80 Sternum Tattoo Ideas for Men and Girls to Try Right Now

Do you want to have sexy tattoos that you can easily hide? Here you will find the best sternum tattoo ideas for men and women! Scroll down and find the most common tattoo designs. We prepared 15 unforgettable styles in 2022 that must attract your attention.

The Sternum tattoo is a design that has been going on for many years, but it’s only recently become popular. The trend started when women and men wanted to put tattoos of their own choice onto the front of their bodies after seeing others do so successfully in movies or shows for inspiration!

The space below and between the breasts is a great place because it doesn’t allow for any tattooing on your bust, yet gives them an elegant look. You could put whatever design you want there including butterflies, owls, flowers, and even snakes.

Fascinating Facts Behind Sternum Tattoos

The sternum tattoo is one of the most popular new trends for women and men in 2022. This body part has always been an attractive place on the body, and now it’s even more noticeable with this sexy design!

Here are 2 facts you should know before getting a sternum tattoo:

  1. In 2020, a sternum tattoo has replaced breasts to be the symbol that defines one’s beauty. People are fond of getting tattoos of this style; they try to get all sternum space tattooed.
  2. The sternum tattoo is an expression of freedom for people who are going to get such ink designs. It is the best location for women who want to get a sexy tattoo that they can easily hide, or for men who want to show off their bodies.

Sternum Tattoo Ideas

Simple Sternum Tattoos

Tattoo gallery from our artist Mikhail Grebnev

Small Sternum Tattoos

Best Sternum Tattoo Styles

Tribal Sternum Tattoos

Geometric Sternum Tattoos

Single Needle Sternum Tattoos

Blackwork Sternum Tattoos

Traditional Sternum Tattoos

The Most Popular Sternum Designs for Women

Flower Sternum Tattoos

Sternum Mandala Tattoos

Snake Tattoos on Sternum

Chandelier Sternum Tattoos

Nature Sternum Tattoos

Moth Sternum Tattoos

Moon Tattoos on Sternum

Lace Sternum Tattoos

The Most Popular Sternum Designs for Men

Eagle Tattoos on Sternum

Heart Tattoos on Sternum

Sternum Skull Tattoos

Owl Tattoos on Sternum

Lettering Sternum Tattoos

Angel Sternum Tattoos

Sword Sternum Tattoos


Sternum tattoos are a great way to show off your individuality and personal style. If you’re looking for the perfect design, we have tons of options that will suit any taste. You can try a big impressive tattoo or start with small pieces that interest you most right now — as soon as you choose the suitable design, our team here would be happy to help make it happen on your body 🙂


👦 👩Are Sternum Tattoos Unisex?

The idea of a chest tattoo for men is getting more and more popular because it can look great and show off their personality. Men have more space on the flat surface to work with than women do, so they often choose different designs that are easier to draw in this area.

❓Can I wear a bra after getting sternum tattoos?

If you plan on getting a tattoo that’s under your breast or positioned in such a way as to conceal it, then avoid wearing bras for the initial healing period. Instead, wear loose clothing to allow your skin to breathe.

😥Is sternum tattooing painful?

The most painful place to get a tattoo is the sternum, in fact, some people even claim that it’s more intense than anywhere else. The ribs and breastbone can make tattoos hurt when they’re done over them, too.

👱What sternum tattoo designs are the most suitable for men?

Nowadays, men choose various tattoo styles on the sternum. The most popular are eagle, heart, skull, owl, and, of course, lettering tattoos.