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    If you've been looking for a city with talented tattoo artists, Oklahoma City is the place to be. This catalog features over 60 tattoo artists from the city, each specializing in different styles, committed to self-improvement, and dedicated to delighting their clients with cool designs. Even though Oklahoma was the last state to legalize tattoos (which happened only in 2006), the city boasts a thriving community of dedicated and noteworthy artists. Now let’s introduce you to the most popular styles our Oklahoma City tattoo artists are perfecting. Almost half of the artists excel in gray and black tattoos, followed by traditional and realistic styles. Apart from these, you’ll find expertise in linework, colored realism, and cartoon styles. Feel confident booking an appointment with our best tattoo artists in Oklahoma City as they work in reliable studios such as Oklahoma Tattoo Collective, Sacred Soul Collective, Studio 405 Tattoos, No Regrets Tattoo, Black Magic Tattoo, and Keepsake Tattoo.

    💵 How Much Do Tattoos Cost in Oklahoma City?

    Tattoo prices vary depending on the artist, the size and complexity of the design, and the amount of time it takes to complete. However, Oklahoma City generally offers competitive rates compared to other major cities. Use the price calculator to get a rough estimate for your desired tattoo.

    🎨 What Styles of Tattoos Are Popular Among Oklahoma City Artists?

    Black and grey realism, traditional American, and watercolor are some of the most popular styles in Oklahoma City. However, you'll also find artists specializing in everything from neo-traditional to Japanese to fine linework, and even those bringing your favorite anime or cartoon characters to life.

    🗓️ How Do I Schedule an Appointment With a Tattoo Artist?

    Booking an appointment is easy! Simply visit the artist's profile and follow the provided booking instructions to secure your spot.

    ✨ Can I Request a Custom Design or Bring My Ideas to the Artist?

    Absolutely! Many of our featured artists welcome custom design requests. Feel free to share your ideas and collaborate with the artist to create a unique and personalized tattoo.

    😎 What Are the Best Tattoo Studios in Oklahoma City?

    We can highlight three studios from our list that consistently shine in Oklahoma City. These studios are Oklahoma Tattoo Collective, Sacred Soul Collective, and Keepsake Tattoo. The best part is that our artists work across these studios, and all of them deserve your recognition!