Ernesto started his career as a tattoo artist in 1992 with his brother in Mexico City, where he was born. Then, there were no tattoo studios, so they worked underground. In 1997, Ernesto moved to Cozumel, where he worked at Maya Tattoo until 2001. He then spent a year in Minneapolis, MN, where he worked at the Tattoo Gallery. Upon returning to Cozumel in 2002, Ernesto continued to work at Maya Tattoo until a hurricane hit the island in 2005, and work had to be suspended. He spent the following years traveling back and forth to Winnipeg, where he made a guest appearance on Soul Survivors. In 2006, Ernesto and his friend Eric re-launched Maya Tattoo, opening a new studio, but the shop closed a few years later when he received an offer to work at Ink Lab. Ernesto has been working there since 2008.

The Ink Lab

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