William was born in 1971 and since childhood, he has enjoyed punk bands, books, ice skating, and even the occasional fight. Because of his love for the arts, he pursued a BA in Painting and Printmaking with a minor in Sculpture at VCU. Then oil paint became his favorite technique, but he sometimes uses watercolors and other materials. He started tattooing in Richmond, Virginia in 1993, and moved to Boulder, Colorado four years later to work at Bolder Ink. He afterward relocated to Denver and continued working there until 2009. After that, he and Sandi Calistro co-owned Kaze Art Gallery and Tattoo Studio up until 2014, when he founded Mammoth American Tattoo. He travels, writes, and publishes his work to refresh his life regularly.

Mammoth American Tattoo


1919 E. 26th Ave. Denver, CO 80205
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