Marek Pawlik


I was born in Silesia, Poland. Ever since I left school there has been one thing on my mind: becoming a tattoo artist! There were no YouTube videos or articles about how-to at that time. So after many failed attempts at home tattoo experimentation, I finally got something right.

In 1998 I opened Sauron Tattoo Studio, the first professional tattoo studio in my area. Later as a way to expand my experience, it made sense to start piercing people as well! And within 3 years I’ve become an exclusive distributor with one of Poland’s best-known piercing companies: The Wildcat Collection.

To improve my work, I constantly travel and share with other professionals. In 2015, shortly after when I start working in a tattoo studio in New York, H2Ocean Pro welcomed me as an artist on their team!

I’ve been to international tattoo conventions since 2000. I have won more than 80 prizes and feel satisfied with my work being recognized as well-crafted, original pieces of art!

Style: floral print, animals, realistic drawings, colored and black

Experience: more than 20 years


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