50 Best Under Boob Tattoos: Intimate And Provocative

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The tattoo industry is evolving at such a rate that if 10-20 years ago, a small tattoo on the arm or ankle looked quite provocative, then now it is difficult to meet a creative person who would not have a tattoo. At the same time, this led to a certain leveling of the extravagance of this art, because at the core of the idea tattooing is based on a person’s separation from the gray mass.

However, still remain types of tattoos that are provocative and intimate. For example, the under boob tattoos are considered so extraordinary that for the world-famous singer Rihanna, it has become a calling card. If you want to make a similar drawing, read our article, in which we have collected a collection of the most extravagant tattoos of this style.

50 Best Under Boob Tattoos: Intimate And Provocative

Why Is the Under-Boob a Great Place for a Tattoo?

When we decide to get a tattoo, we often forget that the arms, shoulders, and ankles are not the only options where you can draw images.

That’s why, tattoos under the boob cause a lot of fear in customers’ tattoo shops, ranging from aesthetics to the pain of this procedure. We can assure you that everything is not so complicated:

  1. Firstly, aesthetic tattoos are done only on the curves of the body. The boob area is one of the biggest curves, so it is ideal for tattoos. Given your individual body structure, you can choose the most attractive image, because such a tattoo does not necessarily have to occupy the entire boob area. It can be wrapped only around the neckline, or located in the area of ​​the side chest and ribs;
  2. Secondly, thanks to modern antiseptics, tattoo artists can minimize pain during the tattooing process. Of course, the chest and ribs are one of the most sensitive areas of the skin, so this procedure will probably be a little uncomfortable, but if you have a standard pain threshold, it will not be extreme;
  3. Thirdly, the location under the boob allows you to adjust the visibility of this tattoo. That is, if necessary, you can show or hide a tattoo, due to different types of clothing. This is important to understand because often it is the fear of people that the under boob tattoo may look too provocative, that stops them from deciding to get such a drawing.

Of course, a tattoo under the boob is definitely not a modest image that will suit everyone, but it is not something too lewd and problematic. So if you have a really strong desire to make such a tattoo you can easily do it.

5 Styles of Under Boob Tattoos

Abstract Tattoos

When we want to get an abstract tattoo, most of us imagine a variety of patterns, neo-tattoos, and intricate colored drawings. However, in standard locations for tattoos, such as arms or ankles, only flat images can be displayed.

That is why, thanks to very deep curves, the under boob is a great option for tattoos in an abstract style. Depending on your boob size and individual wishes regarding the format of the tattoo, the artist will select for you a drawing that will fully correspond to your idea of ​​an abstract tattoo.

Flower Tattoos

If you want your tattoo to be associated with love and beauty, we recommend getting a flower tattoo.

For example, the rose symbolizes passion and love, and the lotus strength and peace. Since each flower has a certain symbolic meaning, this is probably the most common style of under boob tattoo. 

Such a tattoo can be applied separately or as part of a more complex composition. It can be both gentle and feminine, or brutal and powerful.

If you do not want to completely decorate the area under the chest, you can depict a small flower vine. This tattoo will look very cute and artistic. This is a great image for women who want to make a simple but at the same time intimate tattoo.

Animal Tattoos

According to mythology, in the wild, each animal symbolizes a pronounced character trait. Therefore, if you want to non-verbally enhance the power of your character, then an animal tattoo is a great option for this.

For example, a lion tattoo symbolizes strength and courage. This is one of the most complex and beautiful tattoos. However, it should be borne in mind that the images of this animal are mostly very large in size, so be prepared that the tattoo procedure can be quite painful.

The snake under the boob tattoo symbolizes strength and intelligence. If a snake sheds its skin, it symbolizes rebirth.

You can also search for ideas from the sea and sky. For example, a dolphin tattoo will show your mind and peace, and an eagle or falcon will show freedom and independence.

In fact, no matter what your character is, there is bound to be an animal in the wild that symbolizes your inner world.

Quote Tattoos

Sometimes a certain aphorism resonates so strongly with our feelings that there is a desire to fix it to the body. If you also have a similar expression, we recommend that you consider quote tattoos.

It can be your motto, aphorism of a famous person, or a phrase that touches and inspires. In such an intimate place as the area under the boob, quote tattoos have the most symbolic meaning, compared to any other type of tattoo. 

They seem to connect with you on a mental level, and the understanding of such a statement becomes much more powerful.

Minimalist Tattoos

For people who have never done a tattoo, we recommend that you do not immediately plan to make complex abstract drawings under the boob, as such a procedure can be very painful. It’s best to start with simple, minimalist tattoos.

Do not think that this is something banal. Minimalist tattoos are done mostly in a palette of black and gray realism. It is from this style that the development of the art of tattooing began, and over the years of its development a huge number of variations of minimalist tattoos have been created. They are very symbolic, look elegant, and are easy to cover with clothes, which is very important for tattoos in an intimate place.

How Safe Are Under Boob Tattoos for Your Health?

How safe are under boob tattoos for your health?

The skin around the boob is very delicate, so when it comes to tattoos in this location, many women often have concerns about whether it can harm their health?

Health problems from under boob tattoos occur no more often than from getting classic tattoos. For the most part, these are such the side effects:

  • Tattoos can cause granulomas or keloids. To avoid this effect, we recommend that you have a mammogram soon after receiving the tattoo;
  • Tattoo dye can be absorbed by the lymphatic system and accumulate acrylic in the lymph nodes of the armpits. Therefore, when visiting a tattoo parlor, it is necessary to check whether the artist uses only natural dyes;
  • Tattoos can cause swelling or burning in the affected areas during magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Therefore, do not undergo this procedure for 1-3 months after tattooing.

As you can see, health problems from tattooing under the breast can occur only in the case of improper handling of the tattoo. If you visit a professional tattoo shop and follow all the artist’s advice, you will not have side effects.


In general, tattoos under the chest are a great way to show your extravagance at a time when the art of tattooing has become commonplace. Breast curves and a large number of tattoo styles allow you to make any image, from intricate abstract compositions and simple minimalist tattoos.

However, it should be understood that such a tattoo still remains quite provocative. Therefore, if you do not have any tattoos, we do not recommend starting your acquaintance with this art with such a contradictory drawing. If you are sure that the tattoo under the chest is suitable for your lifestyle, you can safely go to a tattoo shop and make your wish come true.


👩‍🎤 What Celebrities Have Under Boob Tattoos?

Under boob, tattoos have become the hallmark of many world-famous stars, such as Rihanna, Lily Collins, Miley Cyrus, and many others. You can also express your extraordinariness with this tattoo.

😢 Does It Hurt To Get an Under Boob Tattoo?

The under boob area is very sensitive, so if you have never done a tattoo, this procedure will be quite painful. However, if you have done any tattoos and have a standard pain threshold, the load will not be extreme for you.

🌈 Can I Get Colored Under Boob Tattoos?

Yes, under boob tattoos can be colored, but make sure that the master is sure to use natural dyes.

💰 How Much Does an Under Boob Tattoo Cost?

Prices for under boob tattoos are quite high because they are applied in a very difficult area. On average, prices for such tattoos range from $500 to $1000.

🕵️ How Do I Choose Under Boob Tattoo?

In our article, we have collected a collection of more than 50 best under boob tattoos. Choose depending on the style in which you see your tattoo.


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