Udderly Unique: Explore the Charm of 70+ Cow Tattoo Designs

Tattoo of Cow
Discover the beauty and symbolism of cow tattoos! From cute to cosmic, explore the charm of a tattoo of cow designs that'll make you moo-ve with delight.

What do you associate a tattoo of a cow with? For some people, this animal is nothing more than a resource that makes a large layer of food crops possible. But cows are much more significant than that.

Cows are so cool that they deserve their own tattoo designs! How is this even possible? We advise you to read to the end, we bet you will be surprised by the creativity and deep meanings of some of the best cow tattoo ideas. 

And the coolest thing is that all these ideas can be intertwined into brand-new things, such as a two-headed fairy strawberry cow with heart spots and a flower crown! Does it sound crazy? It won’t seem so after you check out our selection of more than 70 cow tattoo ideas.

Reasons Why Cow Tattoos Are Awesome!

Reasons Why Cow Tattoos Are Awesome

Tattoos of cows go beyond the conventional aspect of farms, meat, and dairy. They possess various styles and meanings, making them exceptionally impressive. And now we will share with you three reasons why cows are so incredible and deserve your attention.

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Symbolic Depth

Cows are often associated with gentle and calm characteristics. A cow-themed tattoo may symbolize these qualities, serving as a reminder to approach life with patience and tranquility.

In many cultures around the world, the significance of cows goes beyond their practical use in agriculture. They are often seen as symbols of abundance, fertility, and positive attributes. As a result, treating cows with respect and care is considered not only a practical matter but also a source of good fortune and positive karma in many traditions.

  • 🧘 In Hinduism, the cow is revered and considered a sacred animal, which is associated with several deities, particularly Kamadhenu, the divine mother of all cows, and is believed to fulfill all wishes and desires.
  • 🐂 In ancient Egyptian mythology, the cow goddess Hathor was a symbol of motherhood, love, and fertility. 
  • 🧧 In Chinese culture, the ox, which includes cows, is a symbol of hard work, perseverance, and prosperity.

Many Moo-rvelous Designs!

You won’t believe how many creative designs are there. Starting with the basics, we’ve got a cow with flowers. And if that’s not impressive enough, what are your thoughts on the fairy cow, or even a strawberry cow?

But let’s not reveal all the cards at once, you can read about these and other cool cow tattoo designs separately in our selection.

Showing Respect to Nature

Did you know that cows are very social animals with strong bonds and friendships? They often form close relationships with other cows and even can select their best friends among the herd to spend more time with them (and they also like pets). A cow-themed tattoo can also express one’s love for these docile creatures, and also a way to share this love with others. 

For people who really value these animals and want to protect them from exploitation, a cow tattoo can show not only a love of nature but also possibly convince someone to join this movement. To be honest, even we wondered how someone could harm such an adorable animal while searching all tattoo ideas.

70+ Best Cow Tattoo Ideas

Best Cow Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos of cows make it possible to break free from the chains of clichéd associations. Let’s run through a few ideas you could use for getting cowttooed.

You can find even more ideas in our new gallery! Using our handy search, you can find designs on any topic, including the best cow tattoos.

Realistic Cow Tattoo

Show a proud example of respect for nature to anyone who thinks cows are ridiculous, slow, or clumsy. A detailed portrait of the cow captures their gentle and serene demeanor. Realistic designs with cows also look great, especially in the new school style.

Watercolor Cow Tattoo

For those who like bright colors, we have some ideas for you as well. Rainbow spots, shapes, and colors? Please do!

A Cow Tattoo With Flowers

A simple cow tattoo and a bouquet or wreath of wildflowers is a canonical duo, they go so well together. Create a harmonious, nature-inspired design by incorporating flowers or floral elements around a cow. You can even add more symbolism depending on the choice of flowers.

This section features our artist, Ada Luna.

Geometric Cow Tattoo

Designs with geometric elements add innovation and a sense of modernity to any idea. Just look at how well this style goes with these animals!

A Cow Skull Tattoo

A stylized or realistic depiction of a cow skull, often associated with a more rustic or Western aesthetic. Nowadays, skulls are associated with death and mystery, but in ancient times the image of a cow skull conveyed respect for a fallen creature who granted their life and resources for our benefit.

This section features our artist, Hazem Abu-Omar.

