Top 10 Tattoo Booking Software To Organize Your Studio

Tattoo Booking Software
Want to handle your bookings like an expert while still having time to create art? This guide will help you select the best tattoo booking software.

Tattoo artists often reach a point where they are literally juggling endless DMs and overflowing inboxes. Managing tattoo bookings through socials and email can feel like a second job. 

Naturally, this raises the question: how to ease the booking process, free up time for new designs and sketches, or even cut down on missed appointments? The answer seems obvious, just get a scheduling software, but which one is the best? 

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Our team has sorted through the options and prepared a list of 10 tattoo-booking software and apps that will streamline your work and improve your client interactions. Get ready to take notes because a lot of interesting stuff is coming your way!

Why Tattoo Booking Software Is a Game Changer

Keeping track of tattoo appointments can be a nightmare. It’s easy to miss a message or double-book someone between emails and texts. Nobody wants a grumpy client who showed up for a nonexistent appointment, right?

Tattoo scheduling software is like that one awesome person in a friend group who helps you all stay organized. It takes the stress out of appointments, frees you up to focus on creating tattoos, and keeps your clients happy. 

Here’s why it’s a win-win for you:

✍️ Benefits for tattoo artists and studios

✍️ Benefits for tattoo artists and studios

🙂 Benefits for clients

🙂 Benefits for clients

Key Features of Tattoo Schedule Apps

Tattoo scheduling software has features designed to make life easier for artists and clients. Here are some of the most important ones to consider:

✅ Online booking

The cornerstone of any app. It allows clients to view your availability and book appointments online, at any point of the day. A simple interface ensures no questions arise about bookings.
✅ Online consultation forms

Clients can submit detailed information about their desired tattoo design before their appointment.
✅ Calendar management

Easily manage your schedule, view upcoming appointments, and block out time for personal needs or breaks.
✅ Design portfolio management

Create an online portfolio, giving clients a chance to browse your artwork and get inspired before booking.
✅ Client management

Store client information securely, including contact details, booking history, and preferences.
✅ Analytics and reporting

Track booking trends, pinpoint peak booking times, and gain insights about your client base with built-in analytics tools.
✅ Appointment reminders

Automatic reminders for both artists and clients help reduce missed appointments and ensure everyone arrives on time.
✅ Integrated payment processing

Offer simple, secure online payment options for clients
✅ Deposit processing

Securely collect deposits online to confirm appointments and deter no-shows.

Top 5 Tattoo Booking Software Programs

Now that we’ve defined what essential features tattoo booking software should have, let’s look at a few of the best programs for organizing your work and unloading your head 😁

❗ A small disclaimer:
This review was conducted independently of any sponsorship and was based solely on our team’s comprehensive research and user feedback regarding the products included in this article.

Timely (Appointment Booking Software)

Sacred heart tattoo

Let’s start with presenting a scheduling software specifically designed for businesses in cosmetology and aesthetics, including tattoo studios. It caters to both experienced artists and studios just starting. It’s easy to learn so that you can jump right in, but powerful enough to grow with your business.

Timely offers a suite of essential features, starting with 24/7 appointment booking, secure customer information storage, and displaying tattoo artists’ available times. One of its standout features is its integration with Google Calendar, Mailchimp, payment processors, and automatic reminders for both artists and clients. 

Additionally, Timely collects deposits to prevent last-minute cancellations and provides insights into peak booking hours and customer data, helping to enhance your business strategies.

  • Easy to set up.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Streamlines bookings and cuts down paperwork.
  • Built for tattoo studios.
  • Useful insights to help you grow.
  • Limited portfolio features.
  • May require extra for some features.
  • Not budget-friendly for solo artists with low booking volume.

However, there is a notable drawback that users have pointed out: the subscription price. Timely offers several pricing plans, ranging from around $39 to $100 per month depending on features and number of users. For new tattoo studios or solo artists, this cost may be a significant consideration.

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is another popular appointment booking software that can be a perfect fit for tattoo studios. Like Timely, it features a user-friendly design and core functionalities to streamline appointment management and client communication. 

