40+ Zelda Triforce Tattoo Designs To Get Ink

Zelda Triforce Tattoo
If you think about some legendary and recognizable ink the Triforce tattoo might grace your skin after reading this article. There is everything you need to know about this design. So let’s start!

If you are a true connoisseur of classic gaming, you must be familiar with the Triforce symbol. What about this kind of tattoo? It’s an unexpected suggestion, but it can be a beautiful work of art and reflects your gamer nature. This article will give all information about its meaning, location, and size, as well as exciting Triforce tattoo ideas and modern interpretations of this sign.

Triforce and Legend of Zelda

Many gamers worldwide have heard of or played the traditional Nintendo video game “Legend of Zelda”. The Guinness Book of World Records voted this game series as the third best game of all time after “Halo” and “Call of Duty.” 

The plot reveals the mystical adventures of the protagonist Link through the Land of Hyrule in different eras, who rescues Princess Zelda and collects important symbols of Triforce for the victory of good over evil.  

The Meaning of the Symbol

The Triforce is an essential artifact, as it plays a significant role in gaming. Due to the legend, three golden goddesses, Din, Farore, and Nayru, created the Hyrule Land and the Triforce. It has the form of a giant triangle, which consists of three smaller triangles. Each fragment contains part of the magic abilities of goddesses:

  • Triforce of strength – Din is the goddess of power, associated with the color red and the elements of earth and fire.
  • Triforce of courage –  Farore is the goddess of courage. Her color is green, and the elements of wind and forest.
  • Triforce of wisdom – Nayru is the goddess of knowledge, with the blue color representing water and time.

The game character collecting all pieces will have invincible power over the Hyrule.

The meaning of the symbol

Is It Only for Gamers?

Triforce is an excellent tattoo idea not only for gamers. Triangle is a popular figure because of its shape and profound sense. Here are some reasons for you to put it on your skin:

  • 🔺 An equilateral triangle with the apex pointing upwards represents divine perfection and harmony. It signifies the sun and fire, life and heart, and mountain and spiritual elevation.
  • 🔺 The pointed triangle is the symbol of the man, and the inverted triangle is the ancient sign of the feminine. The combination of these symbols means harmony in marriage.
  • 🔺 The triad of major gods is a concept of many ancient cultures. We can find it in Egyptian, Scandinavian, Celtic, Aztec, and Inca mythologies. 
  • 🔺 The triangle is an important symbol in Christianity, occultism, and blue Freemasonry.

Thus, Triforce is an excellent design for people who want a non-trivial and meaningful tattoo.

Triforce and Legend of Zelda

About Size and Placement

The benefit of the Triforce tattoo is that it looks perfect in any size. It can be a small fine-line design or a large-scale drawing with many details. But we recommend you choose the medium size. It is the best option because:

  • ▲ It is large enough to see all elements of the drawing;
  • ▲ It is easy to hide if needed;
  • ▲ You cannot overdo with design in this size;
  • ▲ Medium size suits any body part.

The location of the Triforce tattoo depends on your preferences. It looks good on the forearm, shoulder, and wrist. There are perfect designs for legs and feet. Besides, you can choose the back, chest, and neck for your tattoo

Triforce Tattoo Ideas

Interestingly, Triforce can be either a separate image or an element of some larger plot. Often it can be in conjunction with the main characters of The Legend of Zelda, such as Link, Zelda, Navi, or Princess Hilda. It looks good in both traditional tattoo style and cartoony mode. So, check out the best designs that might inspire you to get a Triforce tattoo.

Classic Triforce Tattoo

The Triforce is a connection of three small but powerful triangles. They are golden as a representation of Gold Goddesses. Many fans of this game want to have such an emblem as a ring or pendant. Golden Triforce is a good idea for those who wish to have a simple but recognizable tattoo.

Three-Side Symbol of Goddesses of Hyrule

Each Hyrule goddess has power, color, and element. A multicolored triangle with colorful fragments and symbols can perfectly match your skin. Please note that the sequence of colors is significant: red on the top, green on the right, and blue on the left. The reason is that in another order, Triforce would not have such profound power.

