Jason Ackerman is a well-known artist that specializes in vibrant, abstract pieces. He combines strong line work with bold colors to make his tattoos pop off the skin and always strives for originality. His greatest accomplishment thus far has been tattooing at various guest spots & conventions across America where he gets inspiration from other tattoo artists as well as locations throughout which allow him accessibility while maintaining quality service standards.

He has a love for art and tattooing that he is passionate about. His tattoos combine anything bright, creepy, or loud with his twist on it all put together in one piece of work from start to finish! He’s heavily influenced by the new school scene which allows him to have an opportunity to contribute something original but still pay tribute.

His goal is to grow with the tattoo industry and his peers while maintaining a passion for what he does.

Style: dotwork, realism, illustrative, black & grey

Experience: 10 years


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