Both platforms offer features to view upcoming appointments, block personal time, and maintain organized workflows. However, Acuity stands out with its customization capabilities, allowing the creation of custom appointment forms to collect vital client information, such as medical history and design preferences.

Unlike Timely, Acuity Scheduling securely stores customer information and automatically sends reminders via email and SMS, as well as having integration with popular payment processors, allowing for online deposits or full payment.

  • Free 7-day trial.
  • Customizable booking page.
  • Integrations with popular payment processors for convenient online payments.
  • Custom intake forms that improve pre-appointment communication and information gathering.
  • Analytics that provide valuable insights for business development.
  • May not offer as many design portfolio management features as some tattoo-specific software.
  • Limited team management functionalities compared to opt.
  • Plans can be expensive for solo artists with low booking volume.

One of the inconveniences of Acuity is its initial setup, which can be challenging due to its extensive customization options. In contrast, Timely is often noted for its more intuitive setup process.

Acuity’s pricing plans start at $20 per month and increase depending on features and number of users, which can be an important factor for smaller studios compared to Timely’s pricing structure. As a bonus, you can take advantage of a free 7-day trial, so you can test out the program and see if it’s the right fit for you.



Vagaro is a comprehensive salon and spa management software that can be a powerful tool for tattoo studios. It’s a great fit for experienced artists and established studios with multiple artists and a more complex business structure. 

Like its predecessors, Vagaro allows all-day booking through the website, social media pages, and even Apple Maps, making appointment scheduling a breeze. Plus, automated email and text reminders help reduce no-shows.

Vagaro really shines with its payroll management, making it easy to calculate wages and track hours — especially handy for larger studios. It also offers real-time inventory tracking, so you can monitor stock levels and set automatic reorder points. And if marketing is your thing, Vagaro has built-in tools for sending targeted email blasts and integrating with social media to attract more clients.

  • Comprehensive suite of features for managing all aspects of the tattoo studio.
  • Marketing tools that can help attract new clients and promote your services.
  • Simplified in-person transactions.
  • Employee management features.
  • Provides valuable data for business growth and strategy.
  • May have a steeper learning curve compared to basic scheduling apps due to its comprehensive functionalities.
  • Can be more expensive than some tattoo-specific software options.
  • Some features might be overkill for smaller studios that don’t require inventory management or employee scheduling.

However, Vagaro’s extensive features can make it a bit tricky to navigate at first. Some users have also mentioned that customer support can be slow, which can be a hassle if you need quick help. On the pricing front, Vagaro starts at $30 per month for a single location with one bookable calendar, making it a solid mid-range option compared to Acuity and Timely.



Mangomint is tailor-made for appointment-based businesses like tattoo studios, offering a robust platform to manage daily activities with ease. Customers can conveniently book appointments 24/7 through your website or social media pages, similar to other top software options.

Mangomint excels in payment processing, integrating secure and convenient methods, automated billing, and easy tip management. This feature is on par with Vagaro’s comprehensive payment system and a step ahead of Timely and Acuity. To minimize missed appointments, Mangomint sends automated confirmation emails and text messages to both artists and clients, ensuring smooth communication.

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Focus on client communication.
  • Express tattoo artist booking.
  •  Great tattoo staff management features.
  • Integrations with popular payment processors for convenient online payments.
  • Marketing tools like email campaigns.
  • May not offer many advanced design portfolio management features.
  • Might not have the comprehensive business management functionalities of software like Vagaro (e.g., inventory management, point-of-sale system).
  • The pricing structure might be a consideration for solo artists.

What sets Mangomint apart is its ability to track tattoo supplies, inks, and other studio inventory, ensuring you’re always stocked for upcoming appointments. This feature is more advanced than what Timely and Acuity offer, aligning closely with Vagaro’s real-time inventory tracking. Additionally, Mangomint offers gift card options to attract new clients and provide flexible gifting opportunities.

