of happened to me, but it was the best thing that could have ever happened.” What began as a freelancing and part-time work has evolved into a labor of passion and a professional business.

When Destiny graduated from college, she began receiving illustration commissions, and after seeing her work, several customers asked her to sketch tattoos. Her mentor, who she went to high school with, learned about this and volunteered to teach Destiny the technique of tattooing. This lucky coincidence started a new chapter in her life called Destiny Humrich — a Tattoo Artist.

Floral illustrations by Destiny

Different Sides of the Tattoo Industry

No matter how perfect our work may seem, there are always frustrating or challenging moments along with the good ones. Destiny Humrich has encountered many different situations in her five years of tattooing. Next, we will talk about the possible difficulties, as well as what our guest enjoys the most about the craft.

Hardships of the Job

One of the ultimate challenges is that aside from tattooing and preparing for it, you are forced to do other things. 

I think the hardest thing about tattooing is not even tattooing. It’s everything else that comes with the job. 

— Destiny Humrich to InkMatch

Even if you work in a tattoo studio and not on your own, you have to manage social media, respond to emails, and be your own boss. “As tattooers, you learn the skill of tattooing and work on building your skill, but no one prepares you for all the extra jobs that come with running your business.”

Incredible works created by Destiny

Joys of the Work

Destiny believes the best part is when customers see a tattoo for the first time. 

The thing that I enjoy the most is seeing people have a moment where they see themselves differently. So, the most incredible part is when a client sees the design on them in the mirror for the first time at the end of a session.

— Destiny Humrich to InkMatch

Working with clients who know and like the artist’s style is also a pleasure. That is why it is critical to promote your work on social media as much as possible so that people get to know it and understand why they are coming to see you. Destiny has gone above and beyond by creating a website that stores all of her artwork.

Colorful creations by Destiny Humrich

How Destiny Interacts With Clients

Destiny’s approach to her clients has changed significantly throughout her career. She admitted that early in her career, her “cool tattoo girl” image was a bit more important to her than the client experience. “When  I first started, I fell victim to the common ego trap.” That could happen to any one of us.

Now she focuses on creating a customized experience tailored to each client’s needs. If you check out her Instagram profile, you can get a sense of that cozy and caring vibe.

Everything is prepared before the clients arrive. My time with them is the most important thing. Especially now that I have a private studio, there are no social distractions, and the entire experience is curated specifically for clients.

— Destiny Humrich to InkMatch

Destiny Humrich's workflow

Destiny Humrich’s workflow

Destiny’s Opinion on the Support Team

For some, the prospect of getting tattooed can be nerve-wracking, especially for those getting their first piece. The question naturally arises — should you bring a support group with you? Destiny says, “I think bringing one person along is fine. If you bring more than that, it kind of becomes a circus.”

However, it is not because tattoo artists felt like it; there are several reasonable explanations for this.

  • There is often not much space in the room where the tattooing takes place.
  • It’s only fun for the first 10-20 minutes, after which your friends will get bored and wonder what to do for the next two hours.

❗ Note:
Inviting a friend, mother, or partner to your session is fine, especially if this is your first tattoo or you have a special reason. Just let the tattoo artist know about it in advance.

Tips From Destiny To Make Tattoo Artists’ Job Easier

In addition to stunning artwork, the success of a tattoo depends on the artist and client working together. As a result, small tips from Destiny below can be useful and make the process smoother for everyone involved.

  • Following the session, the artist should inform clients as quickly as possible about how they might contact him/her for assistance if they encounter any challenges during or after the healing period.
  • With bookings often made online, the artist can learn more about the person and their wishes before agreeing to the session. As a result, if the artist believes the sketch is inappropriate or above their ability, they may decline the appointment honestly and respectfully, and as an option, might suggest a familiar tattoo artist who can handle the request.

Destiny Humrich’s mesmerizing tattoo work

  • It’s always important to socialize with people when doing tattoos, yet anxiety can creep in at times. If it bothers you, try dealing with it through therapy, medication, or comedy. Destiny, for example, creates reels about her profession as a tattoo artist that are spiced up with humor.
  • Creative work is cool, but as long as the work-life balance isn’t compromised. That is why Destiny has one day per week when she does nothing work-related — no Instagram, no drawing, and even no drawing for fun.

Q&A: Destiny’s Life and Work

It’s finally time to expose a little more of Destiny’s life to you. So get ready for an inside look at the tattoo artist’s routine.

