Jon Hall always had an obsession with tattooing, even before he began doing it as a profession. Growing up in the rural mountains of Colorado, the ability to permanently adorn oneself with any type of wizard or dragon was an idea that seemed foreign, yet also incredibly cool. Jon started drawing and selling designs at school, as there were not many tattoo studios around and even fewer people with visible work. It was not until Jon moved to Denver for his BFA that he was exposed to the full scope of the tattoo scene and the mind-blowing artwork of the early 2000s. After graduating in 2005, Jon realized that a more formal art profession was not the right fit for him, and he was able to get a foot in the door of a small tattoo shop for his apprenticeship. Since then, Jon has worked throughout the Denver metro area, constantly trying to refine and push his work to the next level. His preferred styles are American and Japanese traditional, floral motifs, and black & grey as he has seen these styles hold up best over time.

Dead Drift Tattoo


774 N Santa Fe Dr, Denver, CO 80204
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