A native of Eastern Washington, Amanda has always been passionate about art and storytelling. She initially studied Literature but eventually graduated with her B.S. in Video Game Design. After completing her degree in January 2016, she decided to pursue a career in tattooing and quickly fell in love with the craft. In the fall of 2022, Amanda moved to Denver and joined the Dead Drift crew, and she’s been enjoying both the city and her colleagues ever since. She typically tattoos in a range of styles, but her favorites are most drawn toward highly detailed black & grey illustrations, clean geometry, and microrealism. Her favorite subjects are animals, insects, and female faces, and she loves to create surreal collage pieces. While Amanda doesn’t do much color work, she is always eager to try something new. When she’s not tattooing, she reads mystery thrillers, attends local art and music events, and talks with her friends until late at night about anything and everything. She is an avid crossword solver, a certified cat lady, and an emo kid at heart from the 2000s.

Dead Drift Tattoo

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