Q: What is it like for you to be a female tattoo artist in the industry? Have you received any criticism?

Destiny: I have faced criticism from male artists who hold more traditional views on tattooing and who have been in the industry for longer than I have. They don't take you seriously until you've been tattooing for at least five to six years.
On top of everything, my illustrative style adds another layer. I went to art school, all of which is frowned upon by the traditional community. One time, a male artist even lectured me while he was tattooing me – apparently, I shouldn't be a tattooer because I don't conform to the American traditional style.
That's been frustrating, but honestly, it's just fueled the fire. Looking back, it feels like a blessing in disguise because I've grown a thicker skin.
Illustrative Lady by Destiny
Illustrative Lady by Destiny
Spooky hand tattoo by Destiny
Spooky hand tattoo by Destiny
Q: Have you had to deal with non-standard situations? For example, how did we get to this client?

Destiny: Back in the walk-in days, I had moments that felt straight out of a Punk'd episode! You know, that sinking feeling — is Ashton Kutcher about to jump out and yell "gotcha"?
Walk-ins were wild. It's a whole different vibe – immediate decisions, people wanting ink on the spot. Definitely injects a chaotic energy into the whole thing.

Q: Have you had a situation when you ended up being friends with your client?

Yes. I'm so fortunate that my clients are so cool and we have the same interests a lot of the time. There's even a couple I've grabbed drinks with afterward, or they've become regulars in my friend circle.
But yeah, work-life balance is key. So, I try to keep the studio interactions super chill and professional.
Spooky hand tattoo by Destiny
Spooky hand tattoo by Destiny
Vulture culture tattoo by Destiny
Vulture culture tattoo by Destiny
Q: What inspires you the most specifically in illustrative style? What led you to this? Maybe you have a very deep connection to nature?

My influences have always been Art Nouveau illustrations, Alphonse Mucha, and any type of late 1800s European illustrations. I love taking those design-driven compositions, full of flourishes and flowing lines, and marrying them with the realism of a flower's anatomy, an animal's form, or the curves of a woman's face.
Basically, I find beauty in all things, living and dead — that's the inspiration in a nutshell!
Q: What is your favorite tattoo on your body? And what is the story behind it?

It's a trade job with an amazing artist, Amanda from Fort Collins. I tattooed her, and she tattooed my chest — pretty cool, right?
I have a coyote skull on one side and a javelina skull on the other.
As an Arizona native, I'm very much a desert person, and this piece holds the deepest meaning for me. It reflects my childhood, and my inner spirit, and on top of that, it's just a beautiful piece.
Destiny's chest tattoo
Destiny's chest tattoo
Symmetrical flowers by JenTonic
Symmetrical flowers by JenTonic
Q: Is there someone in the current tattoo landscape who stands out like, say, Beyoncé in the music industry? Someone whose work you truly admire and respect?

Definitely. Her name is Jen Tonic. She's a German tattoo artist who is famous for her symmetrical floral chess pieces. For me, Jen Tonic is top-tier.
If I could body-swap with someone for a day, I would love to be in her shoes and be able to draw like that.

Destiny’s Life Beyond Tattoos

Tattoo artists frequently mix their work with a passion or hobby. It may be customizing clothes, playing in a band, or, like Destiny Humrich, working with silver.

“I’m from Arizona, and I grew up going to the gem show out there. My parents have always worn a lot of jewelry, like turquoise stuff, and Southwestern-inspired pieces. I have always loved it.”

Her passion for jewelry was ingrained in her by her parents, though it was her partner who taught her the technique. “We would work all day and then after work, we’d go straight into our little art studio and start making stuff until midnight.” It is now a hobby they pursue in their leisure time, and they occasionally take commissions.

I try working with silver when I can. However, if I monetize it too much, it becomes like a job and it won’t be that fun. So I just let it come and go as I have time for it, but I love silversmithing. It’s awesome.

— Destiny Humrich to InkMatch

Handmade jewelry created by Destiny and her partner


That’s how diverse the work of a tattoo artist can be. Destiny Humrich showed us all sides of it, shared her stories and experiences, and told us about how her journey in the tattoo world began. This look at her career gives aspiring and established artists valuable insights to help them choose their creative path and deliver the best service to their customers.

We hope Destiny’s example will motivate you to not be afraid to get started and keep doing what you love!


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