50 Best Friend Tattoo Ideas To Try: Strengthen Your Friendship

Best Friend Tattoo Ideas
If you decide to make a best friend tattoo, then you can’t be irresponsible when choosing a drawing. In our list, you will find drawings of any style and any shape.

Once Aristotle answered the question “what are true friends”: one soul living in two bodies. This is hard to argue with because with true friends we go through a very long way of joy, disappointment, victory, and failure, during which we unite on a mental level.

Most of us have one best friend. This is a dear person for us, with whom we never want to part. Unfortunately, in our globalized world, it is unrealistic to always be around, so some people want to have a physical link that will always be reminiscent of a friend. That’s why they make the so-called best friend tattoo.

What To Consider When Getting Best Friend Tattoos?

Tattoos are a way of self-expression for which it is mentally necessary to prepare for a long time. It is very difficult to decide even on an individual tattoo. If we talk about a double tattoo, the situation becomes twice as complicated. Therefore, you need to answer a number of questions before making such a decision:

  1. First, are you and your friend so close that you need a pair of tattoos? Often in moments of emotional uplift, we believe that someone is a lifelong friend, but in reality, it is nothing more than an ordinary acquaintance. Therefore, we advise you to think carefully about it and do a best friend tattoo only with a person who has been very close to you for many years;
  2. Second, do you have the same preferences for the size and placement of the tattoo as your friend? If you are a rock musician and your friend is an office worker, then probably he or she will not be able to afford to make the same voluminous tattoo on the exposed part of the body that you want. Therefore, be sure to discuss the size of the tattoo before visiting the salon;
  3. Third, evaluate how your chosen tattoos will look on separately? Since you will not be with your friend 24/7/365, your tattoo should look self-sufficient. Often, most half-tattoos, such as half-butterflies, look good when paired with a friend, but when you’re alone, all aesthetics are lost.

As you can see, before applying for a best friend tattoo, you should spend a lot of time weighing the pros and cons, but only by answering all these questions, you can make a tattoo that you will not regret.

5 Types of Tattoos for Best Friends

Minimalist Tattoos 

When you have an idea to make a double tattoo, you probably draw large and bright tattoos of you and your friend.

If he or she has the same aesthetic preferences as you, then of course no problems, but if he has completely different tastes, then to realize your wishes in practice will be extremely problematic.

We should also not forget that, unfortunately, in many cases, friendship is not eternal. Your life values ​​may change or you may quarrel very strongly, and then your friendship will come to an end. And if in this case, you have a large half-tattoo, it will immediately be a question of its removal, and this is a very complicated procedure.

Therefore, when it comes to double tattoos, for the vast majority of people we recommend doing minimalist tattoos. Because friendship is not something that should be brought to the public display. Best friend tattoos are a thin thread that connects two people at any distance. It does not require large multi-colored structures. Just a few strokes are enough, but for the two of you, they will be more important than any multi-colored pictures.

Mostly, these are the simplest images made in the style of black and gray realism. These drawings will look appropriate on both the singer and the politician. And if your friendship ends for one reason or another, this tattoo will still look aesthetically.

At once, we emphasize that this is not necessarily something banal. The tattoo industry originated in the style of realistic images and still works here the best masters who use the classic palette to create the most complex images of any type.

Half Tattoos

The two parts of the drawing, when combined form one large full-fledged image, this is how in most cases people imagine a best friend tattoo.

Indeed, very close people often want a tattoo that will unite them not only mentally but also visually. That’s why half tattoos appeared. It would seem that this is what will unite us best. However, not everything is so simple here.

From the beginning, such tattoos were done mainly by twins, to prove their kinship for life. However, friends rarely spend that amount of time together. Therefore, half tattoos are suitable only for a very limited number of people and if you do not spend around the clock with your friend for at least 8 hours, then doing such a tattoo is not worth it.

Of course, now there are images that look quite aesthetically pleasing, but it should be understood that such drawings are extremely difficult to pick up for each pair of people, and a very limited number of masters will undertake such work.