However, Mangomint’s minimum package costs $165, which may be a significant investment for smaller studios. Additionally, while Mangomint offers a comprehensive suite of features, the higher cost might not be justifiable for studios with fewer artists or simpler needs.



Wix is primarily a website creation platform, but it also offers appointment scheduling functionality, making it a great option for tattoo artists who want a custom website with built-in booking capabilities. 

Wix securely stores customer information including contact details and booking history, it has Wix Payments integration with your website, allowing customers to pay deposits or the full cost of a tattoo online similar to customer management features. Like all programs we described above, Wix sends automatic email reminders to inform clients of upcoming sessions.

  • Easy-to-use website creation tools.
  • Budget-friendly starting point.
  • Customizable design options.
  •  Integrated appointment scheduling.
  • Mobile-friendly convenience.
  • Lacks tattoo-specific features
  • Wix might not scale well for studios with multiple artists or complex scheduling needs.
  • Potentially pricier in the long run.

One of Wix’s unique advantages is its user-friendly website builder, allowing you to create a site that reflects your unique style and showcases your tattoo portfolio. This customization capability is more extensive than the basic features of Acuity and Mangomint and comparable to the branding options offered by Vagaro.

However, there are some disadvantages to consider. While Wix offers plans starting at around $17 per month — more affordable than Mangomint and Timel y — the additional transaction fees for online payments can add up, potentially making it less cost-effective in the long run.

Useful Alternatives — Booking Apps and CRMs

While tattoo booking software offers a comprehensive suite of features, alternative solutions may better suit your specific needs and budget. This breakdown covers two main categories: booking apps and CRM.

Tattoo booking software is a good option, but there are other alternatives. For example, booking software is ideal for studios that want a comprehensive solution. Apps are good for both you and your clients. And a CRM is perfect for studios that want to focus on client relationships.у

❗ Disclaimer: Our guide highlights software programs that can be used on desktop and mobile devices. These programs help businesses manage their scheduling and customer interactions.

Best Tattoo Booking Apps

Booking apps let clients schedule appointments on their phones or websites. They usually offer basic features like scheduling, booking, and client management.

Best Tattoo Booking Apps

Square Appointments

Square Appointments is a tattoo scheduling app for beginners, experienced artists, and studios. Its comprehensive features, like an integrated payment processing system, and diverse plan structure provide scalability for growing studios.

This app offers multiple plans, one of which you can get for free. The others have plan prices starting at $29 and up. Also, keep in mind, that all packages have a transaction fee, even the free one.


The BookedIN is an easy app with basic features, making it a good solution for solo artists and small studios, as well as studios with basic needs such as focusing on appointment scheduling and client management.

It has three plans with offers that can be tested through a free 14-day trial. Regarding pricing, the basic plan for solo tattoo artists is $30 per month, while the most expensive plan for a large team is $70. is an app designed for use by small to medium-sized tattoo shops, solo artists, and large or enterprise-level tattoo businesses. It integrates with multiple apps and platforms to make your life easier and your clients happier.

Pricing plans meet a variety of needs. You can get a free plan with the simplest features, or one such as Basic or Premium with more advanced offerings, with prices ranging from $10 to $60 per month.


CRM software goes beyond appointment scheduling and helps businesses manage client relationships. It can be used to schedule appointments and tattoo sessions.



TattoPro is a killer CRM solution designed just for tattoo businesses. It includes a full-fledged point-of-sale system, an artist scheduling system, a robust database for customer profiles, automatic text reminders for clients, and even sales forecasts.

For solo artists, the price is $149 per month, which also covers an apprentice. For tattoo studios, the standard plan is $249 per month. While the cost might seem steep, the features and convenience TattoPro offers can make it totally worth it.


Versum CRM hooks you up with an easy-breezy interface for scheduling appointments, managing client records (complete with spending history!), and letting clients book online hassle-free. Plus, they’ve got great reviews for their customer support.

If you’re rolling solo, it’ll set you back $40 a month, but adding another team member will cost you an extra $10.

