Hannah has always been interested in the field of art. She learned to draw, inspired by images from the Final Fantasy games. Since then, Hannah has mastered many different types of art, such as hyperrealistic illustrations and portraits, as well as insect art. Her works have been published several times at the Dogwood Artist Workspace and Gallery in Columbia, MO. In 2018, Hannah was a participant in the Oddities and Curiosities Expo. She has always been shy and therefore, could never imagine that she would become a part of the tattoo field. However, in 2018, Hannah became an apprentice at Tintoretta Tattoo studio. In December 2021, she received a full license. Hannah excels at creating elaborate tattoos with fine lines and whip and stipple shading.

Tinoretta Tattoo


1427 W 9th St #204 Kansas City, MO 64101
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