3D Triforce Design

The 3D design has become increasingly popular among tattoo lovers because of the depth and volume of images. It is a good idea for a large Triforce tattoo. You can ask the tattoo artist to make an effect of the stone drawing. The chest and back are good locations for this design.

Pixeled Legend of Zelda tattoo

Since the creation of Legend of Zelda in 1986, low image quality in video games has been the standard. Combining pixels with a precise drawing in your tattoo is an idea. Or you can get the whole ink in this motif. The “8-bite” style shows you know the origins of the Legend of Zelda. It will look interesting and authentic.

Perfect Abstract Triforce

Abstract Triforce is an excellent design for people who don’t want to emphasize the affiliation of a tattoo to the Legend of Zelda. Or it’s an option for those who don’t know about the game and just like the symbol. These tattoos can have fine lines and an artsy look. It is also an excellent idea for a sleeve tattoo.

Hyrule’s Emblem Tattoo

Hyrule kingdom is the central monarchy throughout the game. All events take place in this land of gods. Besides, Link should protect it from the evil Ganon. Its emblem consists of Triforce and eagle wings and is a recognizable game symbol. You can compose it with geometric figures, flowers, Master Sword, or patterns.

Watercolored Triforce Tattoo

Watercolor drawings look fresh and unusual. It’s a great idea to get a Triforce tattoo in this style. Also, there are so many primary colors in play. It fits the back and arms, and legs.

The Hylian Shield Tattoo

The Hylian shield is one more essential object in the Legend of Zelda. Because it protects Link through all fights with enemies and is a symbol of courage. The tattoo artist can use it as a basis for a plot tattoo. Usually, the Triforce is the main element of the shield. Also, you can add some inscriptions or quotes from the video game to your drawing. 

Sword With Triangle Tattoo Design

Master Sword is the weapon that Link often uses. It is the symbol of strength and power. Usually, it depicts as a double-edged sword with golden hits. But you can choose any interpretation of this subject and get it in black ink or with Hyrule’s emblem. 

Flowers in Triforce Symbol

Flowers can be an excellent addition to the Triforce and make it more romantic and old school. Fortunately, there are so many options available. You can have a sizeable black&white tattoo or small flowers in color ink. Such a Triforce tattoo will perfectly match your arms.

Knuckle Nintendo Tattoo

Knuckle tattoos always have some kind of gangster effect. That’s why they are so popular. It’s an interesting idea to add a Triforce tattoo in combination with other Nintendo characters, like Mario. Also, the colored ink will give you that cartoonish effect like the old game.

Minimalistic Triforce

The minimalist Triforce tattoo looks understated but charming. So it is the perfect design for your hands, ankles, and fingers. It can be highlighted in bold type or as an outline. This small image can be an elegant accent on your skin. 

Tribal Triforce Design

Tribal design in Triforce tattoo can perfectly match those who love patterns and geometrics. It looks good in the Polynesian tribal style. You can often see such designs on men’s shoulders.


Triforce is a significant classic symbol for gamers all over the world. It is not only a perfect shape and color but also a deep sense subject from the Legend of Zelda. It is noble to have such kind of design on your tattoo. We collected the best Triforce tattoo ideas for you and gathered all the necessary information to get acquainted with the world of classic Nintendo games. We hope the Triforce tattoo will match your skin.


📐 What Kind of Triangle Is in the Triforce Tattoo?

The Triforce is the main subject in the Legend of Zelda game. It is an equilateral up-pointing triangle with three small fragments, usually in gold color.

🎮 Is the Triforce Tattoo Popular Yet?

A Triforce tattoo is a trendy option if you are a fan of classic games like the Legend of Zelda. It has a deep meaning and recognizable shape.

🧝 What Is the Triforce Tattoo Meaning?

Three small triangles mean courage, wisdom, and power. Together they connect into magic Triforce that can rule the world.

👩‍ Does Triforce Tattoo Suitable for Girls?

You should know that the Triforce tattoo is a perfect unisex design. It is suitable for men and women, gamers, and those who don’t know about the Legend of Zelda


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