Gauge began his way as a tattoo artist in 1991 in Seattle. They spent two years doing tattoos in a street shop in the very center of the city, making acquaintances with different artists and learning new tattoo styles. Since graduating in 1993, Gauge has made it his mission to hone his tattoo skills and grow as a tattoo artist. They became a queer person at a young age and got their first tattoo at fourteen. Then, they began the transformation along the path of emotional, spiritual, and physical transition that would last his entire life. For him, tattoos are self-awareness and a history of who a person is today. Gauge enjoys working with people and knowing that he is creating a memorable experience for everyone he tattoos. Gauge likes creating things that people will be proud to carry with them, both spiritually and physically. As a queer living and working in San Francisco, it is important to work in a safe place that is welcoming to everyone. This is why Gauge is part of the Black and Blue Crew and is very proud of it.

Black & Blue Tattoo

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