So, If you have a friend with whom you spend so much time, such a tattoo will be a great way to express your closeness. And we guarantee that you will start each of your meetings by connecting your tattoos together.

Quote Tattoos 

Aristotle’s words about friendship are known to everyone, but in addition to them, there are many pearls of thought that most accurately and concisely convey the meaning of the social phenomenon, which we call friendship. If in your opinion, one phrase best illustrates your relationship then we recommend that you make a quote tattoo.

However, here you should be very careful when choosing a quote. Often our relationship with a certain person is not completely symmetrical, and your friend may invest in them with a completely different meaning.

Therefore, if you have an idea about the drawing of a quote tattoo, we recommend very delicately finding out from your friend which aphorisms in his opinion best illustrate your relationship. If you agree with any of them, then you can confidently make a proposal for a double tattoo.

Nature Tattoos

According to Chinese ancient thought, only in the harmony of nature can people experience unity. Each of us has been convinced of the truth of this statement more than once when relaxing in nature with his best friend. Observing trees, flowers, and animals, we abstract from everything ordinary and feel very close. This is a wildlife effect.

However, unfortunately, it is rare for two friends to find enough free time to go to nature. That is why to maintain such a connection, a separate type of image appeared — nature tattoos.

Modern masters can depict roses, trees, any animals, and marine life. It is best to choose images that have a certain symbolic meaning for you and your friend, such as a plant that looks like your relationship.

Such tattoos will not usually replace you with full-fledged communication in nature, but they will act as small psychological marks. When you look at them, you will automatically remember the time spent together in the wild. Thanks to this, your friendly emotional connection will never be broken.

Guy and Girl Tattoos

For many years, people have been debating the question of whether a friendly, non-romantic relationship is possible between a boy and a girl. Everyone has their own answer, but many boys and girls have proven that such a friendship is possible. So if you have such a friend you can strengthen your emotional connection with the guy and girl tattoo.

The specificity of this style of tattoo, suggests the fact that boys and girls mostly have radically different preferences for tattoos. If girls like brighter and more extravagant images, so guys prefer black and gray realism. Because of this, it is almost impossible to make a classic minimalist or both tattoo that fits you.

Therefore, the style of the guy and girl tattoo provides the possibility of the widest possible variation of images. You can, for example, make a tattoo of the same shape, but in different colors. You can also draw different elements connected by a single symbolic line, such as a key and a lock, which will demonstrate your deep understanding of each other.

That is, due to this style, each of you can make the most attractive personal tattoo, which at the same time will not stand out from overall composition of a double tattoo.


In general, a best friend tattoo is a great way to strengthen the mental bond between two people. On your bodies, there are some, known only to you two symbols, when you look at which in your subconscious immediately there is an emotional upsurge. However, it should be understood that such tattoos should be done only with a proven person.

You can confidently go to the tattoo shop, only if you know your friend for many years, have gone through many trials, and have a common desire to make a double tattoo you have in common. Then you will definitely not regret this decision.


? What Is a Best Friend Tattoo?

A best friend tattoo is an identity tattoo that two or more people do in the same location to strengthen their friendship.

? How To Convince My Friend To Get a Best Friend Tattoo?

The desire to get a best friend tattoo should be mutual. If your friend does not agree, you should not persuade him, because he or she may have many personal reasons to refuse this.

? What Flower Represents Best Friends?

Yellow roses are the main floral symbols of friendship. Tattoos in the form of such a flower illustrate a long, close, friendly relationship.

? On Which Part of the Body Do I Need To Do a Best Friend Tattoo?

Best friend tattoos can be done on any part of the body. Mostly such tattoos are done on the wrists, forearms, and feet.

? How To Choose a Quote for a Best Friend Tattoo?

For a best friend tattoo, you should choose a quote that, in your opinion and in the opinion of your friend, most accurately conveys the essence of your relationship.


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