Combining Booking Apps for Optimal Results

Sometimes, one app isn’t enough to fully automate your planning. That’s where mixing and matching different apps comes in handy for tattoo artists. By picking and choosing, you get a custom setup that ticks all your boxes without overwhelming your devices or your brain. 

The mix-and-match approach allows you to cherry-pick the coolest features from each app to create your dream setup. We’ve spotted three combos that tattoo artists love for their business.

Combining Booking Apps for Optimal Results

Essential Startup Solution: Wix + Square + Google Forms

If you’re just getting started, this budget-friendly blend has your back. Wix is great for building a slick website with a client contact form. Need details? Google Forms is your go-to for snagging all those tattoo requests and pics. And with Square in the mix, scheduling, deposits, and payments flow like ink on the skin — smooth and hassle-free.

Premium Management Mix: Versum + Acuity Scheduling + Stripe

Ready to take your studio to the next level? This mix is for studios serious about client care and payments. Versum keeps track of client records and spending history. Acuity Scheduling makes booking a breeze. And Stripe? It’s your ticket to safe, seamless transactions. This combination offers a robust solution that elevates your studio’s operations while providing top-notch client management and payment security.

Pro Studio Combo: Vagaro + Calendly + PayPal

The Pro Studio Combo is a powerful, industry-specific solution for established tattoo studios. Vagaro has features like deposit handling and session scheduling for tattoo studios. Calendly lets clients book appointments online. PayPal is a trusted payment option that makes clients feel secure. This combination is designed for the tattoo industry, with features that help your studio work more efficiently.

Tips for Choosing the Right Software

When it comes to choosing software for your tattoo parlor, it’s just as important as hiring staff. You’ll be using it all the time, so it’s got to be reliable. Our team has read lots of reviews and picked the best apps. We’ve also got some tips for you to help you get started.

1. Take a moment to think about what’s most frustrating you in your workflow. What features would make your life easier?

2. Sometimes, the more features an app has, the harder it is to figure out how to use them. Focus on the features that are essential to your field (like CRM for businesses and apps for solo artists).

3. If you find that your needs have changed, it’s okay to switch software.

4. Most software offers free trials or demos. Take a spin through the interface and see how it feels.

5. And don’t forget about customer support. Check out what other users are saying about the company and its products.

🎁 Bonus tip:

Free doesn’t mean bad, there are lots of great free software options out there, especially for tattoo studios that are just getting started or have a limited budget. But it’s a good idea to do some research into the software’s limitations and potential drawbacks before you make your decision.


If you’re new to tattoo booking software or just know a few options, this article will introduce you to 10 amazing booking tools that can meet a variety of needs, preferences, and skill levels. Our team has looked into each program and found out what makes tattoo booking software so effective. 

We hope to assist you make an informed decision by outlining their strengths, shortcomings, pricing structures, and unique functions. We’ve also looked into feature richness, price-to-value ratios, and how to combine apps for maximum efficiency to help you choose the program that best meets your individual needs.


💰 Is Tattoo Appointment Software Expensive?

Tattoo appointment software can vary in cost. Some programs can cost from $10 to $249 per month, while others could be free and contain all the basic features required for a tattoo artist’s job. Think about things like the size of your team, the features you need, and free trial periods to find the most affordable option for your business.

🤔 Can Clients Book Appointments Directly Through the Software?

Yes, most tattoo shop software allows clients to book an appointment directly through the program, usually through an online booking portal that can be integrated into a studio’s website or social media profiles.

❓ How Does Tattoo Appointment Scheduler Help Reduce No-Shows?

A scheduler like TatooPro is specifically designed for the tattoo industry and it helps reduce no-shows with features like automatic reminders, deposit requirements, and the ability to easily reschedule appointments. Other programs are just as good at this task, you can once again review their characteristics and choose the right one for you.

🔐 Is Tattoo Booking Software Secure?

Yes, reliable tattoo booking software is safe. For example, Timely, and Acuity Scheduling use encryption and secure payment processing to protect customer and business data.


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