Minimalistic Cow Tattoo

Minimalism seems simple at first glance, but it actually opens the door to the moo-ltidimensional space for ideas, limited only by your imagination. Any idea can be realized in both elegant cow outline tattoos and comic hand-poked style

Fairy Cow Tattoo

The concept itself is whimsical and playful. A cute cow tattoo with magical wings adds a carefree and fantastic element to the tattoo, delivering a playful mindset towards life.

Many of these tattoos are depicted in pink pastel colors, so maybe this is the legen-dairy strawberry cow? Now we can truly say that She was a fairy

Cow Abduction Tattoo

Images of aliens abducting cows, sometimes depicted humorously or exaggeratedly, have become popular cultural memes and are often mentioned in movies, comics, and other media. 

This idea can be played out in different ways. For example, what if… a cow abducts aliens instead?

Strawberry Cow Tattoo

Where does strawberry milk come from? From a strawberry cow? Let’s leave this mystery to the children, but the idea of a strawberry cow is actually very cute and wholesome. 

But don’t forget that pastel tattoos fade a little faster than regular black inks, so we suggest thinking about proper care and refining your tattoo in advance.

Cow With Hearts Tattoo

Seeing a cow with heart-shaped spots is already incredibly lucky, but what if you combine these two symbols into one? A small cow tattoo with hearts means more love for nature.

Two-Headed Calf Tattoo

Judging by the name, you may have a logical question: “Who could have come up with such a strange idea?” However, this tattoo design is quite common, and all because of the poem of the same name ‘The Two-Headed Calf’, written by Laura Gilpin.

This is a sad story about a calf who was “lucky enough” to be born with two heads. In the morning, they will face a hard fate because of what they are, but not for now. He doesn’t know what is coming. He’s loved, and he sees more beauty than anyone in his short life. Because at the moment, the night is so moonlit and starry…

‘The Two-Headed Calf’ poem by Laura Gilpin

‘The Two-Headed Calf’ poem by Laura Gilpin

People see a deep meaning and philosophy in such a short poem, and through a symbolic tattoo, they want to depict the feeling of the bittersweet side of life.

How Difficult Are Animal Tattoos To Make?

Animal Tattoos

Animals have been used as powerful symbols since the Stone Age. The connection between animals and certain traits has become so strong that they have already become a kind of label. For example, a bear is immediately associated with strength and wildness, while ravens are connected with intelligence and mystery.

The complexity of animal tattoos depends mainly on the chosen style and placement. Common tattoo placements for cow theme tattoos include the forearm, the shoulder, the calf, or the ankle. Of course, realistic tattoos will be much more complicated than minimalism, since the artist needs to convey all the features of the animal like a real painter.

In our collection of tattoo artists, everyone is divided not only by location, but also by style, and we also have many artists who professionally make animal-themed tattoos. Be sure to check them out!


Animal tattoos have always been one of the most popular designs, in fact, a tattoo allows you to depict any animal. Tattoos of cows are no exception, and our article is proof of this! These gorgeous tattoos celebrate cows’ gentle nature while also providing a canvas for personal expression, often symbolizing traits like patience, kindness, and connection to nature. 

Cow tattoos can be created in different artistic styles, ranging from realistic portrayals to more abstract or stylized designs. We hope that our selection of cow-themed tattoos has shown a new look at these wonderful creatures beyond the ordinary and inspired you with new inking ideas.


🤪 Will a Tattoo With a Cow Look Weird?

Not at all! Cow tattoos are incredibly versatile and can be as unique, stylish, and whimsical as you want them to be. Many people find cow tattoos adorable and symbolic. It’s all about finding the design that resonates with you and your personality.

🥛 How To Make a Cow Tattoo More Unique?

Get creative! Consider adding personal elements or unique touches, like incorporating your favorite flowers or symbols. Or take inspiration from our article! Working with a skilled tattoo artist can help tailor the design to make it truly one-of-a-kind.

🐮 What Does a Cow Tattoo Mean?

A tattoo of a cow can represent kindness, motherly affection, or a bond with nature. In the end, its significance is individual, and it’s a great method to express traits or beliefs that align with you.

👥 Who Can Get a Cow-Themed Tattoo?

Anyone! Cow-themed tattoos are inclusive and suitable for both men and women. Whether you’re drawn to the symbolism or simply appreciate the aesthetic, a cow tattoo is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a meaningful and charming design.


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